Courtney Stodden’s Alleged Mistreatment At Hollywood Nightclub Bootsy Bellows – Outrageous!

Courtney Stodden's Alleged Mistreatment At Hollywood Nightclub Bootsy Bellows - Outrageous!

You know, there’s a lot to be said for Courtney Stodden. People ridicule her on the Internet, but why? Because she’s trapped in a weird dependent relationship with her creepy husband who took advantage of her when she was a very young girl? Because she’s been forced into the limelight when she’s clearly not suited to it? I mean, in reality, she’s probably just a sweet, albeit naive girl who was thrown into the Hollywood scene without any sort of preparation. You only need to look at her parents to see the type of family support she has – which is to say, pretty much non-existent.

The fact that Courtney actually turned down a chance to do porn [unlike Farrah Abraham and her so-called reality television ‘contemporaries’] says a lot about her character, and deep down, there’s probably a normal teenager trying her best just to live a normal life. Unfortunately, most people are not willing to give her the chance.

According to our sources, Courtney was trying to get into famous Hollywood club Bootsy Bellows with her friends when they were turned away at the door without any explanation. Courtney was not with her husband or her parents, and she was just trying to have fun with several of her friends. Courtney and her friends were already approved on the guest list by the club’s publicist as well as the club manager and RSVP handler. However, without any explanation or reasoning, the woman at the front door refused to let Courtney or her friends in.

Now, the club doesn’t really have a reputation for being exclusively A-list only, like the Soho House or even Beverly Hilton. In fact, Bootsy Bellows is supposed to be open to the public, so it wasn’t even like Courtney was asking for special treatment. She and her friends just wanted to have a night out – but with this kind of discrimination, how on earth is she supposed to even attempt to be a normal girl her age?

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8 responses to “Courtney Stodden’s Alleged Mistreatment At Hollywood Nightclub Bootsy Bellows – Outrageous!”

  1. MakeHerUp says:

    Is anyone really surprised? She’s ridiculous!

  2. allie says:

    I’m thinking she really likes attention, will do what it takes to get it

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Seriously – why is she famousl.

  4. Angel 2009 says:

    If this girl had any brains at all, she would put her foot down and demand to lead her own life – kick pervy Doug to the curb and tell mama to STFU!
    Doubtful that will ever happen though.

    • Reality says:

      Agreed, but where will she go? And, this is the life she wants. Her mother trained her for this, and this is the result. She is a fame hungry narcissist, because her mother told her that her “beauty” only would be enough to secure her future. All she had to do was go around and pose like previous “icons” and she would get shows, movies, etc. And, if it weren’t for Doug, she wouldn’t be here. She is using him. He became a co-dependent, clinging on. You can only hope that some day she will have an epiphany. That probably won’t come until they stop displaying her photos.

  5. Reality says:

    Her porn offer wasn’t great. She did want Playboy, though. She is smart enough to turn down porn, for she knows it won’t get her where she thinks she deserves to be. Still, everything else she does is a step below porn. If they prohibited entrance to the club, did her age have anything to do with it? Or, the fact that she always calls the paps so that she can continually pose? The club probably did not want the circus that Courtney Stodden is.

  6. Reality says:

    And I hope this article was written in jest, for so off base! “Attempt to be a normal girl her age”? When I was 19, I could not go to any clubs. Only dance clubs that did not serve alcohol. And, did not call anyone to photograph me. Courtney needed this reality check.

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