GLOBE: Bill Clinton’s Secret Son Revealed! (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Bill Clinton’s Secret Son Revealed! (PHOTO)

Leave it to GLOBE to uncover the details in any big news story! Former President Bill Clinton has never really been thought of as a man who is great at keeping his pants zipped up – at least not since he and Monica Lewinsky went a few rounds in the Oval Office. What we didn’t know is that he apparently has been playing around for at least 28 years. How do I know that now? Well, according to the May 13th print edition of GLOBE, Bill actually has a 27 year old son with a former Arkansas hooker! Not only that but this guy also has a child, making Bill a grandfather! Remember all that supposed excitement at just the notion of Chelsea Clinton finally deciding to start a family? Well whenever she does get around to having her first child, it still won’t be the first grandchild in the family.

According to the GLOBE both Chelsea and Hillary Clinton are furious at the situation that Bill has created and how the shock waves constantly come back to hit them. Who can blame them? Imagine being married to the most powerful man in the world (at one time) only to have him rocked by a ridiculous scandal that was clearly not just a stupid, one-time mistake. Bill is alleged to have made lots of those mistakes….

Also inside the May 13th print edition of GLOBE there are details on the royal showdown that is being between Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles. In a nutshell, Camilla hates Kate presumably because she is everything that Camilla has never managed to become. Kate is thin, stunning and the Brits adore her. She also came to the Royal family as Prince William’s first choice, not his side dish, as Camilla was to Prince Charles for more than three decades!

Once Kate revealed her pregnancy things got very serious because Queen Elizabeth has been rumored to have promised the throne to William if he had a child before she died. Elizabeth despises Camilla just as much as everyone else and there is no way she wants to leave Britain in the hands of her laughing stock son and that drunken wretch of a wife that he has. Of course the queen favors Kate and William and that has caused Camilla to flip out. Kate’s every instinct is to shield her baby from the woman that torments her, and according to the magazine she has banned Camilla from being anywhere near her child.

This is just a glimpse at what you’ll find in the latest edition of GLOBE. Imagine learning about the details of Bill Clinton allegedly producing a son with a prostitute – only GLOBE has the grit and integrity not to shy away from these hot stories – and they have the photos to go along with the stories! With GLOBE in my hands my week is made. I know that hours of entertaining and informative pleasure await. Luckily you’ll find GLOBE out on newsstands right now so I’d suggest

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