Ian Somerhalder Teams Up With Barefoot Wine To Celebrate “Soles of the Year”

Ian Somerhalder Teams Up With Barefoot Wine To Celebrate "Soles of the Year"

Ian Somerhalder is always running around the Celeb World promoting things, whether it be for animal rights or his hit series The Vampire Diariesand now he’s teamed up with Barefoot Wine to celebrate the “Soles of the Year.” Barefoot Wine is one of the most popular wines out there, #1 among consumers, so why not pair up with one of TV’s #1 actors?

The event aims to promote the idea of leaving a positive impression in the world. Just like Ian Somerhalder, who created the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, Barefoot Wine encourages everyone in the world to take action into their own hands and change the world for the better by leaving an impression of their sole in the world — in whatever way they can.

To check out some of the people who made Soles of the Year click here and if you’re ready to make a pledge of your own and leave your impression in the world (the good kind of impression) then click here! There are many different ways to give back and help the planet and its people, so we hope you discover what it is you’re meant to do!

For the past 25 years, Barefoot, maker of fun, flavorful and affordable wines and bubblies, has been committed to putting community first by supporting local nonprofits and the people behind them. Now the winery is renewing that promise and celebrating big-hearted people making a difference through its new “Soles of the Year” program. In recognition of these extraordinary people, Barefoot is launching Barefoot Impression Red Blend, a new wine that features the stories and faces of the “Soles of the Year.”

Watch the video below to see Ian Somerhalder in action.

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