Hart Of Dixie RECAP 10/28/13: Season 3 Episode 4 “Help Me Make it Through the Night”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 10/28/13: Season 3 Episode 4 “Help Me Make it Through the Night”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns a whole new season and a new episode called, “Help Me Make it Through the Night.” On tonight’s season 3 episode 4 during the party, George has to do damage control with the town judges and Wade (Wilson Bethel) keeps finding himself in trouble with ineligible ladies.  Did you watch last week’s episode ?  If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s episode trying to avoid a confrontation with Brick, Zoe began discreetly seeing patients in BlueBell again. But her plan went awry when George informed her she has a non-compete clause in her contract that prevented her from practicing for a year in the town. Lavon was thrilled at the chance to bring a minor league baseball team to BlueBell, but needed Brick’s help to woo the team’s owner. Elsewhere, Lemon found herself in hot water with the Belles after she tried to overthrow the current leader. Meanwhile, George found himself needing medical attention during a tutoring session with Lynly, forcing him to call Zoe for help.

On tonight’s episode After Lemon’s (Jaime King) fallout with the Belles, she is blacklisted from the Junior League Halloween Masquerade party, so she calls her Grandma Bettie (guest star Maree Cheatham, “Days of Our Lives”) for help and lands herself a date with another of Alabama’s most eligible bachelors. Lavon (Cress Williams) has a big surprise for his anniversary with AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black), but when she has a health scare, she turns to Zoe (Rachel Bilson) to help her out. Meanwhile, during the party, George (Scott Porter) has to do damage control with the town judges and Wade (Wilson Bethel) keeps finding himself in trouble with ineligible ladies. Robert Buckley (“One Tree Hill”) guest stars. Tim Matheson directed the episode written by Jamie Gorenberg.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Wade and some random chick are rollicking in bed when she says she’s got to shower and go and he says she’s his kind of girl. Persistent knocking won’t end and Wade gets the door and there’s a giant there asking for Wade Kinsella that he heard left the Rammer Jammer with his GF. Wade lies and says that guy moved away years ago and sends the big moose on his way. Whew!

Dash is putting up posters advertising Frankenstein. Joel snaps a photo of Dash’ play poster and says he has to go. He’s not even deterred when Zoe says it’s four hours long and that Dash plays all the parts. Zoe wants to join AnnaBeth and Lavon and Joel says that he and Lavon don’t get on. She says that she’ll reconcile the mathlete with the athlete and goes to talk to Lavon. He doesn’t want to hang with Joel either and Zoe gives up. Joel asks if he and Roll Tide are headed to a poetry reading and she tells him to shit up.

Lemon fusses to George that she’s got to get access to the Halloween masquerade ball but they are in a spat. She says it’s the only way she will meet a decent guy to date. George offers to take her as his plus one but she says that’s the wrong message. Lemon says she’ll bite the bullet and grovel to Cricket but George says she should get her social Mafioso grandma to call in a favor and get her in. Cricket won’t give in and reads a prepared statement about how she can’t get involved because of the Belles.

A stranger runs into Lemon who is stomping away from Lemon and Wade comes to his aid and asks what he needs. He says he got a flat up the road and is looking for a shop. The giant moose is there at the RJ looking for Wade. He panics and tells the stranger he’ll take care of him personally and drags him out of the bar to avoid the whomping that’s coming his way.

Lavon tells AB that they should skip Dash’ show and reminds her it’s the one year anniversary of their first date – even though it was a date they had faked. She asks what they’re doing and he says it’s a surprise that will involve champagne, pumpkin pie and one more thing that will make it a night she’ll remember forever. She looks nervous.

Brick has Zoe doing inventory. AB comes in bubbly and tells everyone she loves Halloween. Brick complains of all the stomach aches and Zoe suggests the office should hand out Pepto instead of candy – but then asks Brick if that would cut into the day after business and he calls her Jerry Seinfeld. He also tells AB she needs to take her insurance physical and she asks if Zoe can do the exam since she has girl things to talk to her about – what she means is Lavon things…

AB tells her that Lavon has got surprises for her and she wonders if he’s going to ask her to marry her. Zoe tells her to get a manicure just in case… Zoe finds a lump on AB’s ovary and says she needs to send her to mobile for more tests. AB is worried and Zoe says she’ll go with her and they can even get that manicure on the way back.

