Here Comes Honey Boo Boo “A Very Boo Halloween” Recap 01/06/13


Tonight on TLC our favorite little redneck Alana Thompson and her family returns for the first of three  HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO specials.  Miss Boo Boo will be treating us with a Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas Special.    Tonight’s show is based on Mama Boo Boo’s hatred of Mayonnaise.

Now get this, the reason she does not like Mayonnaise is because she was fed it so often growing up.  But, Mama Boo Boo goes on to say she does eat Potato Salad.  haha, doesn’t that have Mayonnaise?  Anyway she can eat potato salad and tuna salad as long as she does not make it and see it made.  Her daughter Chubb pipes up saying she is a vegetarian and won’t eat it because of that, huh??

I am sad to say after watching the preview for tonight’s episode it looks like the Boo Boos are letting fame go to their head, the episode looks like it is starting to be really scripted like most reality shows.  It really is too bad what I loved about this show was the Boo Boos seemed natural.

ON tonight’s show Halloween is here and it’s time for the family to get their scare on. Mama Boo Boo faces her greatest fear, while pumpkin carving ends with Uncle Poodle stuck inside a pumpkin. Mama reveals a new look and Alana is determined to get the most candy ever!

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be another crazy Thompson family episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo – Halloween Special” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the last episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo?

Recap starts now. Continue reading below . . . .

Down home in McIntyre, Georgia, Mama June says Halloween means pranks. Pumpkin has something on a stick she’s waving in her mom’s face. June is grossed out. She says they decorate the yard and do costumes. Chubbs says she likes the candy and Chickadee says the same. Honey Boo Boo says she likes treating herself to candy. Sugar Bear complains when June slaps his leg. She says she’s ready for him to go back to work – saying him being there all the time is aggravating.

They discuss what Kaitlyn should be for Halloween and they mention a cheese ball – Lords knows that family loves their cheese balls!
The family gets out all their Halloween decorations. Honey Boo Boo says she’s the only one working putting up the decorations. She runs around the yard tapping all the Pumpkins and then taps her sister Pumpkin also who takes off chasing her.

The family gets ready to go to the pumpkin patch. Anyone notice that they’ve still got Christmas lights up? They head to a redneck pumpkin patch – you can ride the metal cows (made of 50 gallon drums). The girls and Sugar Bear all pile into the metal cows and are choking on the dust the tractor that’s pulling it raises.

Everybody gets to pick out their own pumpkin. Pumpkin says she wants to find one that looks like her mama. They roll the pumpkin and say it’s like when they have to roll their mom around. They found a pumpkin that’s “wop-sided” like they’re mom. June says she’s not wop-sided, she’s beautimous.

Alana starts running on bales of hay while the family throws balls trying to knock each other off. One of them pops June in the face with a ball and she blows up. She shoos them back into their cows and they drive off before they realize they left Sugar Bear and Kaitlyn behind.

June says she normally doesn’t dress up, but she’s thinking about changing her hair color. They want her to stripe it. She said it costs too much at the salon, so she’s going to let the girls do it. The girls go to work on their mom with hair dye and foils and Alana sweetly tells her she’s beautiful if she’s blonde or not. But then Alana tells her she’ll never be as beautiful as her, but she can keep on trying.
June says she hopes they don’t f-up her hair. June gets mad when they get the dye on her face and near her eyes. She screams at all of them. They twist her hair up in buns and Alana says she looks like Princess Leia. June says she thinks the girls have sabotaged her.
They cram June’s head into the sink to rinse the dye off. Out in the shed, Sugar Bear says seeing June as a blonde will make his loins perk up. Eww! And then he spits. Double eww!

The house is starting to get spooky. Alana comes in and tells Sugar she’s got a surprise and makes him close his eyes. June comes in with her new blonde do. Sugar’s happy and says she looks like a hot mama. He tells her to chain him to the bed, because he’s going to get frisky tonight. June says they don’t do that in their house and Sugar says they can go out in the yard. Ha!!!
June does look good as a blonde. She reminds him he hasn’t had any of her in awhile. She tells him she’s closed for business and he said he can open it back up.

Chubbs says June’s hair is a hot mess. Alana asks for a show of hands for who likes it. Sugar and June are the only votes to keep it. They tell June to go wash her feet – they stink. Sugar says he wants her to dress up for Halloween. She looks at the camera and says – shoot, I look beautimous.

