Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Divorce Looming on the Horizon?

Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Divorce Looming on the Horizon?

Is Hugh Hefner planning to divorce Crystal Harris? Honestly, nothing in this ol’ crazy’s life would surprise us, but we can’t be for certain where exactly their romantic life’s headed. According to a fresh report in Star magazine, Hef and Harris’ marriage is in dire trouble. Apparently, Crystal says all Hef wants to do is walk around the house all day and lounge around in his pajamas.

Oh, okay, so she must finally be realizing that . . . he’s an elderly dude. Here’s our though: If he wants to lounge around the house all day, well, that’s perfectly all right. Crystal knew what she was signing up for when she married Hugh; chances are his behaviors haven’t radically changed since getting hitched.

“The third time is not the charm for Hugh Hefner — the Playboy founder’s marriage to Crystal Harris is in trouble!” the mag claims. The source also says that Harris is tired of his “hermit-like behavior” and that, being the young lady she is, she’d very much like to go out for a night on the town every once in a while. And who can blame her?

Maybe they aren’t right for each other anymore. What do you all think? Should Crystal ditch the Hef and find herself a strapping young lad to keep her entertained?

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One response to “Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Divorce Looming on the Horizon?”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Crystal is just a gold digger – what did she expect marrying a man old enough to be her grandpa? Hef should’ve left her at the curb the first time she split and trash talked him to the press.