Meet Emily Maynard’s New Boyfriend Tyler Johnson

Meet Emily Maynard's New Boyfriend Tyler Johnson

Well, I think we all knew that Emily Maynard wasn’t about to end up with a broke guy seving burgers, right? As usual Em has managed to snag a man with a whole lot of cash. Tyler Johnson is a Charlotte based philanthropist that has been spending quality time with Em and her young daughter Ricki Hendricks. It took quite awhile for the cat to get out of the bag though because Em was telling a whopper of a lie. When she brought Tyler to church she was introducing him as her brother!

This relationship follows two busted engagements courtesy of The Bachelor, ABC’s reality mainstay. Em was first engaged to Brad Womack after he presented her with the final rose and that pairing lasted only a few months, Em later hand-picked Jef Holm during her stint as The Bachelorette. Unfortunately their relationship crashed and burned in Oct. 2012 after allegations of infidelity and blackmail!

Emily seemed to toy with the idea of extending her fifteen minutes of fame and wanted to do whatever it took to stay in front of the camera for awhile there but eventually reality seemed to click. Em was faced with the fact that everyone who had embraced her on ABC’s shows just weren’t buying the good-girl image and crocodile tears any more. So I guess she did the next best thing, found herself a billionaire to take care of her!

Given Emily’s track record, will this relationship last? Did you believe that she was a total sweetheart or did you think she was a gold digger all along? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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3 responses to “Meet Emily Maynard’s New Boyfriend Tyler Johnson”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Wish this fame whoring bimbo would go away!

    • gonoles1 says:

      It appears the media follows her around, doesn’t sound like she is going after the media………

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