Homeland RECAP 10/20/13: Season 3 Episode 4 “Game On”

Homeland RECAP 10/20/13: Season 3 Episode 4 “Game On”

Tonight on Showtime their Emmy Award winning drama series, HOMELAND continues with a new episode.  On tonight’s show called, “Game On” Carrie has a meeting.  Did you watch last week’s season episode?  If you want to get caught up before tonight’s episode,  you can read a full and detailed recap right here.

On last week’s episode Brody finally was back and you just know there was a big story around it. Brody returned to his faith for guidance and it did not have a great end result.  Carrie was still in the insane asylum but it looked like a very ruthless Venezuelan might help her and not Saul.  The question is what will be the cost.

On tonight’s show Dana goes AWOL, forcing Jessica to call the police. Carrie has a meeting and in her current state of mind you can only imagine what that is going to be like.  Virgil makes a reappearance, and you know that Carrie will probably be involved with him.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Showtimes’ Homeland Season 3 episode 4 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of Homeland tonight.  Check out the sneak peek video below!

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Carrie hears screams and a female yelling to leave her alone. She hears mean telling her to hold still and get on the bed. She watches as they inject the woman with medication but then an orderly sees Carrie peeking in. She runs back to her room and slams the door. He comes in and asks her if everything is okay. She says it is and he tells her to leave the door open. She cries softly.

Saul comes into work the next day to find Fara, the analyst, waiting for him. She tells him she followed the money – the missing 5% – and says it’s skimmed off the top in Venezuela on the third Friday of each month. Converted to small bills and then taken to a box office and then falsely declared as receipts for the weekly soccer game. She says they’ve laundered $45 million over the last decade. She hasn’t figured out exactly who it is that’s the recipient and says Naser Hejazi is maybe who it is – he was a goal keeper and she tells him it can’t be him because he’s dead.

Dar Adal comes in and asks what they’re talking about. Saul tries to change the subject and asks him to handle the DOJ matter and says he’ll be up in a minute to get rid of him. Saul says if he was an Iranian official looking to fund terrorists in the West he might want to get as rich as the bankers who are profiting off the acts. He says the guy might be hiding behind the false identity of the dead goal keeper. Saul says it’s someone at the end of their career looking to hide in style and who may want to own a soccer team. He says it could be Djibouti and because Naser Hejazi was his boyhood hero. He says it’s just a theory though.

Carrie is getting ready for her hearing when her lawyer comes in. She wants a brush and makeup and worries that maybe she should say she’ll live with her dad and sister but her lawyer says that shouldn’t be necessary. The nurse Abbie comes and tell Carrie that it’s time – she says to be sure to thank the board for their help in her recovery and the nurse agrees that’s a big help.

Carrie follows the women into the hearing. Carrie sits alone and asks where her family is. The hearing judge comes in and everyone sits. They start with the doctor who says her medication issue has been addressed. Her therapist says she’s been great and the nurse says she’s helpful. The only proviso they ask for her recommend release is that she continues therapy. The judge asks why the family isn’t there and the lawyer says they told her they were coming. The judge tells her they will confer and let her know and she leaves the room. Carrie turns and thanks all of the assembled people and the judge says it won’t take too long.

At the mental institution, Leo sets off an alarm so he can break out and runs to the car outside where Dana is waiting. They speed away.

Carrie and her lawyer sit waiting. She sees Dar Adal walk by. The bailiff calls them back into the meeting room. It’s just the judge alone and he asks them to sit. He tells him he can’t approve her release. The lawyer says she doesn’t understand and he says that the write the DOJ brought in says she’s a risk to national security. He asks isn’t that what got her into trouble the first place. He tells her that Carrie signed away some of her Constitutional rights when she joined the CIA. He says he’s sorry and that he’s never seen anything like it. He tells her that as of now, she’s a threat to national security. She tells her she saw Dar Adal – the head of a ultr-secret group inside the CIA.

She tells her she needs to call her dad and sister and make sure they’re okay. She gives Carrie the phone and tells her to make it quick. Her dad answers the phone and Carrie asks why there weren’t there. He tells her they were told it was cancelled. He doesn’t know who cancelled it. She asks him to call Saul and tell him that she will do whatever he wants as long as he gets her out of there. She shuffles back into the ward and looks at the drugged up people sitting around. She’s there just in time for meds and takes them without argument.

Leo smiles as they drive and listen to music. Dana’s phone rings and he digs it out and says it’s her mom. He throws the phone out the window. She asks what the hell and he says that way they can’t track them on the GPS. They drive into the countryside.

Jessica freaks because Dana won’t answer and Mike takes the phone and leaves Dana voice mail. They are meeting with cops and Leo’s parents but no one has any clue where they are. Leo’s parents want Jessica to report the car stolen so they can put out an APB but she won’t. The cops say it’s not an official missing persons situation because it hasn’t been long enough. Leo’s parents say their son is under a bad influence and Jessica bristles and says her daughter isn’t responsible for what her father did.

Leo and Dana are at a chop shop trying to swap out Jessica’s car for another. They make the trade quickly because the chop shop guy recognized Dana and Leo doesn’t like the way he’s looking at her.

Carrie sleeps when the curse comes in and asks if she’s going to pack. Abbie has release papers – the lawyer got the emergency release from the court. Carrie is flummoxed as to how that happened. She takes a cab home. She comes into her living room and finds the lawyer – Paul – who had come to see her in the hospital and he says they went to a lot of trouble to get her out and that it’s only a 24 hour furlough. He says the judge is willing to make it permanent if she’ll sit down with one of the partners of his law firm. She isn’t happy but agrees to the meeting the next morning.