Out in the shed, the girls are rolling out their pumpkins. They said they got the biggest one because it reminded them of their mama. June says it’s too big, but she’s going to let them try to carve it. Sugar Bear says he’s a skilled pumpkin carver.

Alana says she likes carving because you can make any silly face you want. Uncle Poodle comes to carve – he’s brought his own pumpkin. He said his family’s got mad pumpkin skills. The girls start rubbing pumpkin guts in each other’s hair and a pumpkin goo fight breaks out. They shove goop in each other’s faces, down their pants – everywhere. They tell them they’re going to grow pumpkins in their butt cracks.

Alana says she put pumpkin seeds down Uncle Poodle’s pants. Sugar holds up his pumpkin and says it looks just like him – sexy!

They cover Kaitlyn’s face in pumpkin seeds. The girls tell June she’s got the hole on the wrong side of the pumpkin. Uncle Poodle says the pumpkin is wop-sided like June’s butt – one side higher than the other. Uncle Poodle pops a giant pumpkin on his head.

It gets stuck on his head and Sugar says he deserves it for smashing pumpkin guts in his face. They leave Uncle Poodle outside with his head stuck in the pumpkin. June laughs so hard she thinks she’s going to pee herself. Sugar Bear finally brings Poodle a hammer, but he wonders what he’s supposed to do with it. Smash his head open?

Poodle face plants the pumpkin in an attempt to crack it open. He finally gets loose and Sugar says it was like the birth of a baby.

Alana’s sneezing and pulling jars of mayo out of the cabinet. Turns out June has a bizarre fear of mayo she says is from her childhood and they want her to face her fears. Alana plops three jars into a bowl. June admits she eats things with mayo in it, but only if someone else makes it. She said the sitter she had growing up fed them mayonnaise sandwiches for every meal and snack. She gets all icked out just thinking about it.

Her girls tell her it’s ridiculous – they say it’s like ketchup, but white. One of the girls says she doesn’t eat it because she’s a vegetarian. One of the others says “marannaise” doesn’t have met in it. Alana makes farting noises and says that’s what it sounds like when you’re getting mayo out of the jar.

June says if she gets mayo on her clothes, she throws them out. Alana brings in a giant bowl of the stinky stuff. Mama’s freaking out. They want to throw it in her face. Honey Boo Boo starts eating it off her finger. June starts freaking out and tells them to get it out of there. Alana chases her mom with a spatula covered in it.

I totally sympathize with June on this one – I hate mayo. I won’t be in the room if a jar is open – it’s nasty!!

Alana eats it straight from the bowl and says it tastes like vanilla! Ick!!

Is it me or do the subtitles seem totally unnecessary and sort of offensive?

The family sits in the dark telling ghost stories. They erupt into a yelling match because the flashlight won’t work. The subtitles overlap and fill the scream. The train comes by and they all yell “train.”
Kaitlyn spits up on Sugar.

June starts to tell the story of the Fart Ghost. Alana makes a fart sound and says Fart Ghost is farting mayonnaise. The rest of the family flees the room.

At Kackleberry Farms the next day, they’re getting ready to have some Halloween fun. They pose for photos at wooden cutouts. Alana sys it’s a fun family tradition. Chubbs says they’re renaming it Cankleberry Farm in honor of June’s cankles. They wonder if Sugar Bear can make it through the corn maze in his wheelchair. June explains the concept of a corn maze – it’s a maze, made of corn – if you don’t know. They’re pretty fun.

You have to answer questions at intersections in the corn to get the proper heading. Wrong answer equals wrong direction. Not surprisingly, the family gets lost. Honey Boo Boo says the maze is crazy. June heads into the corn to take a pee pee.

June comes back out of the corn and says she had to do a drip and dry. Sugar says she watered the corn. They keep hitting dead ends. They erupt into a yelling fight in the middle of the corn. Alana takes off running and finds the way out. She said if they didn’t have her, they’d still be in there.

The family gets on the pillow to bounce. It’s basically a giant, inflated thing. It’s a rectangle of rubber blown up from underneath to make a bouncy shape. Hard to describe if you’ve never seen one – they’re pretty fun. They’re all losing their pants as they bounce!

The older girls are on the zip line ready to go. Alana yells up and says she hopes they don’t die. June says if they make it, she’ll buy them a funnel cake. They yell back and forth across the place – across a whole cornfield. Sugar says the girls can all yell across long distances.

