Catherine Giudici Drunk While Sean Lowe Grinds On Peta Murgatroyd

Catherine Giudici Drunk While Sean Lowe Grinds On Peta Murgatroyd

Frankly, I’m shocked that Catherine Giudici is still holed up in L.A. Acting like there’s even a snowballs chance in hell that she’s going to marry Sean Lowe. The Bachelor may have brought the couple together but Sean seems to have single-handedly found several ways to kill the relationship in under a month. He has opted to ride the 15-minutes-of-fame train straight over to Dancing With the Stars and hop on board Peta Murgatroyd for 8 hours a day, rather than spend some serious time building solid groundwork for a relationship with Catherine.

After sitting alone in her LA apartment for a few weeks and then venturing out here and there to shop alone, Catherine seems to have had it. She realizes that this mess with Sean is going nowhere fast, but has agreed to hang in there until he ends his DWTS’ run. In the meantime, according to STAR magazine she has been hitting the bottle hard. She’s sick of waiting around for him to decide to spend time with her and has been going out to bars alone. Catherine has been spotted downing drinks and many shots at L.A. hotspots, Planet Dailies and The Sayers Club.

I’m actually glad to hear that Catherine is doing things on her own. It was only a matter of time before she’d get tired of waiting for a man that can obviously live without her. These two are so over and it seems like Catherine is just doing whatever it takes to tread water until she can get the hell out of there on a flight home to Seattle.

Here’s the real question- do you think Sean and Peta will eventually admit to being more than dance partners? I can’t believe that they’d actually last for more than a good romp or three to blow off steam, can you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: FameFlynet