Hostages RECAP 10/21/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “Truth and Consequences”

Hostages RECAP 10/21/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “Truth and Consequences”

Tonight on CBS their new suspense drama called, HOSTAGES continues with a whole new episode called, “Truth and Consequences.”  On tonight’s show Duncan demands answers when Archer tells him that an innocent person in their plan has become a victim.   Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap for you, right here.

On last week’s show Ellen and Brian devised a plan with their kids to escape from Duncan. Meanwhile, Duncan’s wife told him that she wanted to discontinue her treatment and spend her time with her husband and daughter.

On tonight’s show Ellen has to make another life-changing choice when she performs emergency surgery in her own home. Meanwhile, Duncan demands answers when Archer tells him that an innocent person in their plan has become a victim.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBC’s Hostages tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you will be tuning in to Hostages tonight? Also check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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At the bus station, Ellen is horrified at the video call where Brian was shot.

Duncan and Kramer pull Brian up onto the table and pull out towels to stop the bleeding. He orders Sandrine to find the kids – he tells her to check bus and train stations. The kids discuss whether they should get on the bus and they decide to wait for the next one. Duncan tells Sandrine they need Archer or Brian is going to die. Sandrine asks Brian where his family is and he won’t answer so she puts pressure on the wound. He screams but won’t answer. Ellen walks in and tells Duncan to get Sandrine away from her husband.

Ellen tells him that her kids are gone and if Brian dies Duncan will have no leverage to get her to cooperate. She tells him he has to go to the hospital and Duncan says he can’t go and that she has to do it there. He passes out and she tells him he’s bleeding out. She demands Duncan to get her trauma kit. Duncan tells Sandrine to help her and walks out.

The kids are paged at the bus station and go running. The ticket agent hands them an envelope their mom obviously left with passports and cash. She wrote a note telling them to go ahead on and that she and their Dad will catch up later. They ask the ticket agent when the next bus is and they have a couple of hours to wait.

Ellen works on Brian and tells Duncan to take over CPR while she digs into her trauma kit. She pulls out her portable defibrillator and hits Brian with it twice but still no pulse. She curses for him to come back to her and charges him up again. She gets a pulse and tells them to bring lights over while she runs an IV. Kramer comes in and says he still can’t find Archer.

Jake is peppering Morgan with questions and she’s annoyed and tells him to shut up.

Brian comes to and Ellen tells him she has to operate on the part of his kidney that was nicked but has no anesthesia. Sandrine comes and says she found the kids at the bus station and Duncan sends her after them.

Archer shows up and tells him there’s a complication with Angela the nurse – she really is dead. He says he was dropping her off for safekeeping when she ran and started yelling for help. He shot her to keep her quiet. Archer says Duncan is living in a fantasy land if he thinks he can kill the president and keep his hands clean at the same time. He says Angela’s body is in Maleek’s storage unit but he got busted with cocaine the day before so his storage unit will be searched soon.

The kids are waiting on their bus when they see Sandrine looking around the station. She doesn’t see them and walks back inside. They run onto the bus and then sit tensely waiting on it to leave. Jake says they can’t leave without their mom and dad but then the driver closes the door. Morgan thinks they’re going to make it when they get a call for one more passenger. The driver tells everyone they have to wait for one last passenger and Jake says that Sandrine has found them!

The kids try to figure out what to do and are in a panic when the woman gets on. They think it’s Sandrine when their view is obscured for a moment but it’s not and the bus takes off.

Sandrine is at the ticket counter with a bogus story about being the kids’ nanny and begging o look at video footage. He asks if she’s a cop and he says no. She slips $300 to him but he refuses the bribe and is ready to turn her in. She takes off to avoid further trouble. She’s followed out by a PI who’s looking for her. She tries to pull a gun on him but his partner is there and they haul her away.

Brian is moaning and writhing in pain while Ellen operates on his kidney. She tells Duncan to glove up because she needs help. He holds out his hands and she shows him what to do. He has to pinch an artery so Brian won’t bleed out. Ellen continues the surgery but then the doorbell rings and then someone is banging on the door.

The guy at the door is saying – I know you’re in there – and the knocking won’t relent. Duncan sends her to answer the door but then tells her to take off her clothes because she’s covered in blood. It’s Morgan’s boyfriend and he won’t go away. Ellen unzips her dress and drops it and goes to the door. She tells Boyd that Morgan isn’t home but he won’t go away and he pushes his way in. He doesn’t believe she’s not home. Brian is moaning in pain and Duncan covers his mouth with his hand and tells him to be quiet.

Boyd tells her that he knows they’re young and didn’t plan on it but with her being pregnant he wants to take responsibility. She of course has no clue. He sees blood on her hands and she makes and excuse. Duncan takes Brian’s finger and uses it to block the bleeding and tells him not to move. He pulls off the gloves, pulls out his gun and goes to help Ellen. Brian breaks a glass and then Boyd asks if it’s Morgan. Duncan comes around the corner with a gun and Ellen hugs Boyd and tells him that it’s the pregnancy hormones making Morgan crabby and that she’ll call him soon. He leaves and Ellen rushes back in to Brian.

She tells him it was Boyd and he asks who it was and they figure out quickly that it was Duncan that Boyd talked to and he thought he was Ellen’s husband.

Archer goes to the storage facility with a cart to deal with Angela’s body. He goes to the freezer where it was stored and gets her out and wraps her up in a rug.

The two guys are slapping Maria around in a warehouse somewhere. They tell her she has to pay her debts and she explains the drugs she was shipping for them were seized at the border. She begs for one more chance.