She’s grabbing clothes and medication and packing a bag rapidly. She gets her gun out of her safe and is in the garage when she sees a car pull in. It’s Helen – a neighbor – and she asks if she’s seen her car. Helen tells her she hasn’t seen it in days.

Saul is on the phone trying to figure out how Carrie got loose when Dar Adal comes in. They are concerned because she could be talking to anyone. Dar says it wasn’t her dad who got her out and they have no idea who did it. Saul says for Dar to find her and get her off the street.

Carrie tries to get money from an ATM but it says to see the bank manager. She goes in and the manager tells her that her accounts have been frozen by the DOJ. He says he’s also been instructed to take her credit cards and that they’ve already been canceled. She calls her surveillance buddy Virgil for money and help and he says he can’t help her because of Saul. She asks Virgil to borrow her van – there is someone sitting there with her who nods and tells him it’s okay to agree. Then Virgil tells her to say hello to her Mom. It’s a sign. She abruptly hangs up and peeks around the corner in front of his place and sees the surveillance car and runs away.

Leo and Dana sit at a graveyard and he drinks while she quotes Coleridge’s Kubla Khan – it’s his younger brother’s grave. He tells her it was his job to protect him and she tells him it wasn’t his fault – that his brother chose to kill himself. She tells him she understands first-hand.

Jessica says only her daughter would fall in love on a psych ward. She and Mike do the dishes together and she says she can’t do anything right anymore. He fixes her coffee and comforts her. She tells him she should have let him move in like he wanted to because he was so good with Dana. He says it was Brody that broke her heart and Jessica says she could kill him.

Dana and Leo are outside a military base and he guesses it’s where her dad was stationed. She tells him she was there with her family hugging and crying when he was deployed to Iraq. She says he was excited and wanted to go. He asks if he was a sniper and she tells him yes. He asks how old she was when her dad left and she tells him 8. She says that’s not why they’re here. She says they are here because it was there that he told her the last true thing – good-bye. She says everything after that was a lie.

Carrie rings a doorbell at apartment 6A then knocks. She asks if the guy remembers her (one night stand) and he says he does and she tells him she needs a place to stay. She says it’s just for the night. He says she can pick couch or bed and invites her in. The next morning she wakes in bed with him mostly undressed. She steals cash from his wallet and sneaks out.

As she walks she notices a car following her. It’s a black SUV that pulls up and a guy gets out. He opens the door and Carrie reluctantly gets in. They drive away.

Fara has found a photo of Djibouti with one of the dirty bankers and shows it to Saul. She tells him he flew to Venezuela several times using the fake name Naser Hejazi – his idol. She wants to open an investigation into his ownership of the soccer club. Saul tells her to back off because he doesn’t want the terrorist organization to take him out. Saul knows he ordered the attack on the CIA and wants to interrogate him – rip him apart. He wants the name of all the agents operating in the US and how close they are to a nuclear weapon.

Carrie sits on a sofa in a big house in the middle of nowhere. Leland Bennett comes in and introduces himself. It wasn’t the CIA that picked her up – it was the law firm! She tells him she’s not for sale and he says they’re not trying to buy her. She says he could be FBI and this is a sting. He tells her she has an active imagination. She tells him her bank is shut down and car repossessed. He tells her the CIA did that. He tells her there are no recording devices but offers to go outside and talk so she can feel safer.

She asks what they want and he says a client wants to put her on retainer so they can pick her brain from time to time about how assets were identified and targeted. His agent is Iranian. She tells him Iran was behind the Langley bombing and he says that was in retaliation for the Israeli bombing of their targets. She says that it was a military target for revenge on another military target. She says she can’t help and he says she’ll be back in county ward by the end of the day.

He asks if she’s heard the term “contraversialize” – he says they are making the story about her rather than how the CIA screwed up their job. Leland says blaming her being bi-polar and sleeping with Brody is a distraction. He tells her that they will leave her in county and then if she doesn’t kill herself they’ll take her out and stage it as a suicide to make sure she can never talk. She’s visibly shaken.

They sit in the garden while she thinks. Leland asks her to let them help her and says they are very good at it. She asks if he can keep her out of the hospital and he says he can. She tells him she’s broke and he says she’ll be well paid. She says she doesn’t want to see him again, but will see his client, but only the client and only face to face. She says to tell him she won’t name names. She says that’s non-negotiable and he agrees to her terms. Leland says they may be able to find common ground and put the world right and save them all. She tells him F- you.

Paul hands her an envelope of cash and she asks what happens if she buys a plane ticket and skips town and he tells her she’s on the no fly list. She stalks away and the lawyer spots a tail on her.

Mike comes to see Jessica. He has a report about why Leo is in the psych ward. He’s there not for rehab but to avoid prosecution for murder! He was the one who shot his brother. It may have been a murder-suicide that went wrong or just murder… He’s a straight up killer either way. Dana watches Leo sleep in the car and tells him she wants to stay that way forever. He smiles at her. She says she never wants to go back and he says they don’t have to. She’s happy for a change.

Carrie finds Saul sitting on his back porch. He’s surprised to see her there. His wife leaves to give them privacy. He asks why she’s there and she tells him she wasn’t followed. She tells him it worked. She says they came for her this morning – she tells him about Paul and Leland and he asks what his exact words were. She says the client recently lost six business associates and wanted to know how they were targeted. She says she did it just the way he said – insisted on a face to face. He tells her she’s an amazing person. He tells her she’s been very, very brave. He holds her face as she cries. She tells him he shouldn’t have left her in the hospital. He hugs her as she cries. He tells her it’s almost over and she cries and says it’s too hard and she can’t keep going. He tells her she can. He takes her inside for tea.

So…. Saul and Carrie have a super secret op running!!!