Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engaged Soon! – Are They Hollywood’s Next Power Couple?

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Engaged Soon! - Are They Hollywood's Next Power Couple?

Nina Dobrev and her mannequin man, Ian Somerhalder, might get engaged/married/whatevs very soon. We feel it. It’s like the drumbeat of a thousand fans going, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” (Okay, wait, that sounded a bit more Fifty Shades of Grey than My Best Friend’s Wedding) They were recently spotted together in China looking like Moon People on a detoxifying trip from heaven. He was clean, dressed-up, and most probably smelled like the birth of perfume. Dobrev the same – although we think she smelled more like airplane food than anything else.

We’re sorry. We’re not sorry.

He might be Christian Grey in the near future, so Dobrev will have to contend with millions of lusty, sweaty, heart attack victims in cinemas the world over, but we doubt that would influence their relationship. They look like they have something steady going for them – almost like a pizza base made out of love and iron – and we do not believe that Fifty Shades will be their downfall. Instead, Fifty Shades will only strengthen their public image and kick them out of the Kinsey scale and into the Brangelina frying pan.

Somerhalder and Dobrev have been unofficially-officially together for quite some time now, so an engagement and nuptials could be in the works while we’re typing this – Gosh, this is as exciting as watching a meteor shower. They’re perfect for one another. In fact, they’re so perfect for one another that perfection loses its meaning. Albeit maudlin and sentimental, we like Dobrev and Somerhalder. They’re not like the other fame whoring Hollywood couples who date because Twitter told them to do so – read Jelena.

Hollywood love stories usually send us running for a bucket and Kleenex – we don’t cry and we don’t have tear ducts; it’s allergies – but Somerhalder and Dobrev inspire us to walk into a crowded restaurant, hold a sign that reads “Available if you’re available”, and run into the rain like a bad Meg Ryan movie. Hopefully they get engaged soon so we’re able to climb into a bath and listen to Barry White while we celebrate all that is romantic. (No, seriously, if they don’t get engaged soon we might be locked up for smelling like dead people – entertainment writers don’t have time for personal hygiene, we only have time to Gangnam Style every now and then when we’re thinking of a hot story to write)

Photo Credit: FameFlynet