Ironside LIVE RECAP 10/2/13: Season 1 Premiere “Pilot”

Ironside LIVE RECAP 10/2/13: Season 1 Premiere “Pilot”

Tonight on NBC the new drama IRONSIDE premieres with its pilot episode.  The show is about the gritty world of the NYPD and no one’s tougher than Det. Robert Ironside (Blair Underwood, “In Treatment”). He is fearless; his instincts are second to none, and those around him must stay on their toes if they want to keep up. When his spine was shattered by a bullet two years ago, he swore he’d never let a wheelchair slow him down.

Ironside and his trusted, handpicked team of detectives each offer a unique background, perspective and skill set. Comprising the team are: Virgil (Pablo Schreiber, “The Wire”), a man who wrestles with the dichotomy of being one of NYPD’s toughest cops in the city, yet a loving family man at home where he imparts life lessons to his children that he does not necessarily follow in the line of duty; Holly (Spencer Grammer, “Greek”), a strong, feisty detective who loves the rush of being undercover and the danger that goes with the job and who has mysterious family ties to the Brooklyn underworld; and Teddy (Neal Bledsoe, “Smash,”), a rich, highly-educated young cop who has never been good with authority and is connected in a way that only those born into wealth enjoy.

Their boss, Capt. Ed Rollins (Kenneth Choi, “Sons of Anarchy”), calm and pragmatic, handles situations with a level head and cool demeanor. He and Ironside share a mutual respect and admiration for each other despite their push-pull relationship.

On tonight’s episode after being shot in the line of duty, New York Detective Robert Ironside (Blair Underwood) swore he would never let a wheelchair slow him down. Undeterred, he drives his elite, hand-picked team, including Virgil (Pablo Schreiber), Holly (Spencer Grammer) and Teddy (Neal Bledsoe), to solve the city’s most difficult and notorious crimes. Watching over them is their boss, Capt. Ed Rollins (Kenneth Choi), who shares a mutual respect with Ironside, while Gary (Brent Sexton) is Robert’s scrappy ex-partner who marvels at his determination and ability to piece together his life after being shot.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Ironside at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap check out the video below.

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Juliette is on Conan! He mentions that she won the VMA. Rayna is home from the hospital and Teddy says he’ll stay and take care of her. Daphne is glad to see her mom but Maddie won’t talk to her. Conan asks Juliette about the vigil for Rayna and how she’s out of the hospital today.

Rayna talks to her sister and says she may never forgive Deacon.

Avery and Juliette’s manager tell her it was a good interview but she’s mad that it was all about Rayna.

Bucky comes to see Rayna and she’s worried because her old record label sold and she’s worried about her independent label she’s just started.

Scarlett comes to pick up her couch and Gunnar says it got burned. He gives her some money to cover it. He tells her he’s got songwriting block and asks if she can help but she declines.

Jeff Fordham (the new Edgehill owner) is meeting with Juliette and is criticizing her new record. He tells her that Rayna’s best of album is outselling hers and she needs to figure something out. She makes a snarky comment about how maybe she should have a near death experience of her own. He asks her to come to a party at his house in a couple of days and then dismisses her.

Rayna runs into Scarlett at Edgehill and she tells her she’s staying with Deacon and she wanted to ask if that’s okay. Rayna tells her that complicated relationships are what Nashville is about.

Juliette runs into Rayna and they hug awkwardly. Rayna thanks her for the prayer vigil and she says she’s glad it worked. Rayna asks how the new guy is and she says he’s an ass.

Rayna introduces Will and Scarlett to Jeff as her first two record label peoples. He tells them he’s excited about meeting with Rayna and her crew. Jeff says he’s all about investing in her Highway 65 label. He tells her he wants her healthy and strong and tells her he has her back. Hmm…

Scarlett offers Deacon dinner and he gets pissy. She tells him Juliette made a doctor appointment about his hand and he blows up about that too. She asks if he’s mad at her because she’s working with Rayna and he insists he’s proud. He says it’s just that she understands the art but that the business part oculd eat her alive and he wants her to be careful.

