King Jofferey Baratheon Dies: What’s Next for Game of Thrones Season 4? (Spoilers)

King Jofferey Baratheon Dies: What's Next for Game of Thrones Season 4? (Spoilers)

To many of us who’ve read the Game of Thrones books season 3 stopped just short of another shocker – other than what happened to the Starks. There was supposed to be one more notorious wedding – King Jofferey and Margery Tyrell.

Here are the fans who thought each book would be covered by each season. They’re hurt and still a little bit scarred from the Red Wedding but they would have pulled through after seeing Jofferey’s wedding. As we seen before the TV series does change things from the books but its doubtful whether they would change ***Spoilers*** when and how Jofferey dies. That’s right he finally dies much to glee across the fandom and Westeros.

In the books Jofferey is murdered right after his own wedding. Which is great relief for Margery’s family otherwise known as the culprits. You see they wanted her to be Queen however no one would entrust their daughter to Jofferey’s care. He is after all a sadistic sociopath.

Sources over at Wetpaint Entertainment have even come up with a happy prediction. Seeing as Jofferey’s wedding is literally right around corner you can expect him to die early on in Season 4. Personally I’m hoping by episode 3. I have feeling the producers are going to make it more dramatic. Jofferey dies fairly quickly in the book although he can linger in pain and horrible suffering in the series.

At  this point does it matter? No. Many just want to see the boy king dead and his mother with him. Is any wondering when her time will come? Because that’s the thing about adaptions. They took so many creative licenses.

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