General Hospital Actress Kirsten Storms Lies about Battle with Endometriosis — Elaborate Cover Up to Hide her Rehab Stint!


According to a few sources, General Hospital actress Kirsten Storms said she was suffering from Endometriosis; however, with the information that’s come to light, it appears as if she made the whole thing up in a drastic effort to cover up the fact that she was in rehab! Tiffany Lynn Rowe, who’s currently engaged to Kirsten’s brother, has gone on the record to say that Kirsten is totally lying through her teeth.

A source and writer for Gossiping Pens says, “Kirsten has been lying up & down about her so-called battle with Endometriosis, a condition which affects women causing painful periods, persistent pain in the pelvic area, and even infertility, which is why it was a shock to many when Storms announced her pregnancy (and marriage to co-star Brandon Barash) earlier this year. After careful research, I have learned that Storms was not diagnosed with Endometriosis at all. Instead, it was a mere cover-up for the fact that she had gone into rehab. It’s no secret that she has a history of reckless behavior.

“She’s been caught drunk driving, and there were rumors that she was spotted at the same anorexia rehab clinic that Mary-Kate Olsen went to. Even reliable soap source, @SethroOnTheTV, came to the same conclusion this past Summer. Since our discovery, Kirsten has now hired a lawyer to go after any bloggers who dare say anything negative about her. It’s crazy.”

What do you think about this cover up? Are you a General Hospital or a Soap fan? If so, definitely hit up the comments below and tell us how you think Kirsten should’ve handled this situation. We totally get that a celebrity might want to keep something like going to rehab a more private matter; but do you think they should lie about having a serious disease that affects many people?

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  • Dian

    The first time that endometriosis was mentioned it was by Tiffany Lynn Rowe to Farah Fath on the phone on an episode of Dirty Soap. In addition, endometriosis and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive. A benefit to this situation is that Kirsten can leave this in the past and will not have to worry about this coming out in the future. In addition, Kirsten will always be Austin’s sister and Kennedy’s aunt and, borrowing from the soap opera world, that side of the family better hope that they don’t need a bone marrow or organ donor in the future. Lastly, isn’t Tiffany Lynn working on a project that she needs press for?

  • Brianne

    As someone who was thought to have had Endometriosis at one point, doctors wouldn’t have simply been able to look at her and diagnose it. The general procedure to check for Endometriosis is a surgical procedure called a Laparoscopy. I wonder if she had that. Hmmm.

  • Mackenzie

    It’s not private once you put your business out on TV or the internet for the world to see. If Kirsten didn’t want her dirty laundry aired, then she shouldn’t have agreed to do Dirty Soap. If she wanted it private, then she should have not agreed to do the show.

  • DiDiRock

    Bottom line? It’s none of our business…and I can’t blame her for trying to hide her problems. It’s none of Tiffany Lynn Rowe’s business either, I don’t care who she is engaged to. This just makes me a Kirsten supporter…It’s her right to keep any information that she does not want out to herself, Dirty Soap or not. Does it benefit the public in any way? No. Tiffany seems like a really unhappy, spiteful person. This is what happens when gossip is more important than people. You start to think that you are ENTITLED to know every single detail of a star’s life, and you’re not.

  • KStorms looks wonderful 2014

    It’s her business and not ours. Regardless of what was wrong, I am glad she got the treatment she needed.

  • Sarah Hanson

    I was in treatment with her at UCLA, one of the best eating disorder inpatient treatment facilities in the world. I’m so happy to see her doing well and looking so much more healthy, and even more happy to see her joy with her beautiful family.

  • Catchie Rose

    My sentiment Exactly! It’s become painful 2 watch her, so super thin, her cheeks sunken in, with bulging eyes.I just hope she Gets HELP fast!

  • Rose Shively

    In my op. It’s her decision. These well known people are due their privacy just like everyone else.