Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 11 “Old Alabama” Recap 01/15/13

Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 11 “Old Alabama” Recap 01/15/13

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns with its winter premiere called “Old Alabama.” On tonight’s show the Good Ole’ Days – With Lavon (Cress Williams) preoccupied with his personal life, he lets his Mayoral duties slip at the worst time, as BlueBell’s Pioneer Day is fast approaching and a reporter from Southern Living magazine is in town.  Did you watch last week’s episode before the holiday hiatus?  We did and we recapped it here for you!

To catch you up on the last episode Zoe found herself anxious that her ever-critical mother would be visiting BlueBell soon for the holidays. In order to avoid spending quality time with her mother, she busied herself with a patient but potentially ruined Christmas Eve for the whole town. Trying to fix the problem, Zoe upsets Wade by turning to his dad. Meanwhile, Lavon was desperate to make the week special for Ruby, but his plan went awry when Lemon gots involved. Elsewhere, George was struggling with picking out the perfect present for Tansy.

On tonight’s show with Lavon (Cress Williams) preoccupied with his personal life, he lets his Mayoral duties slip at the worst time, as BlueBell’s Pioneer Day is fast approaching and a reporter from Southern Living magazine is in town. Seeing that he needs help, Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) volunteer to help him out by playing BlueBell’s “Founding Couple.” Zoe is also trying a new tact when it comes to her relationship with Wade, which has her taking on many new projects. Lemon (Jaime King) and AnnaBeth (Kaitlyn Black) devise a plan to get Lavon to let them cater the First Feast, in order to get some publicity for their new business. Meanwhile, George (Scott Porter) gives advice to Brick (Tim Matheson) on how to handle his new relationship.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Hart of Dixie Season 2, so far!  Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

Tonight’s recap:  Bluebell is celebrating yet another of its quirky holidays that seem to exist only within the confines of their odd little town – Pioneer Days. Zoe is talking Wade into going orange picking and he’s extracting promises of intimate payback if he engages in this trite tradition. Lavon passive aggressively convinces Z & W to pose as the first couple at the Pioneer Days supper.

Lavon tells Zoe he’s surprised she and Wade have lasted this long – he said a month is not long enough to know the worst of someone. He said the real test will come when Wade goes back to acting like Wade.

The town folk are in the Rammer Jammer getting their Pioneer Days parts. Tom is thrilled to be the blacksmith. George gets to be general. Lemon is plotting for she and Annabeth to cater the big dinner since Southern Living magazine is coming to the fete and Thelma’s cooking is less than stellar.

George tells Z that Tansy’s at a hair show in Orlando that she described as “very Honey Boo Boo.” Brick is trying to talk to George, but he runs off. (awkward from the whole sex with Shelby thing)

Lemon stops by Lavon’s to get the catering gig and he shuts her down and shuts the door in her place. One of the local unis came in to tell Zoe he found her car that Wade had reported lost. She’s not happy. Seems like Wade lost her car and didn’t tell her!

Zoe is told to use the diary of Lucille (the pioneer founder) to guide her relationship with Wade. She’s promised that it will have them in the honeymoon stage indefinitely rather than fighting like cats and dogs. When Wade comes home, he admits he took her car to go fishing and then had a few beers and forgot where it was.

Instead of yelling, Zoe tells him she knows he’ll be more careful next time. Then he flips open the trunk and shows her the spoiling, stinky fish in the open cooler in the back. Eww. Zoe holds it together and says it’s a good excuse to get her car detailed. Then she asks him about the burgers he promised to bring home (which he didn’t) and he runs into his house to cook them up something.

Next day, Zoe finds out Wade used her uber-expensive shampoo she had shipped in to wash his sheets and she starts to erupt and then cools down. Wade asks her what’s up. She tells him she’s following Lucille Jones’ relationship advice. Wade wants to know if he does something boneheaded she won’t be mad at him and she confirms. He’s happy.

Dash, Tom and the others are talking about all their authentic preparations for their parts in the Pioneer Days. Brick hunts down George in the Rammer Jammer and forces and explanation on him. George doesn’t want to hear it and said seeing him with Shelby has scared him. Brick says it was a one night thing – that turned into a two night, three night and then an every night thing.

Brick wants advice from George. George begs him not to go there. Brick says he thinks he’s having a mid-life crisis. He says he’s going to call it off and tells George he’s a good friend and runs off.

Wade introduces her to Meatball – an old friend of his – he wants to go hang out with him rather than go orange picking with Zoe. He says he’ll go with her, but she sends him off.

Annabeth and Lemon are talking about catering First Feast. Lemon has a plan to get around Lavon’s “no.”

Zoe’s binge eating to get past her frustrations with Wade and is told she needs to get a project to keep her mind off of her anger she’s trying to swallow so she doesn’t blow up. Annabeth and Lemon stage a fake fight and end to their business partnership in front of Lavon. She tells him she’s upset because no one will hire her without Lemon as her partner. He hires her on the spot and tells her to please quit crying. Annabeth texts Lemon that the plan worked.

Wade comes in to find Zoe has sewn a huge quilt. He wants to know what’s going on and she says “In the South, we call these projects.” Wow! Big quilt must mean lots of frustration. She’s going to snap and stab him with her sewing needle if he keeps on deliberately pushing her buttons.

Dash calls everyone to order at Pioneer Days for the ceremonial turning off of the electricity. He flips the switch.

Lavon asks Zoe about her “projects” and tells her it’s crazy. She tells him to give him a piece of her mind and be done with it. She says her parents always yelled at each other and she can’t stand it. She likes him and wants it to work.

Zoe gives some advice on fixing the candle making station from Lucille’s journal and then gets excited about trying all the other activities.

