Castle Season 5 Episode 11 “Under the Influence” Recap 01/14/13

Castle Season 5 Episode 11 “Under the Influence” Recap 01/14/13

Tonight on ABC their hit crime drama Castle returns with a new episode called “Under The Influence.”  On tonight’s show Beckett and Castle dive into the raucous music industry after the murder of an up and coming DJ.  Did you watch last week’s winter premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show when a powerful divorce attorney who only represented women was murdered, Castle and Beckett are confronted with a plethora of angry ex-husbands, any one of whom could have been the murderer. Meanwhile, Castle’s ex-wife, Meredith, moved into the loft to take care of Alexis while she recovered from Mono, and to make matters worse, Beckett is also forced to move in while her apartment is being fumigated, causing tension, humor and more than a little awkwardness.

On tonight’s when an up and coming DJ is killed at a pop star’s album release party, Beckett and Castle must dive into the raucous world of New York’s music industry. Then, when the investigation leads to a troubled teenager, Esposito takes the kid under his wing, hoping to put him on the right track before it’s too late, on “Castle,” MONDAY, JANUARY 14 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. Taylor Cole (“The Glades”) guest stars as Regina Cane, an aging pop star who has a shadow cast on her album launch party when the DJ is murdered.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Castle tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what your think of Castle season 5, so far?  Enjoy some pics and a sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below!

Tonight’s recap:  Regina the pop star is being interviewed by paparazzi when Josie shows up and steals her limelight. They are at a launch party for Regina’s new album. The room is rocking with beautiful people. The DJ pops a jump drive into the sound system and takes off.

Kate and Rick are arguing over who gets to pick movies – he says if you pick a really bad movie, you lose your next turn. Javi backs him up and Kate’s annoyed.

A female gunshot victim was killed somewhere else and dumped there. It’s the DJ – DJ Beat. Laney says the time of death is 11 pm which was before she was done with her DJ gig. Javi reminds them of the sexy Girl Scout video Regina had done.

They come to Regina’s house and wake her up. They watch her pop pills with alcohol. She says she almost ruined her launch party because when she was ready to perform, they had to deal with shutting down the playlist DJ Beat plugged on. They want to know who was there and she said she’ll have her publicist send it over. She slaps her night shades back on and ignores them.

Ryan and Javier tell them witnesses saw her leave and that DJ Beat (Holly) has a record, but that she straightened up after she started pursuing being a DJ. Neighbors told the cops that there was a guy beating on Holly’s door last week threatening her.

They had found a phone number written in fresh ink on Holly’s hand and it was a record producer. Tyrese – he was on the guest list. The guys go to check her out. Laney calls them to the morgue and says she knows where Holly was killed. She was killed at or near a Chinese restaurant based on oils found on her clothes and the tarp she was on.

They found synthetic fibers that didn’t come from the dumpster.

The guys come to Tyrese’s studio and they note that the entrance is down a dodgy alleyway. Ryan goes to interview Josie. Tyrese said she had his number because he wanted to work with her. He said the way she mixed music was better than most of the guys working now.

He also tells Javi there was a fight. MC Thug was hassling Holly and Tyrese said he saw him grab her wrist and threaten her. Then he took off and he didn’t see him there after Holly left. Ryan scored an autograph from the other pop star in the studio.

They put MC Thug (Darius) up on the case board. The sketch comes in from neighbor descriptions of the guy pounding on Holly’s door and sure nuff – it’s MC Thug!

They bring Darius in to question him. He tells them nobody but his mama calls him Darius, so Kate continues to. Kate wants to know why he asked to be added to the guest list at the last minute. He said he’s a fan. They ask if he was there for Holly or Regina. He said he just wanted his girl’s bracelet back. He says DJ Beat stole his girl’s diamond bracelet.