Lemon comes into the office to get her Dad’s help. She tells him she needs her Grandma’s help and Brick freaks but then Lemon tells him it’s too late – the dragon lady is there! She sweeps in and refers to Zoe as a carpet bagger and tells her that she can fix her social life just as surely as the Red Sea was parted…

Zoe and AB head out to mobile to take care of her tests. Wade comes by to pick up Joel – they are headed to Chickasaw to pick up dry ice for Dash’ show and they invite her to go along. She says she’s got to go with AB to Mobile. She asks him why he’s making friends with Wade and Joel says he’s cool and has a pickup truck and he’s always wanted to ride in one. Joel tells her he might get a tattoo of a pickup truck.

Brick is drinking scotch for breakfast because his mom is freaking him out. Her grandma chews Lemon out for sleeping late and Brick for boozing for breakfast. Her grandma tells her that not only is she going to the party but the eligible Tanner Hughes is taking her. Grandma tells Brick that just because she’s focusing on the Titanic that is Lemon, that she hasn’t forgotten the Hindenburg that is Brick’s life!

As they come out of the hospital, Zoe tells her the good news is that it’s not a tumor. She worries that she won’t be able to have children and says she’s already wanted them. Zoe says they’ll know tomorrow and AB says she can’t let Lavon propose to her until she knows. Zoe offers to get them Beyonce tickets to her New Orleans show to put their evening off by one day. AB is thrilled.

Wanda tells Wade that Randall (the moose) came by looking for him and she told him he’s be working the bar at Dash’ show at the RJ. Wade rushes to George’s boat house and asks if he can be his plus one to the fancy party that night.

Lemon comes in all dressed up and ready and her grandma is mollified. Grandma tells her she spent a lot of time convincing Tanner she was worth his time and to not blow it. Tanner comes in and meets Lemon. He kisses her hand and tells her she’s a vision. He says her grandma was right – she’s a real thoroughbred. Lemon is a little put off by the horse talk and he tells her he loves horses and thinks most are more evolved than humans! He tells her to take it as the ultimate compliment.

At the masquerade party, Wade and George come in and George greets a judge who asks him if he’s still a country singer. He tries to tell him he’s back to the law but the judge wanders off. Cricket and her sidekick are amazed that Lemon got an invite and Tanner Hughes who is bragging about owning his own plane. She wants another Chardonnay and he says it’s dreck and orders her different wine.

AB comes in on Lavon getting ready for their surprise. She shows him the tickets and asks if the surprise can wait one more night. He’s thrilled with the tickets but says his surprise can’t wait. He kisses the tickets and says – another time Sasha Fierce!

At Dash’ performance, Zoe and Joel watch greatly amused. Joel says it’s history’s greatest theatrical performance. He is looking for Wade and tells her they’re going to get a beer after the show. She says he’s not a good friend candidate and a bunch more until the ladies in front of them tell her to pipe down.

Zoe’s phone rings and interrupts the show. It’s AB and she’s in a panic because he won’t go to the concert. He’s insisting on the surprise. AB tells Zoe he’s got a projector set up and she’s worried he’s about to show her their love story on film. She begs for help and Zoe says she’ll be right there. She tells Joel they have to go and the ladies tell them they’re not fit for theater. They run into Randall who asks if they know Wade and Joel says apparently he’s not allowed to.

Brick’s mom corrals him at the party to ask about his social life and whether he’s found another woman half his age. Lemon comes over and asks if there’s another Tanner Hughes because this one is an insufferable tool. Grandma says he comes from a long and respected line of insufferable tools and then asks Lemon why she took up with a creature named Meatball and abandoned the Belles. Grandma tells her Tanner may be the last tool in the box.