Shelby stops by Brick’s office and he’s struggling to break up with her. She tells him she understands that he’s the respected town doctor and he can’t have people talking. She tells him it’s too bad because she just got all this new lingerie. Brick caves and says he doesn’t care what people think and starts making out with her.

Lemon stops by First Feast to check on the catering – after she gives some advice, she has AnnaBeth yell at her to leave. Lavon shows up and wants to know why she’s there – AnnaBeth says she’s there giving her unneeded advice about plating vegetables. Lemon insists she just wants to help so Lavon assigns her to be grog wench all night.

Wade confesses to Wally that Zoe’s not acting like herself with all her projects and intensity. Zoe parades past with a gaggle of the other town hens in her wake skipping happily. Wally tells him she’s acting like Lemon. Wade says – this is not good!

Wade comes to talk to George about the crazy Lucille diary. George says women are like volcanoes – they need little eruptions to keep from having a big one. Wade asks how he gets her to have a mini eruption. George tells him – you’re Wade Kinsella, I’m pretty sure you know how to piss off a woman.

The Southern Living interviewer is chatting with AnnaBeth and Lavon. Lemon tries to get AB out of the way so she can be part of the interview, but Lavon says no and sends her off to press more cider after calling her grog wench again.

Wade comes in costume to see Zoe and he’s all stinky. He told her he skipped a shower to be historically accurate. He also tells her he’s going to grow a beard. Then he tells the assembled folks that his girlfriend is a firecracker in the sack. She recovers and says it’s okay that people know she has a healthy sex life. He tells everyone she’s the “mayor of pound town” and it’s open 24 hours a day. Zoe has to walk away.

Brick tells George he couldn’t break up with Shelby. George tells him that Shelby is hard to break up with. Brick begs him for help.

Wade and Zoe come back to her place to pick up her hat and she finds a raccoon chewing up a Louboutin because Wade left donuts out. She wants to know why he’s baiting her. He tells her he can’t deal with her behaving like Lemon. He tells her she’s going to have a major blow out. She says she won’t because she cares too much. She says it’ll be fine and they’re going to be the best damned first couple Bluebell has ever seen!

Lavon wants to know why wade got Zoe so riled right when Southern Living Magazine is there and the two of them are the featured performers. Wade is contrite, but it’s too late. The Z-bomb has been lit!

At the First Night feast, Lemon is struggling to put up with being called grog wench. Wade asks Zoe to relax so they can enjoy the evening. He apologizes about provoking her and ruining her shoe. Zoe suggests they stay apart until they make their speeches.

Lavon thanks everyone for living off the grid for 48 hours and then Brick’s cell ring. He explains that he’s on call. He whispers to George – two minutes. Lavon proposes a toast and tells everyone if their glasses are empty to call for the grog wench. The crowd starts chanting grog wench and Lemon is totally annoyed.

Brick is trying to break up with Shelby and George is pulling a Cyrano – coaching him through his Bluetooth. Shelby confronts him for giving her the compliment sandwich and demands to know where George is. He comes out from behind a hedge. He apologizes and she hits him – hard.

AnnaBeth is reveling in her Southern Living interview. She and Lemon stage a make-up, but the reporter doesn’t want to hear from Lemon and says she understands why she would want to take credit for such a wonderful event.

Lavon finds Lemon outside moping and tells her he knew about the scheme. He tells her she broke his heart twice – once when she dumped him and once when she estranged him from Ruby. She says she wanted to get back at Ruby for being horrible to her in high school. Lavon tells her to stay out of his way from now on.

Just in time for Zoe and Wade to make their first couple speech, Meatball shows up and tells Z that he appreciates her letting Wade go to the strip club with him. She is not happy.

Zoe launches into a tirade, culminating in accusing him of lying about going to a strip club. Wanda asks if they had strip clubs back then and Tom says they go back to the Bible days. The planned speech devolves into a screaming match. They storm out and Lavon tries to cover. He proposes a toast and silence reigns until the Southern Living reporter joins him in the toast. She tells him that having a realistic portrayal of the struggles of a period relationship was very brave.  I think she’s just got the hots for Lavon and is willing to look past the epic blow-up.

Back at Z’s she congratulates Wade on them fighting in front of the whole town. He said he doesn’t want her to keep her feelings locked up inside. She says she doesn’t want to end up like her parents – she says she’s never had a real relationship. He admits he hasn’t either, but tells her it’s okay if they fight sometimes as long as they speak their minds. He hands her Lucille’s journal and tells her to read the last page.

AnnaBeth and Lemon are cleaning up the costumes when Wally tells her how good the dinner was last night. She asked how he knew and he says it was her signature quail. He asks them to cater his anniversary dinner.

Zoe returns the old journal to Crickett who says she guesses Lucille’s advice didn’t work. Zoe tells her it didn’t work for Lucille either – she says the epilogue of the journal revealed that she thought all her advice was bunk and blew up with her hubby over a little nothing.

Brick is moping in the Rammer Jammer – he really misses Shelby. George tells him he shouldn’t try to be one of those people who feel like they have to live by the book. He says if Brick wants to be with Shelby, he should be. Brick gets excited and says he wants to make up with her right then. He then says he’s going to tell his girls about her and George says no – that’s a terrible idea and Brick agrees. He asks George if he’d ever want to play a round of golf for old time sakes and George agrees.

Back at Zoe’s she and Wade grouse good naturedly at each other about hair in the shower drain, no hot water and her using his shave cream. He pops a little onto her face and they erupt in to an epic fake struggle that will no doubt end in the sack!

Til next time Bluebellers!

The End!