Ryan Anderson Fight Responsible For Gia Allemand’s Suicide: Ryan’s Cheating and Cruelty Broke Her Heart

Ryan Anderson Responsible For Gia Allemand's Suicide: Ryan's Cheating and Cruelty Broke Her Heart

According to a new report from TMZ, Gia Allemand fought with her boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson, just hours before her suicide, and he apparently also told her that he didn’t ‘love her anymore’.

The report also states that Gia accused Ryan of cheating on her and being unfaithful, but she apparently told him she still loved him – and then, he didn’t reciprocate, instead revealing the truth about his own feelings.

The rest of the story is public knowledge, with Gia going home and then using a vacuum cleaner cord to commit suicide. Gia’s mother already revealed that Gia was on the phone with her when she killed herself, and the phone ‘went silent’ for a few minutes, after which Ryan came back home to check on his girlfriend, but she was already dead for more than half an hour at that point. A suicide note was left behind, and Gia reportedly left everything she had to her mother.

Now, CDL had already covered this angle after Gia’s death was reported, and while we obviously can’t ask Gia why she killed herself, it is very probable that it was the fight with Ryan that led her to it. She had to face the infidelity and then when she thought she got past it, he tells her that he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. That had to be harsh.

Now, I don’t think it’s harsh enough to contemplate suicide, but Gia clearly had other issues going on. A lot of times, these people are very mentally unhappy, and this kind of breakup or fight is just the last in a long line of unhappy incidents in their life.

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