Crossing Lines RECAP 7/28/13: Episode 7 “The Animals”

Crossing Lines RECAP 7/28/13: Episode 7 “The Animals”

Tonight on NBC CROSSING LINES returns with a new episode called, “The Animals.”  For those of you who have never seen the show it is NBC’s new action-packed global crime drama.  The series taps into a unit mandated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate cross-border crimes and ultimately bring global criminals to justice. “Crossing Lines” is set in the world’s most exotic locales, while the elite team of eager cops work to solve the most notorious international crimes.

On last week’s show While in Florence, Eva (Gabriella Pession) found something amiss when she discovered another similar kidnapping. While confronting her former partner in the Italian Police, a secret was discovered that put Sebastian’s (Tom Wlaschiha) career at risk. Back in Cannes, a search of the financial records from the missing boy’s father showed that not everything was as it seems. Richard Flood, William Fichtner, Moon Dailly and Donald Sutherland also star.

On tonight’s show Hickman’s (William Fichtner) search for a criminal mastermind leads him to a bank where he is suddenly taken hostage and soon realizes that the thieves may not be after the money. Outside the bank, the ICC team must work against time to figure out the real motive behind the crime and when part of the truth is revealed, Tommy (Richard Flood) must confront a secret from his past that could jeopardize his career. Marc Lavoine, Tom Wlaschiha, Donald Sutherland, Moon Dailly and Gabriella Pession also star.

Tonight’s episode 7 looks like it going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Crossing Lines episode 7 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Eva brings in some home made goodies and feeds Berger. She mocks how bad German food names are – Tommy wants them both just to shut up. He stalks out as Eva asks if he’s been out partying out. He calls her Mom and tells her to chill out. Michel greets Tommy on his way in and tells Louis their Irishman smells like a distillery. Michel gives Louis some images he shot in his Moscow hotel room. He tells them the crew that worked over his room were good and that Dimitrov knew.

Michel asks again if the kidnapping had nothing to do with Dimitrov being his source. Louis insists that only the ex-wife was involved. Louis says he told no one but Rebecca who went back to Paris. He calls his ex and asks her for a lunch date. She responds enthusiastically. Louis asks Anne Marie if he knows where Hickman is and she says he had to run an errand.

Hickman is at The Hague and comes into the bank asking for the manager, Mr. Stoke. He harasses the secretary. He silently confronts her and says she’s actually running things there because she’s in a high priced suit. She tells him she’s impressed but he still can’t see him. Hickman hands her a slip of paper and tells her to show the account number to the manager and tell her the passcode “carnival.” She leaves and he notices a guy checking his watch and a suspicious customer. He calls in to his office and tells them to leave the line open. Anika returns and he asks her where the panic button is, but it’s too late- the robbery starts.

The robbers are in animal masks. They shoot out the cameras then take off their masks. They tell the customers they’re not there for their money, but for the bank’s money. The ring leader tells them there had better not be any heroes. He has their crack shot demonstrated how good he is by taking out a glass window and a phone. He tells them if anyone tries to be a hero, they’ll kill that person and every other person in the room. Sebastian listens in on all of this as it happens. Hickman does nothing… for now!

The customers sit around, backs to the wall as Sebastian calls Michel and Louis in and shows them what’s going on in the bank. Louis asks Michel to take care of Paris for him. Michel questions the timing of the robbery and whether it’s chance that Hickman happened to be there. One of the robbers tells everyone to get out their cell phones and hold them in their right hands. Hickman is counting guns and whispering to Anika that they brought a lot of big bags to the robbery. She asks him who he is.

The robber is collecting phones and wants to know why Hickman doesn’t have his phone out. He tells them he’s handicapped and can’t use his right hand and they ask if he’s being funny. They tell him to pull it out leftie and he hands them a phone. The head guy asks Hickman if he knows why he wears a wolf mask and he tells him that he’s good at sniffing out troubles. He asks if he’s going to make trouble and Hickman says no. The wolf crushes the phone under his heels and the ICC gang have lost he signal!

They bring out the bank manager who is with a pregnant woman and her husband and had been hiding in back. He manager tells him she can’t lie on her stomach because of the baby. The husband begs them to let her go and Hickman chimes in. The wolf orders them to get her a chair and asks John Wayne (aka Hickman) if that’s okay. He tells the manager to get the vault key and the manager says it’s on a timer. The wolf knows it’s scheduled to auto open in five minutes and tells him so.

The wolf asks the couple what they wanted and they tell him they needed a loan to buy baby furniture. He asks the husband if he works and he says yes. He asks if they got the loan and he says no. The young man defends the banker and says they have bad credit. The wolf seems offended that they are hard worker and were denied much-needed credit. He asks the manager if he’s prepared to change his mind on their loan while there’s a gun to his hand and he agrees they can have the loan.

The wolf kneels down in front of Hickman and tells him he knows Americans are chatty by nature and tells him the bank robbery is not an audience participation sport. The manager is pushed out through the front door with a bomb vest on. The police freak out as the manager begs them not to shoot. The Wolf looks Hickman in the eye as he pushes the trigger. They can hear the explosion. He asks Hickman if he’s clear.

