Hart Of Dixie RECAP 11/11/13: Season 3 Episode 6 “Family Tradition”

Hart Of Dixie RECAP 11/11/13: Season 3 Episode 6 “Family Tradition”

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns a whole new season and a new episode called, “Family Tradition” On tonight’s season 3 episode 6, George (Scott Porter) and Lynly’s (guest star Antoinette Robertson) connection continues to grow, but George is still reluctant to make a move.  Did you watch last week’s episode ? If you want to catch up before tonight’s episode there is a full and detailed recap, right here.

On last week’s episode Zoe was blissfully happy when she saw how well Joel was adjusting to BlueBell, until, she learned the townspeople might have a different opinion of him. Wanting to make things better, Zoe volunteered herself and Joel to chaperon the Go Girl Tween Adventure Camp, but when Joel refused to go along, she was left to fix the the town’s perception on her own. After a rough start with Lynly, George  was pleasantly surprised when he learned they work well together. Meanwhile, Lavon was desperate to be part of the Gazebos of Alabama calendar, but when a crucial flower mistake jeopardized his plan, Lavon begged Lemon to help save the day.

On tonight’s episode Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Joel (guest star Josh Cooke) are ready to find a more permanent place to live and find the perfect place is actually owned by a relative of Zoe’s biological father’s relatives. After tracking the relative down, Zoe is unsure whether she is ready to face her extended family. Due to the success Lemon (Jaime King) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) have had with the Rammer Jammer, Lemon receives an offer that she may not be able to refuse. AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) seems eager for Lavon (Cress Williams) to go out of town, causing him to wonder what she is up to. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) and Lynly’s (guest star Antoinette Robertson) connection continues to grow, but George is still reluctant to make a move. Jim Hayman directed the episode written by Dan Steele.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you about the new season, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Joel wakes to find Zoe already up and reading. She’s reading the medical journal and he says that sounds hot. She tells him about glucose levels and dementia when Dash bursts in and interrupts their flirting and kissing. He tells them they are the couple that has stayed longest at the B&B and that breakfast is free. Zoe boots him out and tells him to knock. Dash bursts back in to snap a pic and they agree they need to look for a place of their own.

Wade and Lemon check out their books and are impressed they’ve grown profits 20%. They discuss how to invest the money and decide on a radio ad. Wanda comes to tell them that Shenette has started another fire!

Zoe finds AnnaBeth outside the Rammer Jammer and says she was ready to send out a posse to look for her. AB says she was visiting her sister but seems glum. Then Zoe tells her that she was surprised to hear that AB is okay with Lavon going to a bachelor party with some ex-NFL friends. Lavon comes up and says he’s thinking about not going because it will be too rowdy. AB insists that he go and walks away. Lavon and Zoe are shocked.

George runs into Lynly and he hands her a book she left on the boat when she was studying with him for her LSATs. Lynly says he saved the book so he could use it as an excuse to talk to her but George protests his innocence.

Babs is showing Joel and Zoe properties but they’re having little luck. They come on Ernie’s house and Babs says the owner might not rent to her. Turns out the house now belongs to her dead father’s cousin and Zoe says that might pose a problem.

Lemon panics when Edward shows up – he’s the owner of Fancy’s restaurant. Lemon asks why he’s there and he says he’s there to see her. He says she has a gift for the restaurant business and offers her a job. He says he’s retiring and thinks she should buy it. Lemon says she’s honored but says she’s happy at the Rammer Jammer.

Then Shenette and Wanda come over and Wanda complains that Shenette lost one of her feathered earrings in the slaw. That sets up a panic in the RJ.

Turns out Aunt Maureen was the only Wilkes family member Zoe met and she wanted to make her a Belle. Zoe says she did get invited to barbecues and events but was busy working at the practice and making a life there and the invites dried up. Joel says she needs to get to know the Wilkes and Zoe gets defensive. Joel spots an earring in her cole slaw!

Lemon asks Wade why Teresa quit – a newly hired bartender. She realizes that she’s gone because Wade slept with her. She chews Wade out for being irresponsible and says that they need a replacement bartender. Wanda says the health inspector heard about the earring and will be coming by. They agree they need to address the smell in the kitchen and Wade lets Lemon know she needs to take care of it and she’s not happy.

George runs into Lynly again at the RJ and insists he’s just there to pick up his lunch. To try and make him jealous, Lynly flirts openly with Wade about how to fill her empty social calendar. He offers her the newly vacated position of bartender at the RJ and she takes him up on it after some double entendres… She tells George she’ll see him when he finds another excuse to run into her.