Will is performing at a club to a cheering crowd. After his set, he sees that Jeff came to see him. Jeff pulls him aside and tells him that he hasn’t signed his contract yet with Rayna and offers him an Edgehill contract instead. He asks if he can still work with Rayna and Jeff says her label is like the farm team and he’s inviting him to the majors. Jerk!!

Rayna tries to talk to Maddie and asks what’s on her mind. She’s angry and asks her Mom what happens now. She asks if she should treat Deacon like another Dad or ignore it altogether. Rayna says she knows it’s confusing. Maddie says it’s not confusing – her Mom is a liar, her Dad is an alcoholic and the guy she thought was her dad isn’t.

Will sees his gay stalker outside and confronts him but turns out he was there with Jeff. He’s the new Edgehill marketing guy and it sounds like Will has signed with them instead of Rayna.

Avery and Juliette are on her private plane headed for Alabama for a CMT special about her roots so she can try and generate some publicity for her new album. Avery is dubious and she tells him they’re going to work on some new material on the flight.

Bucky comes to see Rayna to tell her that Jeff is trying to poach Will. She’s outraged.

Scarlett is driving Deacon to the doctor against his will. She tricked him into the car telling him they were going to the store. He’s upset when he sees the shrine where their wreck was. He tells her to stop the car and sweet Scarlett blows up and tells him he’s going.

Juliette and crew arrive at the ratty trailer park she grew up in. Avery tells her it will be okay and she puts on a brave face.

Gunnar is writing a bad song when Will staggers out of bed at 4 pm. He tells him about Jeff trying to poach him and says he’s worried about Brant. Gunnar blows up and tells him he doesn’t want to hear about his problems choosing between labels.

Rayna comes to confront Jeff about poaching Will. He makes no apologies and says that her back catalogue is really what he’s interested in. He’s basically not interested in Scarlett and wants Will and her old material – not her new stuff. She blows up and tells him he’s not taking Will and she storms out.

CMT is interviewing Juliette about her impoverished background. She introduces Miss Carrie who lives two trailers down. She cries and tells them how much Carrie would help when she was left home alone. Carrie made her a quilt full of photos of her when she was young. She cries and gives it to Juliette and hugs her. They call cut and Julietta walks away devastated. Avery says it’s a nice quilt and she shoves it at him.

Will reassures Rayna that he didn’t go looking for the offer from Jeff. She tells him it’s his decision and she knows it’s flattering but he needs to decide what kind of career he wants and how long it will last. She tells him Jeff will have a new toy next month and he can’t trust him. She tells him he she thinks they can do something really special together and if he’s at Highway 65 with her she can protect him. She says she will always have his back and whether he can trust Jeff.

Gunnar is helping Scarlett’s bestie move the rest of Scarlett’s stuff and he’s horrified that she told Zoey about his criminal past and his writer’s block.

Tandy is cooking while Rayna tells her the problems she’s having with maybe losing Will and Scarlett living with Deacon. Tandy asks if Scarlett knows about Maddie being his kid and Rayna says it’s a matter of time.

At the doctor’s office, Deacon asks when he can get back to his music and the doc says he has extensive damage to his nerves and tendons and he may never get back to what his music once was. She says physical therapy is the best hope but that it will be a long painful road. He wants rid of the pain but won’t take the pain pills. He asks for a cast to unload the pain but this will cost him his shot at physical therapy and he may never be able to play again. He doesn’t care and insists on the cast. Scarlett is horrified at his choice.

Brant shows up to see Will and he’s there to reassure him that he won’t bust him out as gay. He says he knows that his rep as a “ladies man” is critical to his career. Will asks if he’ll tell if he decides to go with Rayna instead and he says Will must trust him.

Back at the trailer park, Juliette is showing them the trailer she grew up in. She says they painted it yellow. She mentions her Dad and shows them something he made for her right before he passed away when she was 4. She says when you’re young you don’t see the sad. Juliette asks for a cut and the CMT lady tells her she’s sorry that she didn’t know she lost her Dad.

Juliette is all teary and Avery asks if she wants to talk about it. She fights back the tears and tells him she’s just trying to sell records.

Deacon is at the shrine to their accident. Rayna meets him there and says it’s like everyone expected them to die. He tells her that it felt like he did. He tells her he doesn’t think he can play anymore. He says he had no right to call her but didn’t know who else to call. He says she’s always been the one. Rayna says she can’t because they’ve just been through it so many times and they bring each other too much grief.

