I’m Having Their Baby Season 2 Episode 4 Sneak Peek Preview & Spoilers (VIDEO)

I'm Having Their Baby Season 2 Episode 4 Sneak Peek Preview & Spoilers (VIDEO)

I’m having their Baby is in its second season on the Oxygen network. The show, which just might get your emotional waterworks flowing hardcore, documents the lives of young women who’ve made the tough decision to place their future children with adoptive parents. While the mothers featured on this show each undergo unique journeys and a variety of emotions, each woman has found deep roots in the desire to provide her child with the best possible future.

In I’m having their Baby season 2 episode 4, we get a glimpse of Amanda conversing with her mother about placing her child for adoption. She also gives viewers a little information on her past life as an individual who’s struggled with addiction to prescription drugs.

In the clip, presented below, Amanda says that she and her mother have always been extremely close. “She always supports my decisions,” Amanda says of her mother, “and she always has good advice.”  

Amanda’s mother admits that watching her future granddaughter being placed for adoption will be a struggle for both her and Amanda’s father. However, despite these facts, Amanda’s mother makes it well known that Amanda will always have a support system and foundation in her family to support her on her journey.

Watch the clip below and be sure to check out this upcoming episode, which airs this Wednesday 10/9c on Oxygen.

Image/video credits to Oxygen 

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