They accuse him of killing her and he says that he gave her one day to cough it up or else. He tells them to check with Holly’s assistant. Kate says they’re going to hold him and he says that’ll help his street cred. He asks if they’re going to shoot a mug shot because he brought his lighting guy.

Darius alibied out. Ryan said that other parties Holly worked out reported jewelry thefts – nearly $500k. He says she always works with her assistant Paul on the thefts. They haul him in.

He’s angry that they’re accusing Holly of stealing. They ask him why he didn’t break down the equipment at last night’s party. He tells them he wasn’t at the party. Paul says sometimes he would call him at the last minute and say he was using her cousin and he didn’t mind because she still paid him. Turns out all the gigs that had thefts also had Holly’s cousin working with her.

They search Holly’s apartment and don’t find any stolen goods or any money in her bank account that would be explained by the thefts. They wonder if it isn’t the cousin. They don’t have a name, but Castle suggests they print the equipment that he helped set up for the party.

Kate checked her phone records and got calls from Washington Heights on the day of each party where there was a theft. Joey “Monster” Malone was the guy they got from the prints. Castle conjectures that he must be a big, bad ass guy. They see instead that he’s not much more than a kid – Castle says he seems like more of a cookie monster! HA!

Joey’s not related to Holly and is just 14. His parents are dead from various bad junk and he’s living with his uncle. He’s got some priors, small stuff like B&E. Kate heads in to talk to him – he tells her she’s a major hottie. She says she wants to ask him a few questions and he says she needs his guardian’s permission and she says they’re working on it.

Kate asks where she went from the party. He says he didn’t know. Kate says every time he’s worked with Holly, something was stolen. She accuses him of killing her because she found out he was stealing. He says he went to TV King. Then he clams up. Ryan said his alibi checked out.

Javi says there’s got to be a brains behind the operation that was organizing the thefts. Ryan said that’s the person with the motive to kill Holly. Javi asks to have a crack at Joey. He tells Joey he knows he didn’t kill Holly and will drop the theft charges if they tell him who put him up to it. Joey runs through a scenario about what will happen next and says no thanks to the offer.

Javi tosses some photos in front of Joey to show him how Holly ended up. Joey is obviously shaken up. Javi tells him the guy who put him up to it killed Holly and will kill him to because he’s a loose end. Joey says he’s wrong and that he won’t hurt him. Javi asks for a name and Joey stonewalls.

Joey’s case worker comes in and tells them she doesn’t think he would do it, but that his uncle isn’t a great caregiver. She wants to know if they’re charging him and Kate says no and the case worker says she’ll put him in a temporary foster home. Javi’s not happy about any of the options and finally volunteers to take him. The case worker says she can lose the papers for one night only.

At Javi’s place, Joey says he‘d rather be with Kate. He complains about Javi’s place. Javi gives Joey the rundown on his dad taking off on him too. Joey finally starts talking. He says after his dad died, his mom tried for a while, but then she couldn’t do it anymore. He thanks Javi for taking him in – says he knows he didn’t have to.

He and Javi talk video games and are getting ready to play. Javi goes to get a pillow and blanket and comes back to find Joey has escaped out the window. Ooh!

Next day, Javi hauls Joey in in cuffs. He says he went out the window and onto a garbage truck and then a skateboard. But Javi caught him. Ryan said the fibers on Holly’s body was from a high end car – an X5. Kate comes in with Joey’s juvenile records and says they’re going to look for someone who he was working with – Joey doesn’t look happy.

Javi says it won’t be someone he was busted with – they see the name Shane Winters as someone who bailed her out. The same guy bailed Holly out. He’s got a deep record. They figure out that Holly probably worked with Holly when she was a teen just like he works with Joey now. He also drives the right make of German car.

They can’t find him at his last known address. They come to ask Joey where he is. Javi loses patience. Joey says he’s not giving him up. Javi says he will waste him and move onto the next lost kid. Joey says he’s not a rat.