The Sheriff drags two women into the medical practice and yells for Zoe that he needs help. Patty and Prissy ran each other over – it was a littering incident. Zoe says they prove that family is dangerous and that these two are certifiable. One pulls off her earrings and starts to go for Zoe. Then the ladies instantly make up and quote a line from Dolphin Tail. The Sheriff says family is everything.

Lavon comes to AB’s and finds man’s shoes. He jumps to the wrong conclusion but turns out that AB’s parents are in town. Her dad wants to know why the mayor has a key to her place. She explains to Lavon that her parents are in town on a 48 hour break from their retiree cruise. AB breaks the news to her dad and he says he has to call her mother.

Lavon is shocked to know she hasn’t told her parents they’re dating because of certain issues that predominate in the south… (no it’s not what you’re thinking) It’s football! Lavon is Bama through and through and her family is Auburn royalty and those are lines you cross with caution in Alabama!! She says she was scared to tell her parents because they might jump overboard on their cruise. Lavon says he’ll cook up some barbecue and they’ll get a chance to know the real Lavon.

Zoe is tearfully recounting to Frank the story behind Dolphin Tale. She’s all teary and he’s perplexed. Zoe explains how it brings the whole family together. He tells her it is a popular rental and takes it out of his hands. She says she needs to ask him a question and he wants to know if she’s asking Frank the pharmacist or Frank the private investigator. She wants to know about the Wilkes and he says they’ll all be at a party in Lillian the next day. Zoe grabs up the Dolphin Tale DVD and says she needs to renew it.

Zoe watches Dolphin Tale again and Joel wakes incredulous that she’s watching it again. She tells him she wants the family, the barbecues and the holidays. She says it’s time to meet the Wilkes. He asks how she wants to do it. She says they’re going to Lillian to crash an eight year old’s birthday party. Joel says they need to bring a present and Zoe says it needs to be humongous.

George finds Lemon sitting outside the RJ and she asks if she can talk to him with attorney client privilege. She tells him about the offer to buy Fancy’s and that it’s been one of her dream places since she was a kid. George says Fancy’s seems to be more up her alley but she’s also been very successful (surprisingly) with Wade. Lemon says she’s just having a bad week and maybe needs to slow up. George leaves and Wade comes to tell her they need a new fish delivery person – one that’s not a woman. Lemon isn’t thrilled.

The doorbell rings at Lavon’s and they nervously go to greet her parents. They worry they can’t overcome the 120 year old rivalry. They open the door and find her parents wearing Alabama jerseys with Lavon’s number on the back. They hug him and say they don’t care about the football rivalry – they say they love Lavon. They give him huge hugs. AB says they may have had head injuries.

AB pulls her mom aside and asks what’s up. Turns out they are thrilled she’s dating the mayor and can’t wait for a tour of his huge mansion. Her mom gushes on about how she could be Lavon Haye’s mother in law. AB tells her to slow up and says he hasn’t proposed and her mother says she knows that because she talked to her sister who told her all about the proposal misunderstanding. She says that Lavon just needs a nudge. AB freaks and forbids her mother to nudge anything.

At the birthday party, Zoe and Joel come in and Z starts to panic. Joel refuses to let her back out. He says they just need to introduce her to the other Wilkes. Joel realizes they left the gift in the car and goes to get it. The mom comes up and mistakes Zoe for the entertainer that was running late. Z says she’s not the entertainment and the woman says she’s not family. Then Joel walks in with a giant giraffe in a cape and Zoe says he’s the party act – a magician!

Joel is horrified that she told them he was a magician. She says it’s a great idea because it will let her check them out. Joel says he only knows two card tricks but he gives in to Zoe’s outrageous request. The mom is back and jokes around with her – she’s Vivian Wilkes. She says the Wilkes come out in droves for all events and are loyal. She says they are all there for each other no matter what. The birthday boy comes up – Harley – and Zoe recognizes he was named after her dad Harland.

At Lavon’s the four sit outside eating and AB’s parents are flattering him heavily. They call her Banana Beth and he’s greatly amused. Her dad says that a wife’s cooking is one of the main ingredients in a successful marriage. AB tries to get rid of them and says they have an early start on the cruise. Her dad says he’s not rowing the boat and takes Lavon in to watch the Bama game and even calls Lavon son.

Joel is doing passable card tricks and Vivian introduces her around to all the family and gives her dirt on the others. She introduces her to her grandfather who’s a hoot. Winnie (her sister) comes up and they ask her name – Z panics and says she’s Chloe. Joel comes up in a panic and says he is literally out of tricks. Zoe asks Vivian if she has any shaving cream.

