Demi Moore and Harry Morton’s Relationship Is Based Purely On Love, Love, and More Love

Demi Moore and Harry Morton's Relationship Is Based Purely On Love, Love, and More Love

Did we say “love” in the title?  We meant SEX!! 2012 was a rough year for Demi Moore, and 2013 isn’t looking much better! Demi has been engaged in a string of mini break downs since separating from Ashton Kutcher, who is now attached and serious with Mila Kunis. Demi’s daughters are worried she’s going to relapse, and so she spent Christmas in Mexico at bikini boot camp, where her erratic behavior and unprofessional advances on staffers made fellow patrons raise their eyebrows (and call tabloids to report it)! Now, she’s back in the states and has found a new boy toy to use as a sex distraction!

Demi is reportedly seeing Harry Morton, a man 19-years her junior! An insider reported that “he’s a sex fiend, and she’s a sex fiend who wants to be loved.” I don’t doubt it! She was cruelly dumped by Vito Schnabel after a very public drunken outburst during a party in Florida, and she’s been spiraling downward ever since! Could her new lover by the non-addicting medicine she needs?

But Demi shouldn’t get her hopes up! The Harry insider has nothing good to say about him, and is conviced that “Harry only loves himself.” Watch out mama! Apparently, they have one overlapping interest—“sex is their common bond.” Insiders also fear that Harry will do nothing to support Demi’s clean lifestyle, and that he might actually be using drugs too!

Another insider reported that “they have been trying to keep it secret . . . It’s no surprise that she would be attracted to him.” Harry seems to be romancing her with super secret dates, and Demi is buying it! We hope her daughters can pressure her into a rehab program, and fast! This guy is an ex of Lindsay Lohan, which means he has “trouble” stamped on his forehead—and we saw it when he walked in! Does Demi need to find a new man, or a good psychoanalyst?

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