Kate says there’s a BOLO out on Shane’s car. Ryan got a tip on Shane’s location from robbery division. Javi heads out. The bartender greets him and he ignores her. Shane’s bodyguard tries to stop her and Javi asks her for a bag of ice and then knees the bodyguard in the groin.

Shane said Joey told him he’d be coming to see him. Javi tosses cuffs on the table and says to put them on or he can go ahead and resist arrest. He pops the cuffs on himself – doesn’t seem like he wants to mess with Javi.

They interrogate Shane about Holly. They want to know why he bailed her out. He says he’s got a soft spot for teens. They ask when he last saw her and he says he doesn’t know. They tell him it was three nights ago when he killed her. He says no. They lay out the robbery scenario and he just toys with them. He says they can’t prove anything. They tell him they can prove that she was in his car. They tell him they’re picking it up. He tells them he had a cigarette lighting accident and his car burned up. He asks for a lawyer. Javi asks for a minute alone with him.

Ryan leaves and he closes the blinds. Javi then comes in to confront Joey and tells him by warning Shane that he’s letting him get away with Holly’s murder. Javi plays him an interview tape. He says he may be loyal to Shane, but Shane isn’t loyal to him. The tape shows Javi telling Shane the DA wants to pin the thefts on Joey and try him as an adult.

Javi tells him to man up on the thefts and then he can get Joey a deal. Shane says if the kid did the crime, he’s got to do the time. Javi asks if he still wants to protect him. Joey confesses to the thefts. But he says the last job went bad. It was at Tyrese’s house – but he was supposed to steal his cell phone instead of jewelry. Holly confronted him about it and wanted him to give it back, but he had already given it to Shane.

Shane has a shaky alibi – the patrons of the bar he runs say he was there – but that alibi may not hold up. Castle wonders why Shane wants the phone rather than the pricey stuff that would have been there. Tyrese also never mentioned his phone had been stolen.

Ryan and Javi find the crime scene. There’s a Chinese restaurant that backs the same alley as Tyrese’s studio. They pull out a dumpster and find a blood splatter (with body gunk stuck to it) and know they’ve found where Holly was murdered.

In the studio, Ryan and Javi are grilling Tyrese. They ask why she was there. He says he was at the launch party until 1 am. They ask Tyrese why he didn’t report his phone stolen and he said it was because he found it in the bathroom at the end of the night. They ask him what’s on it that would be valuable and he says the eKey for the studio.

They figure out that Holly must have come to stop Shane. At first they think she stopped him in time, even though she was killed, because none of the millions of dollars of sound equipment was missing. Tyrese realizes an unreleased album could be worth a fortune. He checks his files and sees that Josie’s new album was accessed at 11:45 pm the night of Holly’s murder.

Kate tells Javi that Shane’s alibi is sticking. She says he may have dumped the body, but he couldn’t have killed her. Castle said the key to the whole thing was the phone. Whoever downloaded the album returned the phone back to the party as it ended. They have to figure out who could benefit from Josie’s album being leaked.

Kate and Castle come to see Regina. They ask her about the window of time she had to steal Josie’s album and get the phone back to the party. Castle says both their albums are coming out next week and she knows Josie’s album is going to crush hers. They accuse her of hiring Shane to steal the phone and that Holly caught her there and they struggled and she shot her.

She says it never happened and they say they’ve found the secret email account where she was communicating with a hacker to release Josie’s album.

Javi comes back to the bar to see Shane. He pulls out two guns and says this one is yours and this one is mine. He says if he ever comes near another street kid, he’s going to find him and swear he drew down on him and that Javi had to shoot him in self-defense. Shane says he’s clear.

Javi’s dropping Joey off and shows him his own juvie record. Joey asks if this is a straighten up speech. Javi said a teacher helped him get straight. Javi tells him he’s going to be calling his school to make sure he’s there and is going to call once a week. He gives him his card and tells him to call him anytime he needs anything. Aww…