Lemon is at Fancy’s and praising the food and the lack of earrings in the food and no one sleeping with the delivery people. She tells him she wants to buy it and he says he talked to someone else after the turned him down. He says he’ll need her answer by tonight. She promises to try.

Lavon sits wedged uncomfortably between AB’s parents who cheer on his team. AB says her head may explode. Her mom says she heard from Jake’s mother – AB”s ex-husband. She says he was asking about her and says he’s a changed man. Lavon says people don’t change. Her dad tells Lavon that AB is in high demand. AB stirs up some trouble and tells Lavon her dad thinks Alabama pays off the refs. Lavon bristles and then AB says they have to wash the rest of the game in silence.

Zoe shows the kids how to make colored shaving cream and tells Vivian and her sis that she did that with the kids at the children’s hospital. Vivian says she’s a good person and they could use someone like her. They tell her they’re booze swilling TV watchers and Joel says they are too. The karaoke machine tunes up and Vivian drags them out to the dance floor. Zoe tells Joel she loves them and they love her and she’s ready to tell them who she is. Joel agrees it’s a good idea.

At the RJ, the crowd watching the Bama game is psyched. George shows up and Lynly tells him she won $10 from Big Sam. $5 because he showed up to see her and another $5 for making moony eyes at her. George flirts with a girl in front of Lynly.

Lemon comes in and Wade and Tom sing the jingle he’s been working on. Lemon says she needs to talk to him. She wants to use the extra money on an expansion – she wants to invest in Fancy’s. Wade says no way and says that fancy food is not his thing. He says that running a place like the RJ has been his dream. Lemon starts to compliment her and he accuses her of trying a compliment sandwich and he’s not fooled. He tells her to buy Fancy’s if she wants but to count him out. He says he’ll buy out her shares with his part of the extra cash.

Lavon tells AB’s parents that even though the NFL was great, being mayor of Blue Bell is his real pleasure. They tell him that having a wife on his arm will increase his electability. AB snaps and tells them that they need to quit nudging him about marriage – she yells and say they are beyond nudging and are running him over with a Mack truck that says “marry Anna Beth” on the side. Her folks leave and she apologizes.

Lavon tells her that parents don’t always understand that people are happy as they are. He says they don’t have to be in any hurry to get to the next step. AnnaBeth tears up and walks away.

Zoe confesses to Vivian that she’s her cousin Zoe. Vivian isn’t happy because she wasn’t honest about who she was when she got there. Vivian says that hiding who she is was a good idea since she’s never wanted to be with them – she says you get out of family what you put in and she’s put nothing in. Vivian says to them, she’s nothing but the entertainment.

Wade tells George Lynly left with Big Sam and he stalks out. Wade sees Lemon at the bar and offers her a glass of wine and tells her she’ll have to start paying for it. She tells him her offer was too low on Fancy’s. She asks Wade if he’ll take her back. He says it’s been a ride and he’s enjoyed having her with him but says they want different things.

He says he would take her back in a minute if the RJ would be enough for her. He says if the earrings in the slaw, the mess and the chaos were her thing, it would be different. Lemon says she doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere and Wade encourages her to keep looking. Lemon tells him he’s a good friend – her best friend and he agrees. He tells her she can still drink for free.

George finds Lynly in the parking lot and wants to know where Big Sam is. She says she lied to Wade to see how long it would take him to come looking for her. She says she won another $5. She says he’s acting like her boyfriend with none of the benefits. She says he wants to kiss her and he says that’s not the issue. He kisses her then stops and says he doesn’t want to hurt her or get hurt himself. She says they can be each other’s band-aids and they kiss passionately.

Lavon finds AB in the gazebo and he says she’s not upset about her parents. She confesses that she thought his Halloween special event was a proposal. He says in hindsight he understands that. AB says since then she’s been focused on that and says she doesn’t want to waste any more time. Lavon says he loves her and things have been going great. She agrees that they have been great and says she’s ready for more and needs to know where they’re headed. She says it’s not an ultimatum but needs to know if or when he’s not on the same page with her that he’ll be honest with her. She kisses him and tells him she loves him. She says she’s going to stay at her place and leaves. Lavon looks stricken.

Joel is looking at a website on how to learn to do magic. Zoe is sad and he tells her that he shouldn’t have pressured her into reaching out to the Wilkes. She says she didn’t realize how much she wanted it and that seeing it made her realize what she’s missing. Joel says they may come around.

He says he wants to invite his Grandma Sylvie down to Blue Bell for Hannukah. He says she’ll love it. He also says they should invite her mom and dad and when Zoe freaks, he says he’s kidding. He tells her he convinced Dash to buy do not disturb signs and then Dash bursts in and offers them their choice of signs. They have to throw him out again…