She tells him they didn’t die there and that’s an opportunity to move on because they can’t save each other and each need to save themselves. She tells him she thought they may have needed this one day and hands him a ring. Not sure what ring it is. Deacon tosses it into the pile of flowers at the shrine as Rayna drives away.

Teddy is hugging the girls and sending them up to bed when Rayna comes in. She says they need to have a conversation and need to not be playing house. She says it’s confusing to them and the girls. He says he’s just helping and she says Tandy can come. He tells her he knows they’re not getting back together but really misses their family. She agrees she misses it too but they can’t keep sharing the house and being polite and ignoring the divorce papers and say they’re doing it for the girls. She says their lives shouldn’t be in limbo. He asks if that’s it and she says yes.

Deacon is selling off all of his guitars except one he says he has to give back. Scarlett tells him he’s a fool and he says he’s a one handed fool. He says he doesn’t need guitars he can’t play. She says she knows what she heard and that’s not what they said. He tells her if she wants to nag she can get a new boyfriend. Scarlett blows up and tells him he was an idiot to blow up 13 years of sobriety and that he’s bitter and mean.

He tells her Maddie’s his daughter and Rayna kept it from him because he didn’t deserve to know. He says he’s lost his music, Rayna and has nothing left.

Rayna is debating whether to go to Jeff’s party and Tandy tells her to go and get Will locked down. Maddie and Daphne discuss that they overheard their parents talking about pushing the divorce through and they agree that they can only count on each other.

Gunnar is at the Blue Bird performing a new song. Will tells Zoey he thought he had writer’s block and Zoey says it looks like he worked it out. It’s a song about his brother. It’s sad and haunting. Hmm. Maybe Zoey gave him some help. He sings about how his brother was hunted down by the Texas Rangers. It’s called “do angels sing for outlaws” and it’s utterly mesmerizing. Will is entranced.

Juliette and Avery watch her CMT special and he tells her she doesn’t have to tell her sad story to sell records. She says everyone does it and he says things like this come back and bite people in the ass. She asks why he cares and he says they’re friends. She asks if they are and he says they are.

Will tells Gunnar that he’s a great songwriter. He says he’s just a performer, but Will has real talent. Will leaves to go to the party.

Rayna walks in to Jeff’s party but he brushes her off when Will comes in. He hugs him and officially welcomes him to Edgehill Records loud enough for Rayna to hear. She and Bucky do not look pleased.

Juliette and Avery come into the party and she introduces him to Jeff. She tells him her single is #1 on iTunes. He introduces her to Layla – a new girl he signed who came in 2nd on a reality singing show. Juliette says she’s gone from nothing to Nashville in 12 weeks – she’s being snide. Layla is oblivious and says she knows it took forever. Juliette tells Jeff she’s going to get a drink. She pulls Avery away and asks Jeff over her shoulder if he couldn’t get the winner.

Scarlett tells Deacon that what he was saying was crap. She says the hand thing is on him and he needs to man up and not be a coward. She stomps out and slams the door.

Bucky asks Rayna if she’s okay and she says they’ll find someone better. Will comes to apologize and she says business is business. He tells her that he’s not an artist – that he’s only good at singing other people’s songs. She tells him that’s not true and tells him to be careful and she wishes him well.

Avery runs into Scarlett at the buffet and tells her he’s there with Juliette. He clarifies that they are just friends. He asks how Deacon is and she says she doesn’t know.

Deacon gets a hack saw out and goes to work on his cast.

At the party, Jeff introduces Layla and says he’s so proud of all she’s done. He says that as of 30 minutes ago she got the #1 spot o iTunes. Juliette chokes on her drink – she knocked her out! Rayna asks if she’s the winner off the TV show and Juliette says she didn’t win. Layla sings a Juliette Barne’s “classic” that she sang on the show.

Juliette asks Jeff if she’s 12 and he says she’s 19 and the tweens love her. Rayna and Scarlett share a dubious look as Layla sings. Rayna tells Bucky she thinks she should walk away from Edgehill. He tells her she shouldn’t walk away from the label she built. He says pride comes before a fall and she tells him it also comes before victory.