Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Separate Vacations – NOT A Couple Anymore (PHOTOS)

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Separate Vacations – Are They Really A Couple?

Last week marked the end of filming for Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries and everyone seemed to be excited to enjoy some down time. Ian Somerhalder thanked everyone under the sun and then made it clear that he had a huge trip planned. The smoking hot actor was packing late last week preparing to hop a flight to China. Remember a few months ago when Ian’s number one traveling companion was Nina Dobrev? Remember how we have repeatedly told you that the couple has been more off than on for months nopw while other sites have insisted the are going strong?

Well Nina is doing some traveling of her own and it’s not to China. Instead the quite obviously single star hopped a flight to Miami to soak up the sun with equally single and already mingling, Julianne Hough. This is the second girls weekend that the pals have had since Jules kicked Ryan Seacrest to the curb a month ago. The ladies are said to be really bonding over their single status and their unraveling themselves from men that have no intention of committing. All the power to them!

Do you think Ian regrets letting Nina slip through his fingers? Maybe she got fed up with dating someone that was far more committed to saving the world than to saving his romance with her. Absence hasn’t really seemed to make the heart grow fonder either. Ian and Nina headed to Toronto earlier this month to greet a young girl awaiting a double lung implant. They played nice while visiting but photos from when they were left alone said it all. It was a job to make that trip. Do you think there’s any hope for a reconciliation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev hanging out with friends on the beach in Miami, Florida on April 28, 2013. The friends did each others hair, had drinks and soaked up the sun

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

11 responses to “Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Separate Vacations – NOT A Couple Anymore (PHOTOS)”

  1. Amber says:

    Honestly who thinks that these two are together, is because they don´t wanna see the truth. Ian is far more interested in his Foundation than their apparently “relationship” but well reading some fans they think its normal that they spend the summer apart, they see each other at work, it´s enough, GIVE ME A BREAK. Nina hangs out with the girls like a single girl, that´s all. They ended whatever they had a long time ago, they never confirmed the relationship anyway and they never will, in fact Ian mostly tries very hard to avoid talking about Nina, even gets tired of it, but well this Nian thing got out of their hands and as long as the show is on air, they have to appear from time to time (Canada for example) to keep this “relationship” for the public and prevent histerya from the fans. They have been doing their own thing for a very long time.

  2. sara says:

    Someone finally telling the truth and the obvious,but well soon will appear people who know them,journalists that know them to say they are so happy together to keep fooling people, ian and nina should be honest and that would show some respect to fans first of all.I understand that people like this couple I did, but its time to open the eyes.These two are friends and thats all.

  3. KMA says:

    Lmaoo they are not over first of all. They are together shes chyllen w her girls. Like shes supposed to be up his ass all the timee though.? Like move the hell on people and leave them alone.! When they left from visiting the fan they were in the airport holding hands and kissing.! MOVE ON TRY SOMETHING NEW AND GET A LIFE.! BYE

  4. Nerea says:

    I think that you will write the same article very often this summer. The public ending of Nina and Ian is coming.

  5. They stayed at her parents house when they were in Canada and walked around holding hands at the airport etc. maybe they looked glum because they had people shoving cameras in their faces. They live together aka they rushed their cat to the vet in the middle of the night the other week. They also work together ian had to go to China for work why shouldn’t Nina go have fun with the girls? It’s just like everyone used to say about Rob and Kristen that it was all a act for their fans to hype up twilight. I mean as if people would act like their in a relationship for the fans. Twilight is now done and dusted and what happens Robsten is still together. I’m sure these two are fine also…

  6. OH MY!! says:

    Uhm, they tweet pictures that are from the same house all the time & during one of Ian’s livestream’s from his house where he called everything his, Nina’s cat jumped on his lap. Everyone knows Ian & Nina live together..it’s not even subtle anymore. Ian called Nina “my girl” at a convention several days ago…You can probably find “proofs” that any relationship is fake if you overanalyze every little detail trying to prove it’s fake…I mean, you can never know for sure about anything in Hollywood but Nian is most likely real & still together.

  7. Amber says:

    Georgia with all due respect you have no idea, honestly, all you say in the other thread is not right most of the times, and people thank you because they think that you have inside info. Stop fooling people, and I wished Ian and NIna could be brave and say we are not together, it would be good for them and for the fans in the end. They love the are they and aren´t they, they have been playing this all the time, but they better stop before the get caught in public with another people.

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  9. Guest says:

    aye! If there dating or not get over it! if they are ment to be they will be together so GO ON WITH UR LIVES PEOPLE im sure people would love them to be together i dont know if they are or not…. but if they r awesome! if not awesome its up to them not the fans -face palm –

  10. […] After that night the two appeared to go their separate ways in spite of The Vampire Diaries fans insistence that they were just trying to keep their relationship a bit quieter. We have watched Ian fly solo for months tackling personal appearances and his beloved charity work with no comments about his former live-in-love. As Ian kept busy Nina dropped some clues via her Twitter. She tweeted about trying to get through to someone and chipping away at walls. Clearly she was struggling with something as we watched her join equally single gal pal, Julianne Hough for a few girls trips. […]