Faith Hill Convinced Tim McGraw Cheated with Taylor Swift – Now Her Marriage Is Ruined Over Trust Issues

Faith Hill Convinced Tim McGraw Cheated with Taylor Swift - Now Her Marriage Is Ruined Over Trust Issues

It really has been the week for Hollywood relationship drama, hasn’t it? Remember how we told you about the rumors of trouble in paradise for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw? Well rather than disappear those rumblings instead seem to be picking up speed. It all started when Tim teamed up with Taylor Swift for a duet called Highway Don’t Care. The chemistry between the two is kind of undeniable and Faith has had a history of getting jealous fast. Add to that the fact that there have been infidelity rumors in the past so Tim’s taking a clear liking to Taylor has really pulled that green eyed monster out of Faith.

According to the Sept. 9th print edition of Life & Style the couple has had serious problems over the last few years. Tim is now sober but back when he was drinking heavily Faith actually threw him out and they lived apart for quite awhile. After realizing that she couldn’t fully trust her husband then, Faith has had a really hard time trusting the new and cleaned up version of Tim. It sounds like too much damage may have already been done for her to give him the benefit of the doubt now.

Faith knows that Taylor generally sets her sights on older men and she fears that the chemistry between her and Tim has already led to a fling or two. It’s something that Faith can’t put to rest and maybe that jealousy and nagging feeling is there for a reason! Maybe after being with Tim for 17 years she knows the signs that she once ignored and is paying close attention for a reason! Do you think that Tim hooked up with Taylor? Would he go there and better yet, is he yet another notch on her belt? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Faith Hill Convinced Tim McGraw Cheated with Taylor Swift - Now Her Marriage Is Ruined Over Trust Issues


12 responses to “Faith Hill Convinced Tim McGraw Cheated with Taylor Swift – Now Her Marriage Is Ruined Over Trust Issues”

  1. Ali says:

    I knew it was her on that song.

  2. Swifties 4 TayTay says:

    No, so ridiculous. Listen to her song Girl At Home on her last album. And Taylor is closer to Faith than she is to Tim. And she’s obviously been dating younger guys recently. Plus Tim isn’t a heart throb girls fan over.

  3. UK dates please Tay says:

    Don’t be so ridiculous. Have you ever heard ‘Girl at Home’? Taylor wouldn’t go for a married man for god sake.

  4. Dan Herkimer says:

    Of course he banged her.

  5. Dee says:

    I would put nothing past Taylor Swift!!…After all, she does anything for attention…So tired of hearing about her and seeing her on every magazine on the news stands…Also I think Tim should get out from under his wife’s thumb…He deserves to be happy!!…JUST SAYING……

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  8. blakelylaw says:

    Have you all forgotten that her first big hit was the song “Tim McGraw?”

  9. tango says:

    They bangin

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  11. taylor is not dating tim says:

    Huh… typical headlines. They make something up. All they have to do is cut up two pics and make up a story and all of the sudden tim is dating taylor. SERIOUSLY!!! You are really that desparate for stories. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Alvinnn1985 says:

    Taylor has too much class to take someones man. For Faiths jealousy, it is totally normal and ok. Women cross the line with Tim and Faith is an awesome person and wife telling unclassy girls when they are inappropriate. Tim is her man and she has every right to defend what is hers. Faith is gorgeous and Tim would never find anyone as great as Faith. She is supportive and has stood by Tim through very dark and low times. They stopped their career for awhile to do what was truly important, raise their girls.