Farrah Abraham Says James Deen Has A Small Penis (Video)

Farrah Abraham Says James Deen Has A Small Penis (Video)

Farrah Abraham is still taking this sex tape porno to the next level. She really does seem desperate for some attention. Either that, or she is really desperate for a big, fat paycheck! Or quite possibly BOTH.

And poor James Deen — all he did was get a call and sign up for some porn work for the day and get a paycheck. It was all in a day’s work for James and he basically said that when he was asked about it. Now, she’s pretty much miffed that he would have the gall to come out and tell the truth.

Now that the cat is officially out of the bag, she’s all angry at him for telling the truth. When stopped by a TMZ videographer, apparently she didn’t have anything nice to say about the porn actor.


It’s funny that she is really pinning this all on him when he called her out for filming a porn with him. His penis was big enough when they were hooking up on camera, but not afterward? Uh huh. We’re not buying it.

And we’re also calling BS on him looking to get attention for the porno. She’s the one that seems to be looking for all kinds of attention for the sex tape, not him. It wasn’t a big deal to him at all. It was another day at the office for this guy. Besides all of that, everyone and their mother knows that James isn’t small…so what is she working with? The Panama Canal? HA!

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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