Anika whispers to Hickman asking why they blew him up since they got the key. He tells her he doesn’t know. The Wolf is monitoring police bands and says the bomb stirred up the police. They put more plastic explosives on more doors and break the cameras in the vault. They bring the bags in which are heavy. Hickman whispers to Anika that they need equipment to drill.

The cops set up snipers as the ICC watches the camera shots. They see the sharp shooter take the cameras out one by one. Tommy notices something funny about the shooter – he’s firing “goofy foot” – shooting lefty but standing right handed stance. The ICC gang muse that they may not be planning to come out the front door since they brought in all the equipment Hickman told them about.

Hickman and Anika are whispering and one of the gunmen comes to confront him. Hickman tells him not to get in trouble with his boss and the man bristles. He threatens to cripple his hand more.

The Wolf calls with demands – he wants six black Porsches lined up, a pilot and four Gulfstream planes waiting on him at the airport and it must all be ready in an hour. He tells them if it’s not done, he’ll make the bank into an “abbatoir” – if you don’t speak French, that’s a slaughterhouse. He tells them he’ll start with the cop they have among the hostages.

Sebastian and Anne Marie realize that the robbers must be listening to the police band since they know about the cop. They’re rewatching footage to try to see what alerted Hickman that something was going down. The Wolf asks who is the cop – he asks again and then accuses the baby daddy of being the cop. He gets more adamant and Anika outs Hickman. The Wolf is surprised and asks his sidekick if they searched him. They search him and find his drugs. He says it’s evidence but The Wolf says he’s a junkie cripple. The Wolf decides Anika must be a narc and threatens to kill her.

Sebastian has traced the tunnels and finds they run everywhere. The Wolf calls and says he’s coming out. Tommy realizes that every cop in the city is there – maybe the bombers are going to blow up all the cops. The Wolf comes out in his mask with a bomb vest on Anika. Louis walks up when he realizes it’s not the real robber. He pulls off the mask – it was the young dad to be.

Hickman taunts the guy left with the gun on him and tells him he’s being set up for the murders. He tells him Wolf has left his prints on everything – including the detonator to the vest that the girl outside is wearing. He tells him that they were all wearing gloves except him and left him holding the bag. He tells him they’ve left him there to shoulder the blame. The guy says The Wolf was his friend. He sets down the gun.

Anne Marie notices one of the customers that had a big bag and is running her through facial recognition. They realize who she is and that her husband is in a nearby prison. They think the attempt is a prison break. Hickman tells them that the one robber left surrendered and the hostages are secure. They are shocked that he talked him in to surrendering. He tells them the doors are rigged to blow so they can’t come in without a bomb squad.

Hickman heads into the vault and looks down the hole as they tell him about the probable prison break. He asks if they can trace the phone even though it won’t have a signal in the tunnels. Louis asks him not to go, but of course Hickman heads down there.

Tommy and Eva speed for the prison. The Wolf was the woman’s cell mate and buddy. Sheila (the woman) and The Wolf are in the tunnels under the prison and plant some explosives. Hickman is trying to catch up. They detonate the bomb and a huge guy jumps down into the tunnel with him. Escape accomplished! They head back out an alternate tunnel.

Hickman comes to a juncture and has to choose a tunnel. He gets lucky and spots their lights. He tries to get a cell signal and holds his phone up to a pothole trying to signal a message. Eva and Tommy catch up to the point they tracked Hickman to. One of the guys pops his head out of a manhole cover and Evaa pulls a gun on him. Tommy is in another entrance and has the gun on a couple more of them. The Wolf comes face to face with Hickman in the tunnel.

Hickman and The Wolf engage in threatening trash talk. Wolf goes for his gun and Hickman shoots it out of his hand. Tommy comes up just then and is impressed. Hickman tells him he was aiming for his head!

As Tommy and Eva are walking away, they see a guy in black leaving the scene. He’s got a very distinctive gait. Eva asks if he could have been one of the robbers and Tommy says no and distracts her. He’s lying!! He also lied to the cops about not seeing the sniper!! OMG – he totally knows the weird footed shooter!

Back at their HQ, Louis asks Hickman if he’s been shooting up. Hickman tells him it’s Lidocaine – a numbing agent. Louis asks if he’s sure and Hickman stalks away. Michel comes in – he overheard and isn’t happy. He cautions Louis about Hickman. He tells Louis there were three listening devices in his home and that he left them there so they can feed Dimitrov false information. He chews him out for not telling Rebecca that he was coming and letting him barge in to her home.

Eva asks Tommy if he wants to come out for a drink with them and he tells her he’ll take a pass. She thinks it’s a nod at sobriety and congratulates him. After they leave, he dials a number and says it’s me – he tells them he saw Colin today and wants whoever he’s talking to tell Colin to tell him that and to call him. He tells his Mom he loves her and hangs up.

Rebecca gets a call from Louis as she walks across a bridge. She rejects the call, tosses her phone in the water and walks on.

Okay – so, to recap. Sebastian is an addicted gambler who used a gratuity from a kidnap victim’s parents to pay one night of debts. Tommy is an alcoholic who seems to have a mercenary sniper as a brother that he’s lying to law enforcement about and Hickman is a junkie. Nice team Louis has put together…