Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 8 Review and Spoilers

Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 8 Review and Spoilers

It seems like Anna’s incident had almost overtaken most of the characters’ daily lives on Downton Abbey to an extent. Anna, Mr. Bates, Mrs. Hughes, Lady Mary, and Barrow. All of them circle around this one secret in hope to make sense of it all. But they can’t. This happened outside of their little realm of possibility. That was why Julian Fellowes introduced the idea despite any possible backlash she knew she would receive. It was worth having a story line that would tie everyone up. As well divide them.

On the whole the few that know the secret are all on Anna’s side but this was the 1920s. Her world may be progressive enough not to blame her for a rape but the outside not so much.It it because of that outside perception that may have caused all of Bates anger to such an point. Anna didn’t want to admit to the assailant knowing her husband would be violent. She knows he loves her and yet the anger truly stems from his inability to stop the assault in the first place.

Lady Mary had hoped to make the situation for everyone. Anna had confided in her and she made sure to use discretion when she calmly talked to Lord Gillingham. All she wanted o do was ask him to let go Mr. Green. This way the man would never again be in Anna’s orbit. However to both her surprise and fear Gillingham returned to her at the end of the episode to inform his valet was dead. Lady Mary did agree to help but never in a cover up. She downplays her early request to Gillingham while she trying to wrap her head around what she may or may not have been party to. To say her paramours are no longer the main topic for her would be an understatement. The three men could appropriately take a hike.

Love wasn’t meant to happen in the episode. No matter what many of us all wished a lot of people were left disappointed int that arena.Daisy who did make an attempt (finally) on Alfred didn’t get her happy ending. neither did Lady Rose in her mad dash to a marry a black man. Still her situation appeared to be more about getting back at her mother than actually realizing what a marriage like that could cost her at the time. Then lastly there was Lady Edith. Her lover didn’t miraculously reappear. Nor does it seem like her baby will be growing up around or even close to Downton. Once her grandmother learned the truth – Switzerland became an option.

The only person to have found the sligtest intake of happiness was Isobel. She might have found someone she’s “interested” in. And why not? Doesn’t she deserve a second chance too.

What is going to happen in the Christmas special? We’ve seen the promo of the Americans showing up but will they have a solution to the Edith problem or will the saddest Crawley sister be making her way across the pond. After all there are many ways to escape scandal.

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