Elementary RECAP 10/24/13: Season 2 Episode 5 “Ancient History”

Elementary RECAP 10/24/13: Season 2 Episode 5 “Ancient History”

ELEMENTARY continues tonight on CBS with a new episode called, “Ancient History.”  On tonight’s show Watson helps a close friend track down a mystery man who swept her off her feet.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s episode when the CEO of a financial consulting company was poisoned to death, Holmes and Watson were called upon to track down the killer. Meanwhile, a woman from Sherlock’s past emerged as a possible suspect.

On tonight’s show Holmes and Watson find themselves digging through the dark world of the mob to find a killer when they discover the body of a former assassin. Meanwhile, Watson helps a close friend track down a mystery man who swept her off her feet.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Elementary at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of Elementary.  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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A dead body lies beside a fire hydrant near a wrecked motorcycle.

Joan shops with a friend, Jennifer, and she’s buying a platypus skull for Sherlock. She promises to introduce Jennifer to him soon. She says Sherlock is bored since there haven’t been any good murder cases. Her friend says she’s trying to find a guy she lost track of – a one night stand that she liked named Tony who was a photojournalist. She says they really clicked and that their one night was perfect like a movie but he had a flight to work in Paris the next morning.

Joan says this isn’t the kind of thing she and Sherlock does. Jennifer begs and says this guy may be the one. Sherlock says it sounds like a wild goose chase and at least at the end of a goose chase you get a goose to eat. He tells her to have some professional pride as a private detective. She says they have nothing else to do and he says they have cold cases. She says he hasn’t been out in a week and smells like old photocopies.

Sherlock tells her they have better things to do than look for a pick-up artist. They head to the morgue looking for action. He introduces her to Eugene – the morgue doctor and his “sparring” partner. He pulls out a chess board and they face off. Later, Joan and Sherlock are pulling out drawers and checking out bodies. They find Leo – the dead motorcyclist – who was struck by a minivan whose driver Melissa also died. He looks at the body and sees a tattoo on his neck covered in blood and says – we have a case. She says it was a simple wreck and he says that the day the guy died he murdered someone else!

Gregson tells Sherlock he doesn’t need to be shopping at the morgue when they have other cases. They tell him he was a professional hit man – they could tell by his distinctive tattoo – a Polish assassin. He’s been leading a quiet life as a nurse in Queens and a deacon at his church. Gregson says he’s retired and Sherlock says he doesn’t think so. He shows him uniform cuts on his hand that predated the motorcycle accident. He says he garroted someone the day he died.

Gregson asks if he thinks he did it on the Polish organization’s orders and Sherlock does. Problem is they have no body – no victim. They go to talk to Leo’s wife. She says she knew he had a bad past but doesn’t know the specifics. Sherlock asks if he had argued with anyone recently. She says that he was a wonderful man and gentle. Joan asks if the necklace she’s wearing was a gift from him. She says they met at church and that God had changed his life. She says that their dream was to open a senior care home.

She says an hour before he died he called to tell her he loved her. Sherlock tells her that he was a killer and that he killed again just yesterday. He says he knows how excruciating it can be to find out that someone you love has a dark heart. He tells her she’ll be angry after the shock wears off. He tells her she needs to help them find who he may have killed and says it will help her move past it. She says she cannot help.

Sherlock leaves fake messages for different builders. He tells her they need to find out who Travis Hardwick is. He says we are usually killed by people who know us. He says Leo likely killed someone that he knew rather than as a Polish hit. He stole the condolence cards from the family’s house and is using those for research. He says they know the partner’s names from the investment information for the senior home and says all but Travis sent flowers. He says he can’t reach the guy and that makes it fishy.

Joan heads out to go to the bar where Jennifer met her mystery guy. Sherlock says her friend would be better off hiring a gigolo. Joan bellies up to the bar and orders a whiskey. She tells the bartender a friend of hers met a guy here – a photojournalist named Tony. She says it was a long shot. She gets a text from Sherlock and starts to leave but sees an ad for Brazilian day. The bartender says half of the parade people end up there.