Brick grabs George and pushes him in front of his mother and reminds her that he’s the one who abandoned her granddaughter at the altar. Wade approaches a married woman and tells her they need to shake up the party. They grab a bottle and head out together.

Grandma Breeland is lambasting George about living on a houseboat when he grabs Cricket and tells Grandma she’s the one who drove Lemon out of the Belles and blacklisted her from the party. He sticks her with Grandma and runs off.

Tanner is telling another annoying story when a nice guy hands Lemon the chardonnay she wanted. She asks where she knows him and recognizes that he’s flat tire guy. He says his name is Peter. She asks why he’s being nice. He says that he was passing through, got a flat and then an invitation to the party. Tanner calls her and tells her to come get crabcakes. Peter says she’s on a date with an insufferable tool and he says at least he has a plane. She tells him he gets foam in the corner of his mouth when he talks about it. Peter tells her she should tell him that Learjets are dropping value and she asks if it’s true and he laughs and says it doesn’t matter. Tanner snaps his fingers at Lemon and she reluctantly leaves Peter to eat crab with the tool.

Zoe and Joel show up at Lavon’s and she says trick or treat. He asks why she’s there and Joel says she told him it was a medical emergency. She says it is because she’s a doctor and her best friend Lavon and boyfriend Joel don’t get along – that it’s a crisis and she’s not leaving until they fix it. She stomps into the house as Lavon asks where is his alligator when he needs it.

Lemon comes up laughing to Peter and tells him she mentioned the airplane thing and Tanner freaked out and is on the phone with his jet broker. She tells him it’s the most fun she’s had all night and asks him for more material. He says to tell him that men who don’t wear socks are impotent by age 40. She laughs and then says she should just tell him that she’s leaving with the man she met at the bar because she likes him 20 times more.

She says her Grandma would kill her and Peter checks out Grandma Breeland and says – I think I can take her. Lemon takes his arm and says – let’s slip out the back!

At Lavon’s he’s indignant and isn’t happy AB is cutting pie for them. He tells her they can have pie to go. Joel chews Zoe out and asks how is it not okay for him to have a beer with Wade when she forces him to come there to talk to Lavon. She says she can’t answer that in a way that will make her look good. She tells him she can’t explain it now but promises it’s for a good reason. AB tells Zoe that the guys are arguing, it doesn’t look good and that Lavon could propose as soon as they leave. Zoe says she will put her high price education to work. She says for each of them to put 40 names in a jar because they are playing celebrity. The guys freak out and say that’s 160 names. Zoe says no one is leaving until they have fun and AB says she’ll make drinks.

Lemon tells Peter she made a list of the 20 most eligible bachelors in Alabama and she dated 7 of them. She tells him that most were jerks and one proposed before appetizers and cried when she said no. She says her reputation was already in tatters because she was left at the altar for having an affair with the mayor and some of the guys didn’t like her running a bar. She says she knows she sounds like a snob.

Peter says he loves the RJ and especially likes the way the jukebox is organized – by emotion. Break up songs, drinking songs, love songs, etc. He tells her no snob would arrange a jukebox like that and asks her if she’ll get a drink with him. They walk away together.

George runs back into the judge who tells him he’s been trying to leave the party for 45 minutes but can’t find his wife. Uh-oh. Now we know who Wade is with… George sees her come out of a side room looking rumpled with the judge’s wife. He sends the judge out into the gardens to look for her and goes to drag Wade away.

Grandma accosts Brick but then Tanner comes up and asks Grandma to check on Lemon in the bathroom. He says she went to the restroom an hour ago. Grandma tells Brick she knows Lemon ran out on her date and that he needs to find her ASAP.

Lemon and Peter chat about where he would be if his car hadn’t broken down. He tells her he would be in Scotland right now covering the vandalism of a statue in Glasgow – he’s a news producer. He tells her he doesn’t stay in one place too long. He asks what she would do if she could do anything in the world. She tells him she still doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up and they continue flirting.

