Hell’s Kitchen RECAP 3/19/13: Season 11 Episode 3 “19 Chefs Compete”

Hell's Kitchen RECAP 3/19/13: Season 11 Episode 3 "19 Chefs Compete"

Tonight on FOX our favorite Chef Gordon Ramsey returns with a new episode of HELL’S KITCHEN called, “19 Chef’s Compete.”  On tonight’s show contestants gets a hands-on challenge with lobster.

On last week’s show on the premiere episode – for the first time in HELL’S KITCHEN history, the latest batch of 20 aspiring restaurateurs head to Las Vegas to present their signature dishes before Chef Ramsay and a live audience.  The contestants were split into two teams – the red team and the blue team – to prove they had what it takes to win a life-changing grand prize of a head chef position working under Executive Chef Jeremy Berlin at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace.

On last week’s show Sebastian Royo from Brooklyn, NY was eliminated from the competition.  Although he did not stick around long Sebastian said he learned something from Gordon, “Never give up and give it your best. The world keeps moving even if you’re not.”

On tonight’s show the competition continues with 19 chefs left in the running for he head chefs job.  The new season is just starting and already people are dropping like flies.  On tonight’s show one chef will be down and another will be out and that is just before breakfast.  Another chef puts too much wine in her food and Chef Ramsay asks her if she has a drinking problem.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s Hell Kitchen Season 11 episode 3— tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight and check out the sneak peek video below of tonight’s episode!

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Tonight’s show opens the Blue Team is meeting and Jeremy is humbled and realizes they have to work 100 times harder.

The Red Team is meeting and Nedra is pissed because she feels like she was thrown under the bus.  Nedra and the rest of the red team are bickering back and forth.  Here and Gina go at it.

The next day the teams are woken up to meet the chef.  Gina interrupts the Chef and tells him that she will not be staying she has to leave.  The Chef tells her to go back upstairs and pack her things and leave.

Nedra is pissed because Gina left them just before the challenge and talks a lot of trash.

Chef Ramsay tells them there was minimum team work last night during service.  Chef Ramsay has an army unit there today and they show the teams how a real team works.   There is a wall set up and Ramsay tells the contestants that since the army went over the wall it is now their turn to go over the wall.  They have to conquer the wall as a team.

Not only do they have to climb the wall there is a giant lobster cage behind it full of live lobsters.  Each team member has to get over the wall and go in the giant lobster trap and take out 1 live lobster.  The team who gets the most lobsters wins the challenge.

The Red Team got 31 lobsters and the Blue Team got 37 lobsters.  The men finally beat the women.  Chef Ramsay congratulates the men and tells them they won NOTHING.  That was only step one of the challenge.

Cyndi thinks it is a hoot that the men did not win anything and is sure the women will win the second part.

Anthony hurt his ankle going over the wall and cannot put any weight on it.  The medic tells him the only way to know if it is broken is to go to the hospital.

The Chefs quickly dress for the second part of the challenge.  Anthony still want to cook even with his injured ankle.  Chef Ramsay tells Anthony he admires him and his dedication.

For the  second part of the Team Building challenge they have to clean as many lobsters as they can.  They get 1 point for each lobster that they clean properly and they have 10 minutes to clean as many as they can.

The ladies are blazing through the challenge.  John & Jeremy are having lots of problems.

The men did 8 and the women did 11.  Chef congratulates the ladies they win an amazing day on luxury yacht, a chef will send over sushi and they will get a massage.

Chef Ramsay tells the men they have a horrific punishment.  It is fish day in Hell’s Kitchen and the men have to clean and gut all the fish.

The ladies are excited on the yacht where they sip champagne and get advice from Chef Ramsay.  They are excited this is their third win.

The men are getting a break in the kitchen to have lunch.  When they open the pot it is fish head soup and it looks gross.

Back in the kitchen with the dinner service approaching.  Sous-chef Andy and James are talking to the teams about prep.

Nedra is watching Danielle cut up the lamb and thinks she is making a mess of it.  Nedra decides if she has to she will throw Danielle under the bus.

On the Blue Team Michael is getting frustrated with Jeremy, he thinks he moves far too slow.  Jeremy wants to show his team he is there to stay.

Chef Ramsay comes into the kitchen and tells the Blue Team he is expecting a better performance from the Blue Team.  He wants the Red Team to show him last week was not a fluke.

Chef tells Jean-Phillipe to open Hell’s Kitchen.

Tonight Nedra and Jeremy will be serving table side tonight.

Mary is ready to show Chef Ramsay she knows her flavors.    She brings her risotto to the Chef and he freaks all he can taste is white wine.

Danielle takes ownership of Mary’s risotto.

The men are not having a good start the scallops they brought up are rubbery.

Chef Ramsay sends Nedra and Jeremy out to the tables.

Jeremy is suppose to take the lobsters out of the lobster tank but he is spending more time playing with the lobsters.

The team work is disappearing.  Christian is having a problem with the scallops.  The men are struggling.

One hour into service and almost nothing has gone out of the kitchen.  The men have finally sent out their first appretizers and the guest are impressed.

In the Red Kitchen Danielle is finally finished her Risotto.  The Chef rejects it there is too much wine, he asks her if she has a drinking problem.  Danielle asks if he wants only 1 tablespoon of white wine.  The Chef tells her she has to burn of the wine.

The men hope Christian can deliver more scallops.  The next scallops that come up are rubber.  The Chef pulls Jeremy and Christian aside and tell them to eat the rubbery scallops.

Finally over in the red kitchen Janelle gets the Risotto going perfectly.

Finally good is leaving the kitchen.

The Blue Team brings over the lamb and it is bad.  He tells Jon that he is making him look like an idiot.  He gives the lamb to Jeremy and tells him that is his second course to eat.

Chef Ramsay kicks the men out and they ponder their predicament.

Susan asks Ja’Nel her help in cutting the lamb up.  They bring the lamb over to Chef and he has a breakdown because the lamb is raw.  Chef throws all the red team out.

Chef tells the Red Team and Blue Team he was expecting to a good service.  Tonight neither team was good.  He tells the Red Team and Blue Team that he wants each team to come up with 2 nominees.

The Blue Team decides that the first person they should put up is Christian because he froze up.  The team members think that Jeremy does not have enough hustle and he should be the next nominee.

The Red Team are thinking of nominating Mary and Susan.  Susan feels that there were problems everywhere.   The team members think Susan should have known the lamb was raw.

Blue Team nominates Jeremy – because he does not have fire.  Their second nominee was Christian because he does not have a sense of urgency.

Red Team nominates Danielle because she has no fight, their second nominee is Mary because she was struggling to.

Mary says she should stay because she admits she made mistakes, but she fought back.  Danielle says it is a lot to grasp for her.

Jeremy tells Chef Ramsay that he has not been given a chance to cook.  Christian says he can get better.



Chef tells everyone Hell’s Kitchen is all about fighting back.  He tells everyone to leave and then he tells Jeremy to stay behind.