Archer is wheeling the body out when a woman with a pallet of party goods almost runs into him and then her cart gets stuck and she asks him to help. He helps her get her cart loose and she asks him about the Oriental rug. She kneels down and asks if he would be interested in selling it. She starts to unwrap it and he stops her and tells her it’s a family heirloom. He wheels away with the body and calls Duncan to tell him he has Angela’s corpse. Duncan looks really stressed…

Ellen tucks Brian in on the couch and tells him she’ll get him more antibiotics tomorrow and he thanks her. They discuss where the kids might be and Brian says he hopes they are far away and safe. He asks why she came back and she says if she didn’t he would be dead. He says he was prepared for that. Ellen says she knows that’s why he told her about his affair – so that she would leave without looking back. She tells him when she saw Duncan shoot him she knew she couldn’t leave because they’re family.

Duncan grabs Ellen and tells her – let’s go – he secures her wrists with zip ties and shoves her in the trunk of the car. He tells her it’s time to pay for trying to escape. She begs him no but he slams the trunk down to silence and trap her.

Brian is on the sofa in pain and asks Kramer where Duncan has taken her. Kramer respond by asking where the kids are. Duncan opens the trunk, shines a flashlight and tells her – we’re here – and tells her to get out. He tells her no one can hear her scream out her. He gives her a shovel and tells her to start digging.

Brian gets a text from Samantha asking where he is and Kramer says he has to call her. Brian begs him for something for the pain. He tells him no. Brian says he’s been shot and is tied up. Kramer tells him life isn’t fair. Brian struggles to set up and asks him if that’s why they’re doing this – because life isn’t fair. He asks him if it’s political or about his family. Brian tells him he was just trying to protect his family and that he would have done the same thing. He begs for pain medicine again.

At a bus stop, Jake tells Morgan he’s going back home. She asks him what he thinks he’s going to find and he says Mom and Dad. She tells him that their parents could be dead and he tells her she’s not in charge of him. She tells him to suit himself and she walks away. There’s a payphone there and then Brian sees a call.

Kramer brings him some whiskey and says it’s the best he can do. Brian asks if he wants to join him and Kramer says he’s not thirsty but Brian figures out he’s an AAer on the wagon. He tells him Kramer that he doesn’t belong in with those guys. Kramer snaps out at him and says he doesn’t even know about his own family. He tells him that Jake was dealing weed and that’s why he got his butt kicked.

The phone rings and Brian and Kramer can hear Jake leaving a message. Kramer grabs up the phone and asks him where he is. He says he wants to talk to his parents and Kramer tells him he needs to come home if he wants to talk to them and that they’re alive. Jake says he’s lying and hangs up on him. Morgan walks up and thinks Jake was about to use the phone and tells him not to do it. He pretends he didn’t and they get back on the bus together.

Sandrine is kicked to the curb (literally) by the thugs who worked her over. She crawls into her car and begins applying makeup to cover up the evidence of the beating. Her phone rings and it’s Kramer asking where she’s been. She says she was following up on some leads. He tells her he traced Jake’s call to a restaurant in Pikesville. She takes off in pursuit of the bus.

Ellen stops digging and tells Duncan he doesn’t have to do this. She tells him if he buries her that she can’t kill the president. He tells her there’s always a back-up plan. She tells him that they don’t deserve what’s happening to them. He looks up at the sky and tells her he heard a story from a doctor friend that the ER goes crazy on full moons.

He tells her about a rapist that was brought into the ER and that came after a resident and she had to defend herself with a scalpel. That resident was her and she didn’t call the cops out in the hall right away – she let him bleed out first and then called them. She’s crying as Duncan tells her this terrible story about her past. He says she knew what the guy had done – beating and raping the college girl – so she let him die because he deserved it. He tells her to say it. She does and then he tells her the president also deserves to die and that’s why they chose her for the job – they needed a killer – someone they knew could actually take a life.

He tells her she’s dug the hole deep enough. He tells her to kneel down and close her eyes. She begs him not to do it. He holds the gun close to her as she cries. She finally tells him to get it over with and then she hears a thump. She opens her eyes and sees he’s dumped Angela’s body in next to her. He orders her to bury Angela and she complies crying the whole time…

On the way back she sits dirty and in shock. She tells him he can torture her as much as he wants because it doesn’t matter because her kids are safe and got away. She looks over at him and tells him she won. He glares back at her. They come in to the house and she sees Morgan and Jake there. Duncan tells her – I win. Ellen runs to them and hugs them crying.

Kramer shows Duncan Brian’s phone and says the girlfriend has been texting him all night. Duncan looks at Sandrine’s face and asks what happened to her. She tells him to ask Morgan – blaming the daughter for fighting back. Duncan tells Morgan to ditch Boyd once and for all or he’ll take care of him. She agrees.

Sandrine tells Duncan she wants $50k by tomorrow non-negotiable and he tells her not to hurt the kids. She undresses in front of Kramer and he asks if she’s okay. She doesn’t answer and then tells him simply – money problems. He asks if there’s anything he can do and she says no but thanks him for asking. Morgan finds Boyd sitting on the stoop and he kisses her and tells her he’s glad she called. He tells her he’s going to take care of him but she stops him and tells him she doesn’t love him and that they’re done. He says she doesn’t mean it and she tells him she could never marry someone like him – that he’s not good enough for her. He looks disgusted and then walks away. Morgan cries.

Brian calls Samantha and leaves a message apologizing for not calling sooner. He tells her he was in a car accident and won’t be in for a few days. He tells her that he’ll call her soon. He tells her he misses her and then looks at Ellen while he says I love you. She looks annoyed but then Kramer tells him nice job Romeo – you did it word for word.

Archer is stopped by DC cops and they look in his car. They find weapons in his trunk and place him under arrest. One of the cops calls in to thank Duncan for the tip and tells him they got the guy. Duncan says he’s glad it worked out…