At Travis’ office, his assistant shows them a surveillance video of Travis and Leo arguing. She says Travis told her it was under control and that she got a text from him saying he was going to New Jersey. Sherlock reads his lips and Travis says he’s pouring the concrete today. Sherlock thinks there’s a chance that’s where Leo put the body.

Travis’ truck is still at the site. Joan wonders where they should dig. Sherlock says “we?” Joan notices that some of the concrete is still wet. She wonders if he’s buried under it. Sherlock sees something in the cab of his truck and says Travis isn’t there.

They knock on the door of a cheap hotel and find Travis there with two “ladies.” Sherlock sees him and says – Travis Hardwick, you’re alive, that’s unfortunate!

Travis puts on his pants while Joan averts her eyes. There are empty champagne bottles and the room is a mess. Travis says he wants to be clear that they are not cops. He relaxes and says the girls definitely thought they were cops. He says he needs to know about Leo and then he can get back to whatever he was doing. He asks how they knew he was there and Sherlock says he saw the concert ticket so he knew he was alive and tracking him down was easy enough.

He asks about the argument and he says that he had told Leo the project was dead. Leo gave him another $25,000 and he says it wasn’t enough to keep the project going so he thought he’d have a party. He says Leo got the money from a loan shark. Sherlock grabs up the stack of cash and Travis says that’s his money and he says it’s not – it’s Leo’s. He tells him the cocaine, however, is his. Joan and Sherlock leave.

Back at the police station, Bell checks the serial numbers and they figure out the cash was stolen. Sherlock asks her impressions and she says they look old. He says that all the money is at least 12 years old and most $20s just don’t last that long. The cash was from a 2001 bankruptcy and the robbers are still in jail but half the loot was still missing. Gertz was a money lender associated with the jailed robbers. Bell doesn’t have a good address for him and says the NY marshals can’t find him.

At home, Sherlock congratulates himself for being smarter than everyone and says he’s found Gertz’s sister.

Joan has a lead and she got b-roll footage of the parade from a news station and may be able to find Jennifer and her mystery man. Sherlock tells her to turn it off. Then he tells her that it was him. He describes her friend and says it was him that ravaged her. He says Joan had just started being his sober coach and he followed her. He says he saw them together and then spoke to her after Joan left to find out more about her. She accuses him of going after Jennifer and he says it was the other way around. He says it was good but obviously not as memorable as it had been for her friend since she’s still thinking about him.

Joan explodes and says it was a violation of trust. He says it wasn’t because they didn’t have this relationship and once they had an established relationship he quit following her and hasn’t since. She says that he could have told her sooner so she didn’t waste her time.

They head in and find Mr Gertz alive. Sherlock asks her why everyone is alive today. Sherlock tells Joan that he hoped he may have been attacked and survived but it doesn’t seem to be so. They tell him that he loaned money to Leo and he plays dumb. Sherlock figures out he keeps his money in an autoclave and says he won’t tell the cops where he is if they tell him about Leo. He says Leo took care of his mom when she was dying and that he was good to her so he made him the loan. He says he wanted 50k but he gave him 25k as a loan because he took such good care of his mom. He says that’s all he knows.

Sherlock says that he needs to get his story straight for when he’s in police custody. Gertz cracks a little and says a couple of days after he gave the money to Leo a guy named Gregori Andriev came to see him. He’s Russian mob and says he knew that he loaned Leo money. He says he didn’t want to put the Russian mob onto Leo and they hurt him. But turns out Gertz didn’t know anything more than Gregori already knew. He says he got his arm mangled for nothing. Sherlock and Joan walk out as Gertz yells to ask if they’re going to call the cops on him.

Sherlock says that they need to look at the motorcycle crash site because he thinks the Russian mob had something to do with his death. Bell says they Russian mob found out that Leo was there and they find shell casings and Russian cigarette butts. They think that Leo drove off from there fast on his motorcycle and they think the crash was no accident. They find bullets lodged in telephone poles. Looks like Leo was running from them shooting him when he ran into the minivan.

