Castle’s Nathan Fillion Has A Jealous Tantrum Over Stana Katic – Behind The Scenes Trouble

Castle's Nathan Fillion Has A Jealous Tantrum Over Stana Katic - Behind The Scenes Trouble

ABC’s hit crime drama CASTLE stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle a famous mystery novelist and divorced father raising his teenage daughter.  The show has been successful for the past five season and all the cast has gotten along well.  That all stopped this season and there is trouble brewing behind the scenes.  Nathan who is the main character has been having male diva fits and tantrums.  You know those actors and their egos! It seems Nathan is not pleased that his co-star Stana Katic who plays NYPD Detective Kate Beckett is getting too much attention and more importantly too much air time.

In season six of Castle we saw a change from the previous seasons, rather than the show being focused on Castle the show has been focusing on Stana’s character, Beckett.  That got Nathan’s panties in a twist and he put the brakes on the situation fast. He knows how out-of-control things can get if you don’t stop them.  According to the National Enquirer Nathan tore a strip off producers, had a nuclear meltdown and told them in no uncertain terms, “The name of the show is ‘Castle’ not ‘Beckett,’ now fix it!”

Nathan knows he is the star of the show and he makes sure everyone else knows it too.  Nathan has won the war with producers, “He pulled the trump card of there being no series without him, and producers gave in.”

What do you think CDLers, do you think Nathan is a diva?  Which character do you prefer on the show Castle or Beckett?  Is there a Castle without Nathan?  Let us know your thoughts!

25 responses to “Castle’s Nathan Fillion Has A Jealous Tantrum Over Stana Katic – Behind The Scenes Trouble”

  1. Livus48 says:

    Don’t believe a word of it. Wonder how people can be so spiteful……strange….The cast and crew is doing a great job.

  2. terry b says:

    There is no show without either of the main characters. The biggest problem that Nathan has is that Stana is a dream girl in real life as well as on screen. Beautiful, smart, funny, talented and loaded with character.

  3. Selena Elizabeth says:

    Why can’t ppl, just watch the show & ENJOY!!! ;)

  4. leah says:

    I would rather look at her than him

  5. wendykw says:

    Saw this on another gossip site from an anonymous source with no confirmation from anywhere. After hearing from so many actors and directors over the years what a great guy Nathan Fillion is, why would we believe one anonymous source? What happened to verifying things before putting them out? Oh yeah, it’s the internet…so it’s not journalism.

  6. lacycurtains says:

    Nathan has thanked everyone, repeatedly, for everything the creators, cast & crew have done for him and the show. This story is BOGUS! 20 years in the biz, & this is the 1st time someone has ever claimed such ridiculous nonsense, Someone who claims to have heard of someone who met him, anyway. First hand accounts; from fans, co-workers, past co-workers, guest stars, the crews he’s worked with, the crew he works with on Castle, all speak to the lie of this article. Some people just enjoy the hate. Let’s not go down that road.

  7. ds says:

    I’m glad Nathan Fillian is standing up for himself. I don’t see anything here of jealousy. It’s a job, he’s the lead. The show has changed a lot in the last season to the point I stopped watching. Nathan Fillian as the lead is what drew me to watching Castle in the first place and with the focus changing to Beckett and her leaving NY and going with the FBI instead of NYPD it just no longer appealed to me.

    • trixie says:

      Nathan ASKED for less time filming. actually he failed to show up at work so that he could get more time off. He WANTS less screen time

  8. ds says:

    I agree, I see this situation, if Nathan Fillian did say something, as Fillian sticking up for himself and telling the powers that be that he feels he should get more airtime. If that’s in fact what happened, I don’t see this as being against any other actor. I see this as an employee voicing his opinion to his employers about his own job.

  9. Sandy G says:

    I have loved Castle for the last four seasons. But Nathan’s acting skills have not impressed me this season! Richard and Kate has lost the magic of their relationship this season. They don’t seem to be a couple in love.

  10. Ernestine Henry says:

    The show is nothing without either of them as well as the rest of the cast is important to.

  11. Carlie Savannah Sim says:

    I watch it for Nathan Fillion. I think he’s a great actor. People’s weight and looks change. It’s shallow to base your fandom on those two things.

  12. raf70 says:

    Older women with substance do!!!

  13. Janner says:

    I think Nathan is unable to compete with someone with acting abilities far superior to his own. It has been obvious right through the six seasons that Stana is much better than him. What would he do if they simply told him to wind his neck in and stop “acting” like a spoilt child. He might get a job in a comic type show but he is not a serious actor!!

    • Rowwdy Colt says:

      Fillion doesn’t have to compete. At least not on “Castle”. While I like Katic, she is a compliment to Fallion, not better.

  14. Rachel Lucas says:

    Nathan Fillion has a rep for being one if the nicest and most liked actors in Hollywood. This story is bull.

  15. Nurse1223 says:

    Castle is my favorite television show and I look forward to watching it every week. Nathan and Stana are both gorgeous, excellent actors, equally important, have great chemistry and together they make Castle perfectly excellent. They belong together forever.

  16. panchang810 says:

    I am totally obsessed with CASTLE the TV show, BUT my favorite is KATE BECKET so without Becket in it the show will DIE a natural death. I have the complete DVDs of 1-6 seasons and I loooove Stana Katic but also like Nathan. If Becket leaves and I hope she wouldn’t, then I will STOP watching CASTLE. And yes I am a woman.

  17. Rowwdy Colt says:

    ROFLMAO! When you shovel, you really shovel deep.

  18. jessica dalli says:

    if nathan fillion want to leave fine leave i don’t care about him but if stana katic leaves i swear i’m not gonna see the show anymore because her character changed my life… and yes i believe that nathan is a diva

  19. Greekgoddess says:

    Nathon, if any of this is true, stop and play nice with others. Just ask Debra Winger and how being a pain the a.. Got her without work!

    Be more like Tom Selleck who says he learned it from James Garner. You treat EVERYONE like you would want to be treated!

  20. worldwide_webster says:

    According to the National Inquirer!?! Oh, well, *that’s* a reliable source.

    I actually know several people who’ve worked below-the-line at Castle in earlier seasons. They have so many stories about the cast joking around together, pulling practical jokes on each other. Never have I heard of any bad blood. I find it hard to believe things could have changed THAT much this season. I call BS.

    ETA: Lol, just realized after I posted my comment how old this story is….

  21. Dutch says:

    I am very much a fan of both Castle and Fillion.
    I like the rest of the crew too. They are tops.
    But something definitely happened in 2013, and
    I have heard from reasonably well informed
    sources that Fillion got angry with Stana for
    interfering with a relationship he was having with
    Ochoa. She eventually went to great lengths
    to apologize, and they renewed their friendship.
    She is certainly promoting the relationship between
    Fillion and K.A. now.

  22. Carol Baudat says:

    Well, since Stana isn’t being asked back for Season 9, seems that there was a grain of truth to this…