Dallas RECAP 3/18/13: Season 2 Episode 9 “Ewing’s Unite!”

Dallas RECAP 3/18/13: Season 2 Episode 9 “Ewing’s Unite!”

My favorite television show DALLAS returns tonight to TNT with a new episode called, “Ewing’s Unite!.” On tonight’s show Drew is forced to betray the Ewings when a family member is threatened, and Sue Ellen uses her wits to get Gary out of Dallas. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On last week’s show after a lifetime of scheming and dealing, JR Ewing finally met his end. The Ewing family reels at hearing the news. Shocked to learn from the authorities that JR’s death was the result of a random mugging, they strived to set aside their differences and mourn together. Accompanied by many characters from JR’s past, the Ewings buried their own. In a heartrending goodbye episode, DALLAS bid farewell to the legendary JR Ewing….Only to uncover powerful evidence that led to a shocking revelation worthy of one of televisions most iconic characters. As in life — and now in death — nothing is ever as it seems when it comes to JR Ewing.

On tonight’s  show as Bobby, Christopher and John Ross get to work on J.R.’s masterpiece, J.R.’s will has lasting ramifications for the family legacy and Southfork. Pamela proves her loyalty to John Ross by giving him information against her father, and Christopher’s relationship with Elena is tested when Christopher resorts to a tactic worthy of J.R. Meanwhile, Drew is forced to betray the Ewings when a family member is threatened, and Sue Ellen uses her wits to get Gary out of Dallas.

Tonight’s DALLAS season 2 episode 8 is going to be very sad, and you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Dallas — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season?  Check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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The remaining Ewing men are working JR’s master plan. They are trying to piece together the clues he left them. They are trying to tie Cliff to Harris so they can take them both down. Chris and Bobby pack up and head to the will reading. John Ross closes up the safe with all of the evidence and is preparing to leave when Emma comes in, kisses him and pulls off her top. He tells her he needs to go and she tells him to hurry so he takes her to his Dad’s bed and gets busy! Can’t imagine Ann is going to like this…

JR left Bobby his entire collcitoon of boots. He left Gary his prized Scotch bottle. To Chris he leaves his copy of Machiavelli’s The Prince. To Ann, he left his favorite dove hunting gun (unless she’s the reason he’s dead) – they all laugh. He leaves Sue Ellen his heart and half of his oil rights to South Fork. He leaves the other half to John Ross JR.
There’s also an envelope from Miss Ellie that was supposed to be opened when JR died. Ellie left half of South Fork to John Ross Jr!

Cliff and Harris are in a confab – evil chatting with evil… Cliff tells him that he still owes the Ewings revenge for Digger Barnes – says they stole his legacy. Harris says he’s out for blood against them. They discuss what each brings to the table – Harris has political clout and Cliff has money. Cliff offers him enough money to buy Ryland Transport from his creepy mom Judith.

Chris is wining and dining the Dallas transportation rep and asks her for the city contract. She tells him there’s a problem because Cliff Barnes has made a better bid. She can get him a shot to demonstrate how his rig works to the deciders and she basically tells him if he sleeps with him, she’ll give him the shot. He counters with an offer of his technology and she leaves, visibly annoyed at the rebuff, and tells him he has one week to get it together or Cliff will get the deal.

Chris reports to his dad about Cliff’s competing bid and he asks if John Ross knows. He does, so Bobby calls him in. Bobby says he wants to turn back on South Fork oil – they need all the money they can get to compete with Cliff. Bobby says he doesn’t like that Miss Ellie left him half of the ranch, but it’s her wishes. He tells him that JR acted out because he felt he’d been cheated out of his birth right – he tells JR Jr that he doesn’t have that excuse and he agrees to behave.

Bobby says they need to bring Allison (the city rep) back around to their side. He tells them they are going to take the gloves off. John Ross has an idea about getting Allison to be more open minded.

Harris takes a meeting with one of his henchmen who has hired a Russian hit man of sorts to handle a “job” on the rig. He orders him to also keep an eye on Emma. He doesn’t like how protective Drew was over his daughter – turns out it was Harris’ truck Drew was driving when he got arrested.

Speak of the devil and Drew comes to see Bobby. He tells him that his father had a dream of drilling oil and seeing trucks with the Ramos name on it. He asks Bobby to sell him back his father’s land. Bobby reminds him that his father died chasing that dream. Elena comes in and backs him up – says they’ll be careful and she’ll be responsible for whatever happens. Bobby agrees to the sale and they shake on it – then Drew bear hugs him and then Elena.
Pamela found some bargain priced oil leases that she says they need to move on, but they don’t trust her. Chris tells her that her Dad is trying to screw up his DCT deal. They banter back and forth about her lies and how they both fell for them and tell her to get out. She leaves, disgruntled at being double teamed (and not in a fun way)…

John Ross comes to see Allison at her office after hours. He compliments her and she’s intrigued. He asks her to tell Christopher that oil is the way to go with the contract – not methane. She asks why and he tells her he’s an oil man. They discuss their mutual interest in running – he’s a sprinter and she’s a marathon gal. They enjoy some juice double entendres making running akin to sex. He offers her campaign funds for a Senate run and tells her to give the contract to Ewing Oil rather than Barnes or Ewing methane. He seals the deal with some nookie and it seems like it’s a win for the Ewings.
Judith comes to harangue her son. She tells him she knows he lashes out at her because he was angry with Ann. He admits he said some ugly things but refuses to apologize – he tells her he meant every word. She tells him he’ll regret every word he said and stalks out.

