Casey Anthony To Babysit New Baby Nephew — Brother Lee Anthony and Sister-in-Law Mallory Say “No Way!”

Casey Anthony To Babysit New Baby Nephew -- Brother Lee Anthony and Sister-in-Law Mallory Say "No Way!"

Normally, the birth of a baby is a super happy occasion, but I’m guessing that when Casey Anthony‘s brother became a father it was with a mixture of emotions. Lee Anthony and his wife Mallory welcomed a son on Aug. 22nd but, according to the Sept. 16th print edition of the National Enquirer, they were advised not to allow Casey to babysit their new son. That may be the farthest idea from Lee’s mind since his relationship with Casey is strained at best.

You might remember her taking the stand while accused of her three-year old daughter Caylee’s murder and telling the world that her brother Lee had molested her. It was pretty clear at the time that Casey was going to place every bit of her own bad behavior on the head of someone else. She owned up to being a mess but claimed it was because of years of abuse.

Lee contends that it never happened and, now, things between brother and sister are less than amicable. Even if Casey had somehow rehabilitated herself it’s still not advisable that she be left alone with a child. I can’t really imagine Lee wanting his sister to spend quality time with his son. Can you? Casey was acquitted of murder but it seems to be a forgone conclusion that she was ultimately responsible for her daughters’ death.

Do you think Casey will be allowed to be  part of her new nephew’s life? Would her brother be crazy enough to trust her or do you think she has been banned from being anywhere near the child? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Angel 2009

    Yeah sure, let Auntie Casey babysit the vulnerable newborn – and make sure there’s duct tape and trash bags available too.

  • thebutcher

    Are you serious? Bless him even though she KILLED her daughter. You christians are NUTS