CDL Exclusive: LELA ROSE Spring 2014 Show #NYFW

CDL Exclusive: LELA ROSE Spring 2014 Show #NYFW

One of my favorite shows of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is always inevitably Lela Rose‘s latest collection.  Celeb Dirty Laundry was honored to be invited again this year to attend the show at NYFW.

When LeLa Rose’s Spring 2014 collection took to the runway at Lincoln Center it was clear that she accomplished yet another line of chic day wear and absolutely stunning dresses for an evening out.

It’s pretty obvious that Rose gets her inspiration from all sorts of art. A few of her gowns this time around look like watercolor paintings with bright doses of purple and citrine sprinkled throughout the collection.

Then there’s the obvious love of geometric patterns and linear shapes. One dress quite literally appeared to have a spider web trailing behind it. There were bright colored tweeds with linen jackets which put a really cool, modern twist on familiar pieces. While Rose opted for a more structured theme this time around it certainly didn’t prevent her from working in the absolutely stunning lace and beading that is synonymous with her work. Her evening dresses never disappoint and the draping is always absolutely perfect. One of the things that I love the most is Rose’s attention to detail and the fact that as visually stunning as the front of her gowns may be, the back is often breathtaking. Intricate lacework and embroidery means that if you don’t look at the back of each piece then you are sometimes missing the best part.

Some highlights were the mosaic motif cocktail dress and the citrine strapless gown that just moved so beautifully down the runway. I also really need to mention how stunning the hair and makeup was on each model. The makeup had an almost delicate feel to it and the updo kind of resembled a birds nest in structure but the look was fabulous. There was also glitter and sparkles nestled into the hair and as each girl walked there was a trail of glitz falling from her head in those first few steps. I’m not sure if it was intentional but it ended up being a nice little detail.

All in all it was another great presentation by a fabulously inspired designer. Check out some of the photos below and tell us your thoughts on the Lela Rose 2014 Spring Collection.


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