Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 6 REVIEW

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 6 REVIEW

It was a larger than life episode of Downton Abbey. A little bit too much by the way the downstairs were acting. The show appeared to forever be dealing with repressed emotions. Unlike watching Mary finally admit she loved Matthew in the first season we got to see the staff stumble of crushes and plots while Mr. Bates deals with his wife’s news.

Why must the British upper lip be so stiff? The never cry or show emotion route has failed them before and finally some have woken up to understanding that its okay to ask for help or worse comfort.The time to brave is over along with the war that fiercely inspired the sentiment. It’s alright that Mrs. Crawley finally admitted to her sadness. She’s been so busy fixing other people’s lives that it as as if she forgot her son left something incredible behind. Yes you have a grandson and it is good to see look forward to some interaction.

Her opening up has allowed some thaw to occur. Lady Mary has been getting better but she too was afraid to show tenderness to little George. In this episode we got see the women bond over both wanting feed the baby. And it was lovely. Even with Branson joining in with his own loss.

Yet Isobel got to enjoy herself a little bit this episode. She had asked as a favor that the Dowager hire on a man that just needed a chance. The Dowager did it but she was instantly suspicious when she lost two small items. One item was found by accident inside of a maid’s bucket. So Isobel felt vindicated but she really got laugh out loud when after searching the Dowager’s residence she was able to find the second missing item. She knew the Dowager wrongly fired an innocent man.

To her surprise the Dowager hired the young back on once she realized her mistake. Isobel only realized it when she was telling her frenemyoff. Talk about foot in mouth. Still there was some resolutions that occurred in more than just a drawing room showdown. Alfred ended up getting that job at the Ritz. A place became open when someone else dropped out. Before he left though he acknowledged Daisy’s feelings for him and told her she deserved so much better. It was a kind way to let her down without dismissing her feelings. Alfred does have a way with words. His heartfelt goodbye to  Mr. Carson  was especially tearful.

Later when Ivy was able to come to the conclusion that Jimmy was only interested in one thing, she started to wonder out loud why couldn’t he be like Alfred. That made her get a good put down from Daisy and the rest of the women downstairs. They’re not going to have sympathy for a girl refused to see a good thing.

There is trouble in paradise though stemming from Anna’s attack. She felt almost like her old self. Until she feared her husband was only seeing her as a victim. He had gotten moody. Also Thomas wants to know Anna’s secret. He know she has one and despite his cohort’s misgivings he wants to learn everything there is to know. So far he heard she was hurt and that’s it.

The biggest news of the episode however was Lady Rose’s birthday surprise. She had hired a band to come out to play. The band she had heard back in London. the one involving Mr. Ross. A black band leader. The look on  Mr. Carson was priceless. As the night progressed; he soon learned he liked this young man and that is a big step on his part. The look was topped only by Lord Gratham. Yet it didn’t stop him from dancing with his wife afterwards.

The band leader did play well but I’m sure no one is going to like Lady Rose carrying on with Mr. Ross. They aren’t that progressive. Mar caught them but she won’t be making any announcements to the family. If announcement is going to be made then it has to be Lady Edith. Michael has disappeared and she worried about more than not hearing from him. he has news and she’s skirting around in order not to tell anyone. She should hurry up. Her father will be leaving soon in order to go and help Cora’s brother in America.

The Christmas special was being shot recently and there was a snap shot of two baby carriage. With Branson set on moving, the second carriage must not belong to little Sybil.