Hollyweb Fest with Michael Caruso, Producer of Devanity – CDL Exclusive Interview

Hollyweb Fest with Michael Caruso, Producer of Devanity - CDL Exclusive Interview

The Hollyweb Fest is THE event for on-line web shows and Celeb Dirty Laundry’s Heather DiPietro has a fantastic interview for you with award winning Michael Caruso, Producer of Devanity.  Michael goes into detail about the show and what’s behind producing a web series. Devanity, with a large and growing viewership, describes itself as an “Original online series about the DeVanity family and their crumbling jewelry empire in Downtown Los Angeles.”  The show stars Michael Caruso, Alexis Zibolis, Katie Caprio, Mike Dirksen, Erin Christine Buckley and Katie Apicella and it is HOT!

So we go straight to the interview and begin with the serious questions!

Serious Questions

Hollyweb Fest is coming up, how excited are you? Who’s joining you?

I‘m thrilled to be returning to Hollyweb! We had a blast last year. It’s always wonderful to see all of our friends and colleagues. Kelley Portier, our director, Rodolphe Portier our Cinematographer, Katie Caprio (Bianca), Alexis Zibolis (Lara), Katie Apicella (Portia), Chris Parke (Byron) and of course my lovely wife Barbi will all be at the award show

Hollyweb Fest with Michael Caruso, Producer of Devanity - CDL Exclusive Interview

What inspired DeVanity?

DeVanity was inspired by my love for the super soaps of the 80’s and wanting to get out there and create something really fun and different. It was a way for me to get to work with all of the talented people I am lucky enough to have in my life.

I love DeVanity for its writing, acting, and exceptional cinematography, what else do you think makes DeVanity is successful?

I think DeVanity has become successful because people enjoy things that are fun and entertaining. It’s a wild ride, and people seem to really like going along with it.

Producing a web series is hard work, how do you keep yourself sane?

I don’t think I’ve figured that one out yet. Sanity is not really an option with me.

What makes DeVanity better from season to season?

We never get overly comfortable and rest on our laurels. We all challenge each other to improve and learn from season to season. We have always been committed to raising the bar on what we do.

Season 3 ended in such tragedy, was that hard to write?

I think it was harder to watch than to write. It affects you in a different way when you see your words acted out. It was hard to not be able to see Jason tell Lara he loves her before the accident.

No one ever dies on a soap opera, is there hope for Lara?

I guess you’ll have to tune in to season 4….

Jason got back DeVanity, but now Bianca, Alex, and Lara are likely dead not to mention Jackie is still crazy, what happens next for Jason? Will he seek revenge?

In season 4 we will pick up 3 years after the assorted tragedies that have changed everyone’s lives. MANY things will be different. We will see the Jason of the present think back at the past 3 years as we catch the audience up to speed. I think it is safe to say we will see Jason go to some incredibly dark places this year, both in the past and the present. Things are never easy with him.

What can we look forward to in season 4?

We have some really wonderful new series regulars that I am excited about. Two new characters named Scarlett and Tristan. We will see the dynamics of the family get turned on end, and of course the return to Kyle Lowder and Gordon Thomson as well as some very cool new guest stars. It’s going to be much more raw and honest emotion as well as everyone’s favorite high camp moments.

What advice would you give to those interested in making their own web series?

They should absolutely do it. Work your a** off, try your best, fall down and get back up again and keep going.

Why should people watch DeVanity?

It’s fun!!!!

Quick Fun Questions

Favorite Line you wrote?

Hmmm. Favorite line. I love the line, “by the time the other inmates are finished passing you around, you’re going to have to shove a popsicle up your a** to cool off your insides.”

Funniest Onset Story?

The day we were shooting with Maxwell Caulfield I guess one of our neigh bors had partied too hard the night before and our windows were open and he and I were doing the scene and this neighbor was WRETCHING in the bathroom. It went on for like 15 minutes and we had to stop filming. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die. It was hilarious.

Dream guest star to have on the show?

Zoe Lucker from a British series called Footballers Wives

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just that I absolutely love making web series.  I think it’s an incredible format and there is no part of the film industry as supportive as the web series community.  And I’m so proud to be part of it.

Heather will be presenting other CDL exclusives on the Hollyweb Fest this week – so tune in for more to keep up on the hottest new web show news!!

To check out Devanity and watch real episodes – just Click Here!

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