Gary comes to see Sue Ellen and asks about her drinking. She tells him she only had the one bout when JR died. Gary tells her he can be there for her – that he understands. Sue Ellen tells him she was playing him to get the South Fork oil turned back on – she tells him she doesn’t need him anymore. Gary tells her that he cares about her and doesn’t want her to throw her life away. Wonder if she’s hitting the bottle still? Sue Ellen calls Valene and tells her that Gary’s missing her and that she needs to come to Dallas and get him because he’s too proud to admit it. Wow – who’s channeling JR now? Sue Ellen pours a whiskey and toasts a photo of her and JR young and happy.

Allison and John Ross stand on the balcony overlooking the city. He tells her he’s working on his second wind and he goes to work on it. Meanwhile, a photographer snaps photos of them and calls Chris. He tells him they got her – he also passes on a message from John Ross “Welcome to the dark side…”

John Ross finds Pamela waiting for him – she tells him that Cliff promised to bank roll her political career to get her to flip. He tells her he already knew about it but says he’s glad to know she wasn’t in on it. He tells her to go home and go to bed since she’s growing babies. She tells him her place is too quiet. He invites her to come by the rig for a demonstration so they can talk. Uh-oh – Cliff’s got a nasty planned for that!

Emma finds Drew working on his motorcycle and reminds him they have a date. She laughs and tells her she’s kidding, but they decide to go for it and take off on his motorcycle. Her dad’s spy follows them.

Bobby welcomes Valene and Lucy at the door of South Fork. Gary’s surprised to see his wife. Bobby invites Lucy to join him for coffee in the kitchen and leaves the couple to hash it out.

Emma and Drew are sharing food in the park and she tells him her oddball story – the kidnapping, growing up in England and dressage competitions. She tells him she was trapped in a glass bubble and no one could get in and she couldn’t get out. Harris’ henchman reports back about the date and his boss is not happy. Harris tells him to implicate Ramos in the rig job.
Valene slams her way into Sue Ellen’s office and accuses her of calling her to Dallas to humiliate her. She tells SE she’s as bad as JR. Sue Ellen insists she was only trying to get them back together. Valene isn’t buying it and tells her that she is going to convince Gary of what a monster she is.

The henchman meets Drew at the bar and says he has another job for him. Drew doesn’t want to because of the bust. He says he lost their rig so he owes them and promises it will be the last one. He tells him he needs him to put a small detonation unit on Chris’ rig – says it will go off during a shift change so no one gets hurt and says the Ewings won’t even lose money because they’re insured. Drew says no and he threatens Elena if Drew doesn’t do the job. He tells him he’ll call with the details.
Chris comes to see Allison at her office and tells her to remember that she brought this on herself. He tosses photos of her with John Ross onto her desk. He tells her she never should have screwed him – or John Ross (nice dig…) and tells her to kill the Barnes bid or he’ll go public and ruin her marriage and career.
Drew mulls over the task he’s been ordered to do and what will happen to his sister if he doesn’t. He pulls out his chemistry set and builds a bomb.

Elena finds Chris enjoying a morning bourbon celebrating his blackmail victory over Allison Jones. He tells her they had John Ross do what he does and they took photos. Elena accuses him of turning into John Ross, but says he was only making her keep her word. She says it’s blackmail. He tells her that JR knew how to win and that’s what he’s going to do. Elena tells him she’s going into business with her brother and she won’t be a part of it.

Drew sneaks onto the rig to plant the explosives. He plants the bomb and activates it!

Sue Ellen finds Gary in the kitchen at South Fork. He says he knows why she called Valene and he’s not leaving her – he knows she needs help. She tells him she can help herself and that he needs to get back with Valene. She reminds him that the only reason Valene left him was because he wasn’t sober and now that he is, they should be together. He tells her that he’ll only be a phone call away and concedes to going back to his wife.

Judith tells Harris that she’s leaving for London. She says she’s too hurt by him to stay anymore. She tells him that she’s going to freeze his bank accounts and remove him as the head of the company. He tells her she can’t do that because he has commitments. She tells him it’s a family business and he’s dead to her, so he’s no longer family.

Unfortunately, they had the argument at the top of the stairs and well… you could see that coming. She topples down the stairs and he’s actually distraught. He didn’t mean for it to happen.

Chris is leading the city group around on a tour of the rig. Most of the Ewings are there, as are Elena, Ann and Pamela. Allison pulls the city reps aside to discuss the proposal. The henchman is surprised to see Pamela on the rig. He calls Cliff before he detonates to tell him that Pamela is on the rig. The henchman says they are all together and will be leaving together. Cliff tells him to do it anyway – the henchman is a little horrified because Pamela’s pregnant.

Drew is in agony about the bomb. Allison tells Chris if the numbers are good, the contract is his. The henchman prepares to send the signal to the bomb. He calls the cell attached to the bomb. Drew waits, horrified. The Ewings are congratulating each other on their success when the bomb goes off…