Demi Lovato Lip Syncs “Heart Attack” on Dancing With the Stars? (Video)

Demi Lovato Lip Syncs "Heart Attack" on Dancing With the Stars? (Video)

In case you missed it, Demi Lovato sang on “Dancing with the Stars”. Only one thing to say, I hope it was lip-sync and not her actual voice. CDs/ MP3s can sometimes be played back scratchy and out of tune because if that was her voice then what right does she have to judge talent on the “X factor”?

Remember one of the contestants on the hit show, Shawn Armenta, he infamously called out Demi on “auto-tuning”. To those who don’t know auto-tune makes an ok singer sound like a pop hit. Even John Legend waded in on the auto-tuning after hearing not only Demi was hired by Simon Cowell but Britney Spears as well. “It’s interesting when people, you know, are judging singing competitions when they aren’t really singers.”

On DWTS it was the backup singers who were doing all the high notes meanwhile Demi stood front and center and possibly pulled a Britney. Not even given a good Britney where she moving around doing dance moves and that’s why she can’t sing live. No she did the whole not moving farther than a foot with lots of hand action. You either move or you sing, everyone in the business knows that.  Then again Demi has been reported to call Beyonce one of the “greatest performers” ever so we know who her role model is.

So is Demi just a blah singer that needs auto-tune or were there technical difficulties during her performance? She does claim that she has never lip-synced a live performance. So after reviewing both the footage and past performances and it seems she’s just not that great of a singer. Excuses are made for her like when GMA tried to say “We all know that Demi has a pretty great voice, but what we will give her even more credit for here is that she did not lip-sync a single word of her music despite it being early in the morning, and with the tour likely starting to take its toll on her vocal cords.” However there are no more excuses for her attempts to sing live. Her last tour date was several days go and she was in inside this time. It can’t have been cold either because the dancers’ outfits would become too revealing.

DWTS has always had a live band; if she couldn’t hack it then she shouldn’t have booked it. Next time she should lip-sync.

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14 responses to “Demi Lovato Lip Syncs “Heart Attack” on Dancing With the Stars? (Video)”

  1. WTF is wrong with you? That was live and she sounded amazing! Are you guys deaf or something? I’ve heard much worse coming from those singers who are claimed as “brilliant” so stop being such dicks and appreciate good vocals when you hear it. Jeez.

  2. It looks live to me…

  3. Nelly says:

    she was sick and yet she sang amazing. she has an amazing and powerful voice. there’s def something wrong with you.

  4. Lua says:

    LMAO… The funniest article that I ever read in my life… LOL…

    This can’t be serious… The girl sounded AMAZING… even been sick, what is no excuse because she sounded great anyway…

    And OMG, really?? Is there people who prefer lyp-sync??

    This is why this industry is a mess… at the end the day, singers are humans and they CAN sound a little bit off the key sometimes… it’s normal…

    But, it’s not the case here…. she was really amazing.

  5. Stephenie says:

    I see it as you are pulling out every excuse in the book to deem Demi a lousy singer, only judging by one performance of hers. Britney, I’m sorry, is not a good entertainer. Comparing her and Demi is like comparing apples and oranges. Demi Lovato can sing both live and in studio. Even though she “may” use auto-tune with her newer style (which I don’t think she needs, personally), she clearly never did in her debut and sophomore albums, simply because she is a very talented artist and remains to balance her levels with her ever-evolving style. Also, putting her in the group with Spears, maybe because they worked on the show together, is kind of like comparing her singing with Simon Cowell’s singing–something unheard of.

  6. You people make me sick. She does not lip- sync. Appearently you guys have not watch her Jimmy Kimmel interview, where she does say she is sick. So that’s probably why she soumds scratchy, and something like this blog is the reason why she ended up in rehab. So this gossip website should be shut down.

  7. Are you trying to create news just to get more attention because to me that totally looks and sounds like Demi singing live. U could hear when she stop and breathe and stuff. Don’t hate on her..

  8. shut the hell up…. Demi is an amazing singer she doesnt need auto tune or lip sycnching..u people just love to create dirty deeds about people ..shut up cuz u cant sing like her at all!! Get a life

  9. Are you high? There is no question she was singing live, and she killed it. This is a challenging song to sing, but she made it look easy. I’m completely baffled by this ridiculous article.


  11. gogo says:

    She has problems with her sensils and thats why she is getting them removed this summer….. She said “they don’t do me any good” (and a face like… “it makes my voice sound awful”)… I am a lovatic… But to be honest she has not been doing so great when it comes to singing these last moths (because of her sensils). It used to sound like auto tune live in her last album but now this happened! But it’s getting better!! Look at her live in London! SHE IS SO AMAZING!

  12. Courtney says:


  13. matthew says:

    um… she had a broken leg a couple months before that. she couldn’t even move around in the music video. that’s why she wasn’t dancing a lot. and demi lovato doesn’t lip sync. she’s an amazing live performer. i’ve been to two of her concerts and bought tickets for her world tour already.