Fashion Star RECAP 3/8/13: Season 2 Premiere

Fashion Star RECAP 3/8/13: Season 2 Premiere

Tonight on NBC it is the premiere of their reality competition FASHION STAR, the show that features mentors Nicole Richie, John Varvatos and a pregnant Jessica Simpson.  The celebrity mentors assess hopeful designers who want to be the next Fashion Star.

The judge for this season are from: Express is Erika De Salvatore, from Macys is Caprice Willard and Terron E. Schaefer from Saks Fifth Avenue.  This season the host will be television presenter and Glamour Magazine’s fashion editor-at-large Louise Roe.

Each week 12 eager young designers the chance to win a multi-million dollar prize of launching their original collections in three of the nation’s largest fashion retailers. Each week, the contestants are given a challenge to design clothing with a certain look, feel and function. Working with their designated team, the mentors offer insight and advice to contestants as they design their creations, shop for materials and oversee the production of their garments.

The culmination of their efforts comes with an exhilarating fashion show during which they display their work to the three buyers.  In the end, one designer will successfully combine fashion and business to become the next “Fashion Star” and will receive the prize of a lifetime – $3,000,000 in orders for capsule collections in Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and Express stores.

The hopeful designers competing this season are: David Appel, Silvia Arguello, Priscilla Barrosso, Hunter Bell, Garrett Gerson & JesseRay Vasquez, Johana Hernandez, Cassandra Hobbins, Tori Nichel, Amber Perley, Brandon Scott, Daniel Silverstein and Bret Young.

On tonight’s show twelve designers will being the competion for the chance to win a multi-million dollar prize – and launch collections at Express, Macy’s and Saks!

Fashion Star Season 2 premiere airs tonight at 8:00pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the show – check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s episode below!

RECAP:  Fashion star is back and we have twelve up and coming designers that will compete against each other. The first challenge is to create a show stopper.  First we take a look which designers the mentors have chosen. Jessica picks Hunter, Tori, Garrett & JesseRay and David. John picks Amber, Cassandra, Sylvia and Brandon. Nicole picks Priscilla, Johana, Bret and Daniel.

Hunter has already had her own line at Sax, but they pulled out. Cassandra was working for a designer and she quit to be on the show, she is Canadian.  Daniel has been designing for a long time, but he is still the youngest on Nicole’s team.  Priscilla has her own line, Crowned Bird and she loves bringing the whimsy aspect. Amber runs her whole business, Southern Couture, all by herself.  Johana was raised in Compton, she also has her own line.  Garrett  & JesseRay have never sold to a department store, so they really need this opportunity. Hunter wants Sax to go into a bidding war with her show stopper dress. Bret is giving up a lot to be a designer, he has three children and recently separated from his wife. Bret is a really successful mens wear designer but he is trying a women’s piece for his challenge.

Tori is ready to do her show stopper, game on! Brandon knows there is a lot of talent this year, but he thinks that he is the designer to beat. Meanwhile, John is not crazy about Brandon’s jacket design. Amber is really happy that she listened to John and went with a lighter fabric. Jessica thinks Garrett & JesseeRay’s design is way too conservative, yet they disagree and don’t want their design to look hoochie.

It’s time for some show stoppers, John’s team is first, Amber “Mod Flare Dress”, Cassandra “Crop Moto Jacket”, Brandon “Hoodie Jacket Combo”, Sylvia “Coatdress”. Time for John’s team to face the buyers, Amber gets a bid from Macy’s $70,000, Saks $75,000 Express $175,000, Macy’s and Saks don’t bid higher, Express wins. Sylvia gets a bid from Saks, $75,000. Cassandra gets no offers. Brandon gets a $120,000 bid from Macy’s. Cassandra didn’t sell anything, so she will go up for elimination.

Nicole’s team; Daniel “Cocktail Dress”, Johana “Tulip Dress”, Priscilla “Moonlight Romper” and Bret “Skinny Pants”. Time for Nicole’s team to face the buyers. Daniel has a $150,000 offer from Saks. Priscilla has a $80,000 offer from Macy’s. Johanna has $55,000 offer from Macy’s and a $50,000 from Express, Macy’s wins it. Bret has no offers, the buyer’s would have preferred had he done men’s designs. Bret will be up for elimination at the end of the show.

Jessica’s designers are next; Hunter “Midi Dress”, David “Ulitarian Jacket”,  Garrett & JesseeRay “Midi Dress” and Tori “Trench Coat”. Tori is first, she gets no offers. David is next and he gets no offers either. JesseeRay & Garrett also have no offers. Hunter gets $50,000 from Macy’s, $75,000 from Express and Saks offers $160,000. A bidding war ensues, both Saks and Express go as high as $200,000. It is Hunter that gets to decide who she wants to go with.

Elimination time, Jessica puts up JesseeRay & Garrett, Nicole puts up Brett. Express gets to decide first, they nominates JesseeRay & Garrett, Saks nominates Brett, Macy’s nominates Brett. The person eliminated is Brett, he is the first contestant to be sent home.

The end!