Glee Producers In Shock After Cory Monteith Death, Debating Whether To Cancel or Go Forward With The Show

Glee Producers In Shock After Cory Monteith Death, Debating Whether To Cancel or Go Forward With The Show

Cory Monteith’s death was devastating for everyone involved, including family, friends, and co-workers. Several of his Glee co-stars have already taken to the Internet to write loving tributes to their friend and co-star, and you can tell that Cory was someone who was loved and cherished, and will be greatly missed by everyone he knew.

The death was certainly a shock to everyone who knew Cory, and it’s thrown the fate of Fox’s ‘Glee’ into question. Just months ago, the cast of Glee was posing for promotional shots for Season 5 and according to reports, Monteith and his co-stars were set to start filming episodes for the show in August.

Now, Fox executives are reportedly discussing how to move forward on the show without Finn Hudson, and sources say that Cory’s death has had a ‘profound impact’ on the showrunners. An insider explains, “Not only has Monteith’s character Finn been part of the show’s most significant romantic relationship opposite Lea Michele’s Rachel, in the fourth season he appeared to be being long-term positioned to eventually assume the role of glee club coach and overall student mentor should Matthew Morrison’s Mr. Shue leave the series. He leaves a major hole in the heart of the show that will be challenging for the writers and producers to address. While the ‘Glee’ staff and especially series creator Ryan Murphy have never shied away from handling controversial, tragic or dark subject matter, translating Monteith’s loss into a ‘death of Finn’ storyline may simply prove to be too sad and all-consuming for the show, but glossing over his absence seems unrealistic. Whatever they decide, the writers will have to proceed very delicately lest dealing with the outcome overwhelm the show’s generally light, fun-loving tone.”

Several other experts also add that whatever the network decides, they will have to make sure to carry it out very carefully because Cory was so well liked and preserving his memory is incredibly important to his fans.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how I feel about the show continuing. Glee’s always been one of those shows that can never really be truly sad, and even the school shooting episode – while attempting to bring gravitas – ended up falling flat. I really, truly hope that whatever they do, they put their all into it and give a fitting tribute to Cory. There’s also the possibility of ‘Glee’ getting cancelled, but I don’t think the network executives would go for that. I can only imagine how the cast will continue with the series with the absence of one of their best friends and co-stars.

Do you guys think Glee should continue, or get cancelled? And what do you think is the best way for the show to say goodbye to Finn? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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