CDL Exclusive: LELA ROSE Fall 2013 Show (Photos)

CDL Exclusive: LELA ROSE Fall 2013 Show (Photos)

On Sunday, February 10th, at 11 am Sunday morning while the snow was glistening under a bright sun the movers and shakers in the NY fashion world were pushing to get inside to see the Lela Rose fall 2013 collection at the Studio at Lincoln Center and Celeb Dirty Laundry was honored to be in attendance.  The collection centers around the book of Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales that inspired the designer’s imagination with all of its eternal magic, dark humor and charm.

The collection consisted of beautiful pencil skirts, body hugging sheath dresses, feminine flirty dresses, old world holiday glamour evening wear and unfortunately some ill fitted pairings of stiff pedal pusher bottoms and shapeless tops.

The contrast between fairy tales and reality clash at the beginning of the show when the first few looks descend down the runway.  Hard pieces mixed with soft pieces and solids and textured patterns come together in an awkward quirkiness.  Pair this with heavy patterned socks stuffed into pointy toe pumps and you reach the designer’s goal of dark humor.  Of these mix and match sets I’m drawn to the striking patterns and bold colors of look #3; the embroidered ginger dot wool drop sleeve jacket, boucle seamed top and crochet pant that inspires fantasy and whimsy.   A stunning modern day look for 60’s IT girl, Laura Petrie, the first modern woman.

You next become aware of the next group of dresses by the way the bold patterns and colors hug the model’s bodies showing every curve.  Simple, elegant, feminine cocktail dresses.  A staple for every woman’s closet.

The magic appears, in the birds eye wool sheath dress with raven lace silhouette that runs down the side panels of the dress and up to the shoulders to frame the face.  Sultry with exquisite detail, I can envision Halle Berry!


One after another exquisite dresses flit down the runway.  The black silk tulle dress with raven lace silhouette and sheer bodice and sleeves would have passed the Grammy’s strict new dress code policy this year but would have been no less sensual than baring all.    But if you like to show more skin then the asymmetrical one shoulder draped fitted dress in either moonlit silk or golden rod floral are the choices for you, sophisticated elegance that accentuates your curves.  I’m can see Eva Mendez!


There were even pieces reminiscent of old world Hollywood glamour.  The black delicate lace sleeved fitted dress with feather embroidered belt was made for a body like Angelina Jolie’s.


There is something for everyone and for those looking for fun and flirty; the pearl dotted embroidered blouse is paired with an ombre’ fushia feathered embroidered skirt and topped with a vivid fushia silk drop shoulder coat.  It’s very SJP, perfect for your nights out on the town dancing.   But if you like your ombre’ print soft and flirty #30 is the go to, a fushia kaleidoscope organza dress is fitted thru the waist and free falls below the knee.  Let the wind blow up your skirt tonight and reminisce about the all American beauty of Marilyn Monroe.


For those that love to indulge in breathing and eating as part of your evening plans opt instead for dresses cut for comfort as well as style.  The black enchanted fil coupe full skirt dress with peek a boo slip is flirty,stylish and elegant.  And you don’t have to be a size 2 to look fabulous.


For the flirty side of you, try the Blush ribbon embroidered fil coupe halter dress. It’s fluid and sexy and the sheer printed skirt gives you the opportunity to show off your toned legs without showing too much.

CDL Exclusive: LELA ROSE Fall 2013 Show (Photos)

But for the princess in you; the pearl dot embroidered knitted long sleeve scoop neck t shirt paired with a lace and pearl silk printed long skirt is cut above your ankle to show off your beautiful sexy shoes.   True elegance and sophistication.


And the real show stopper, soft white silk crepe gown with delicate lace bodice trim.  You don’t have to show skin to be sexy you just have to exude confidence !!  My pick is Scarlett Johansson.


The only mistake that I see are the rats nest of hair piled in messy frizz on top of each model’s head.  The hairstyle doesn’t do justice to the elegant well – cut and  feminine and sexy silhouettes cut in the most luxurious fabrics.  I don’t see much horror on the runway, I see beauty grace and elegance .