Harry Styles and Rita Ora Hook Up After Party: Dating Now?

Harry Styles and Rita Ora Hook Up After Party: Dating Now?

It appears we might be able to put the rumors of Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw to rest because now it seems that Harry Styles and Rita Ora are definitely going somewhere special — and that someplace special just might be to RomanceVille! After his break up with Taylor Swift, Harry Styles has suffered a whirlwind of media coverage, most of it circulating around his romantic endeavors. People just can’t wait to see who he’ll end up next. And that next person just might be Rita Ora.

The couple was spotted getting close and comfy at the 02 and War Child BRIT Awards this past Monday night and I think there were definitely some sparks flying in the air. We’re not going to say they caused forest fires or anything yet, but, according to pictures, there was definitely some chemistry that started smoke.

According to SandraRose, their attraction for each other was clearly evident and One Direction’s Harry Styles even went in for a kiss! But before he managed to give the British pop sensation a taste of his smoochy-style, Rita’s best friend model Cara Delevingne swooped in and shut the couple down hard.

Cara might have had a right to be a little ticked off with Harry, as the two supposedly dated for a month last year. So, after Cara gave Harry and her *maybe not any longer* best friend a significant verbal beat down, Harry and Rita left the party hand in and hand. Probably to hook up or do things that only pop stars know about.

So I guess the question now is this: Harry Styles and Rita Ora dating? For some reason, I don’t really feel like they’ll make a lasting couple, if they even are one, but I guess the only thing we can do is see where the Celebrity Stars align and wait it out until they make it official *or not*.

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