The family heads to the costume shop, but Jessica runs off ahead because she has to pee. June sniffs her family and says it smells like another one of them has to go to the bathroom. June says she doesn’t know if they have a costume big enough to fit her. Alana asks Jessica if the Fart Ghost got her.

Honey Boo Boo says she needs a blue wig. Alana says she can be whatever she wants to be. She asks the costume shop helper if they have a bacon costume, but they don’t. They all try on crazy stuff. June puts on a giant stuffed Viking head. Alana says she’s the biggest

Viking ever and they ask her to spell it – she says VIKNG! Sugar pops on a Viking head too and he and June wrestle. June says it’s kind of nasty wearing other people’s costumes.

They say Kaitlyn should be a crab or a cheese ball. Alana finds a cupcake costume for her niece, but Sugar says she should go as a hitch hiker.

Sugar sneaks up on Jessica in a frog costume and sends her off screaming. He says she’s scared of all frogs. Chubbs says they’re gross.

Alana doesn’t understand why her sister isn’t scared of Kermit also!

Alana says she’s going as Leaf Face and slaps a big leaf with holes in it on her face.

Honey Boo Boo is dressed as a fireman and axes one of her sisters in the chubby tummy. Sugar and June put on afro wigs. Then June puts on a sumo costume. They had a good time. June says she hasn’t dressed up in years, but the girls really want her to dress up this year.

Alana says she doesn’t know what she’s going to be for Halloween, but she knows she’s going to be cute.

Back at the ranch, Alana comes in to talk to Pumpkin. Honey Boo Boo tells her she’s sad she can’t go trick or treating with them. Pumpkin’s got an eye patch on and June says there was a freak accident with keys. They do a reenactment (freaking hilarious!) of Sugar Bear tossing the truck keys to her and they hit Pumpkin in the face. In the reenactment June screams, you hear the clunk of keys on flesh, then they fall to the floor and then Pumpkin falls to the floor. Love it!!!

June says Pumpkin’s on four antibiotics and there’s blood in it. She lost all vision in it, but now it’s coming back. Alana brings her a pumpkin eye patch that has a piece of candy in it. Sweet…

Alana’s promised to go trick or treating for her sister.

Honey Boo Boo yells “It’s Halloween – time to get my scare on.” Even the little doggie has a hat on. They had Kaitlyn dressed as a hot dog, but she kept spitting up so it looked like mayo! Two of the girls went as ketchup and mustard to match Kaitlyn. Alana’s going as a goth – but she says it’s a vampire. She looks adorbs!

They want to know what Sugar’s going to be for Halloween and he comes out in a giant bear costume. Alana says she has a better idea and gets him a bag of sugar and says “Now you’re a sugar bear.”

June says that now that she’s a blonde bombshell, Sugar ordered her a costume. She’s in a giant Marilyn outfit. Sugar says it made him a horny bear. The girls say she looks a mess. June says it’s too revealing – Sugar says it makes him want a biscuit and some syrup. One of the girls says she thinks she just sh*t on herself.

Alana takes June into the other room and wraps her up in toilet paper and says she’s a mummy. One of the girls says she’s the Crap Paper Monster. The family chants “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat.” Then they head out.

They go to the rich area to trick or treat because there’s better candy. They get on the back of a flatbed trailer and head to the nice area to get the good candies. Pumpkin says Alana’s getting her candy which is good because she’s aggressive. Honey Boo Boo is grabbing up candy by the handfuls.

June says she has to check their candy first – her inspection seems to be made of her shoving it into her face! They go back to one house three times. June says it was successful because Alana got an a**load full of candy.

June belches loudly as she walks in bringing their massive haul of candy. They’re upset that someone gave them dental floss. June demonstrates how to use the floss – perhaps this is the first time the girls have seen the dental tool…

June says she’s going to give most of the candy away because she can’t have them all sugar rushed up every day – says it’ll drive her to the mental hospital. They tell June she’s too busy eating the candy to check it. June says if they’re given fruit and vegetables on Halloween, they take it to be nice, but then throw it down when they get back on the trailer to ride to the next house.

Honey Boo Boo dumps a whole bowl of candy on Pumpkin and yells at June to stop eating all their candy.

June says it’s all about them being together, making memories as a family!

That’s right!