Lavon is giving hints that this celeb is on a reality show. Joel shouts out Sonya Sotamayer and they get in an argument about that. Zoe goes next and says it sounds like a Greek yogurt. Joel and Lavon both yell out that it’s Daenarys from Game of Thrones. They immediately bond over that and rush out to look at Lavon’s signed first edition of the first book in the series.

The doorbell rings and AB says they finally got some trick or treaters. She opens the door and it’s a woman and a young child. The little girl says trick or treat and AB gives out some candy but then tears up because the little girl is so cute. She runs out of the room crying. Lavon asks what’s happening and Zoe says she’s not sure. Joel says he insulted her accidentally by implying she had big feet. Lavon blows up and stalks away. Joel says he thinks he’s growing on him. Aww… covering for Zoe is a full time job!

George drops Wade off at his house but is chewing him out for shagging Judge Perkins wife. He tells him he knew she was someone’s wife because of the ring. Just then Randall shows up and George says – that’s a big guy. He says – you’re Wade Kinsella – and charges at them. Wade tells George to drive and he peels out.

AB is in the garden crying when Zoe finds her. She apologizes for being a mess. She says she’s dreamed of Lavon proposing to her since the first moment they kissed and she’s imagined having 19 big football playing babies with him and cries because she worries what if she can’t. Lavon comes up and says that Zoe needs to take Joel home before he kills him. AB says her head is busting open and asks Zoe to take her home too and tells Lavon she’ll talk to him later.

Wade is thrilled that they lost George. George blows up and asks what’s wrong with him. He tells him he’s sleeping with attached women and is out of control. He tells him that he’s getting with every unavailable woman he can because there’s one unavailable woman he can’t have. Wade tells him he’s crazy and to take him home so he can sleep at his place tonight.

Lemon asks if Peter will be back through Blue Bell soon and he gives her the list of states and countries he’ll be traveling to. She tells him it’s goodbye then and he says it’s the first time he wishes he could stay someplace longer. He kisses her deeply and invites her to stay the night. They walk into his B&B together! Oooh Grandma is going to kill her!!!

Next morning Lemon wakes to find a pancake breakfast tray on the bed. Peter comes in the door packed to leave and tells her that he was going to leave a note but decided to leave breakfast instead. She asks if he’s going to miss his flight and he says Europe has been there a long time and will still be there if he’s late. He kisses her.

Zoe gets the call from AB’s test results. It’s a small cyst and nothing to stop her from having lots of babies with Lavon. AB is over the moon.

Brick finds his mother in the sunroom and brings her coffee. They have still not heard from Lemon but then she comes in. She greets them. Grandma asks if that’s all she has to say for herself. Lemon says there’s more and hugs her Grandma and says she had the most wonderful night and it was exactly what she needed and all thanks to her Grandma.

At the RJ, Zoe thanks Joel for helping with AB. He tells her she can thank him by letting him pick his own friends. Randall’s GF comes in and says he’s out of town and invites him over. He turns her down and says he wants to keep his teeth. Wade comes over to invite Joel to ride with him to Pascagoula. Joel is intrigued because he says it sounds made up but he knows it’s real. Zoe tells him to have fun with Wade.

AB tells Lavon that what happened last night had nothing to do with Joel and was something personal. She tells him they can celebrate and have the special surprise tonight. He tells her they can’t watch Night of the Living Dead in November. He tells her he rented it on film and got a 20 foot screen to watch it on because she told him she’d never seen a horror movie.

AB stomps over to Zoe’s table and asks her if she knows what Lavon’s special surprise was. Zoe is shocked and says – that’s what you thought she’d remember for the rest of your life. Joel chimes in and says it’s a great movie. AB and Zoe say “men” in stereo and stomp away. Neither Joel nor Lavon get it.

Wade comes over and says – Shakespeare you ready to go? Lavon asks what’s going on and Joel tells him they’re going to Pascagoula and asks Lavon if he wants to go. He says they’re going to stop at a fishing hole and dig up crawfish and Wade says that’s not how it works. Lavon says it sounds fun and to count him in and the guys head out!