Then another cop finds Gregori Andriev’s body not too far away – that was who Leo garroted that cause the injury to his hand. So now Gregson wonders who was shooting at Leo?

Sherlock sits listening to bees buzzing and looking at evidence. Gregson comes in and says it’s a bit loud. Sherlock turns it off and says changing locales and sounds can inspire new thoughts. Gregson talks to the Polish police and finds out Leo stole 30 grand from his old buddies and that’s why he came to America and started over.

Gregson says they got a ballistics match from a Rico witness killed last year and the bullets fired at Leo. Sherlock says the shots would have been fired at Leo after he killed Andreiv. Gregson asks if Joan is up to speed and he says she’s with Bell talking to Leo’s wife explaining how he died. She says that it’s hard to live with the idea that her husband killed someone before he died. She says she can’t forgive him for killing someone but it’s a relief to hear that it was self-defense.

The coroner calls Sherlock and says he thinks Leo killed him with earbud wires. He says Andreiv was on a balance of medications prescribed by a shrink. They find his psychiatrist – Dr Glassman – based on the name on medicine bottles in Andreiv’s house.

At the shrink’s office, the secretary puts them off and says that he’s busy and to come back in an hour. Sherlock says he’s suicidal and is thinking of jumping out the window. The secretary says his threatening suicide means by law she has to take him to the doctor immediately but she’s sure he already knew that. In Glassman’s office, Sherlock introduces himself and Joan. The guy asks them to leave and he says Andreiv is one of his patients and he’s involved in a murder case. He tries doctor/patient confidentiality and they tell him that he’s dead.

Joan says they know he treated him and that he’s required to waive confidentiality since the guy is dead and there is criminal activity. He says the guy just showed up one day and insisted he treat him but then he decided to keep seeing him to try and help. He says there was one guy ANdreiv always talked about – his right hand man – Marco Zupkof. Bell knocks on the door and they come in to Zupkof’s house. He says he was mugged and stabbed Saturday night and had to have surgery so he couldn’t have killed Leo. He says he was in the hospital the whole time.

Sherlock is surfing through photos of mobsters when Joan comes back from checking Marco’s alibi at the hospital. She says he was in the hospital until last night. He’s looking at the Russian mobsters in the system and says there are 70 plus untold more that aren’t there.

Sherlock asks Joan what she thinks about killing off “Tony” to give her friend peace of mind. He says Jennifer doesn’t deserve shame or heartbreak. She says he should have thought of that a year ago.

He asks if Marco could have snuck out of the hospital. He looks at the photos of Marco’s wound and is very interested in the tourniquet and says that it may have been the second attempt on Leo’s life that succeeded.

They bring in Leo’s wife and show her a photo. Sherlock asks if he’s a man and she says yes. He asks if he has a nice. She says yes and nods. There is a man in the other holding area who sees her nod yes. It was Marco in the other room. Sherlock says she let Marco into the house to wait for Leo so he could kill him. But Leo overcame him and fled and she made a tourniquet from the drapes in their living room. They say that Leo called her before the accident to tell her to meet him because he’s been attacked. They say she met him and then when she watched him kill Andreiv she fired at him.

They tell her that Marco just saw her nodding yes at the photo and she asks why they are trying to get her in trouble. Gregson tells her she can testify against Marco or take her chance with the Russian mob on the outside.

She says she knew his secrets and forgave him but he wouldn’t forgive her secrets. She says she made dirty movies to pay to come to America. One of his friends saw her in them and then he asked her for a divorce. She says they put all their money into the nursing home and she would have nothing and she knew there was a price on his head so she made the call.

Joan shows up to meet Jennifer and Jenn says Sherlock told her everything. She says that it’s okay and she understands and appreciates all the work she went to. She says that he was so sweet about everything and he actually slept with her again! Jenn says the good news is that she knows it was just physical and that she can move on.

Sherlock tells Joan when she comes in that honesty is the best policy after all. Joan tells him it was so great what he did for Jennifer – that she’s been dying to have a baby and that it worked out that she was ovulating. He looks stunned for just a moment and Joan says – I almost had you – and Sherlock says – almost…