Isabella Cruise Abandons Tom Cruise and Reconnects with Nicole Kidman — Scientology Crisis?

Isabella Cruise Abandons Tom Cruise and Reconnects with Nicole Kidman -- Scientology Crisis?

I wonder if Tom Cruise and his Scientology finally pushed his daughter Isabella Cruise away. We recently told you about her musician boyfriend, Eddie Frencher, stepping away from the controlling cult and how it was going to put Isabella in an awkward position. Her father was likely going to follow the rules and shun Eddie, leaving Isabella stuck in the middle. If she was made to choose sides then it’s very clear that she chose her boyfriend and that path has led her back to adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman.

According to the June 3rd print edition of GLOBE, Isabella has been spending quality time with Nicole and her step sisters and she’s also been going to the studio with Keith Urban. This is a huge development for the family, as Isabella has shunned Nicole for years because Scientology directed her to cut her unbelieving mother from her life. She’s now rebuilding that relationship and loving her time with Keith. He gave her a guitar and also is anxious to work on a project with Eddie.

Tom must really be losing it. Think about it — last year he lost control over Katie Holmes and watched as his youngest daughter Suri was led by the hand away from the practices that he insists on. Now Isabella has also gone over to the other side and seemingly has turned her back on what he values most. Tom only has his son Connor left to try to control and my gut tells me that won’t last for very long.

Do you think Tom is upset to see his family ultimately betraying the religion that he has shoved down their throats? Will he be on the outs with everyone eventually? Do you think he cares or is it just a matter of doing what’s expected of him? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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23 responses to “Isabella Cruise Abandons Tom Cruise and Reconnects with Nicole Kidman — Scientology Crisis?”

  1. Ali Sarah says:

    Don’t worry Tom knows how to think. It’s not something that new to him. I want to contact Tom Cruise!

  2. Dean Fox says:

    I’m real pleased to hear Isabella has finally seen the light and gotten away from the church of scientology.

    As to Tom Cruise, he’s a hard ass scientologist, what ever he’s thinking I’m sure he just needs to blow off a few more space alien ghosts to feel better. Perhaps a ride on his custom motorbike with his best pal and leader of the church of scientology (David Miscavige) will also help him straighten his head out.

  3. deb wilkin says:

    ABOUT TIME- I thought this would have happened a long time ago- but Katie threw things off- but then afetr she abandonded her- it got back on track. Mothers are not replaceable.

  4. Marc Headley says:

    The only thing ALL scientologists all have in common. They all end up leaving scientology sooner or later!

  5. HollywoodHiccups says:

    It is about time she comes to her senses!

  6. 50million&counting says:

    My thought is there’s A LAW SUIT COMING!

  7. DeElizabethan says:

    I certainly hope this is true. If Tom doesn’t wake up to truth, he is lost!

  8. media_lush says:

    Rumour for those who know these things is that both Bella and Conor were children from Sea Org members who were “forced” to give them up for adoption.

    • DogsandDirtyBelvederes says:

      if that’s true it’s disturbing and despicable. I hope they reconnect with their biological parents if they haven’t done so already. How do people hand over their money, children, freedom, privacy and the best years of their lives to this sinister organisation?! I cannot make sense of it because if someone told me to cut off ties with my loved ones especially my parents, there is just simply no way that I would do it. No amount of brainwashing or persuasion could make me toil away for some scary organisation. If you go on wikipedia and read about ‘operation snow white’ and ‘operation freakout’ it really turns your stomach and this was before David Miscavige took over. What was their excuse then? Where is Shelly Miscavige anyway? Creeps!

  9. Mary_McConnell says:

    Even if half of this is true, it would be a good thing :)

  10. shari says:

    it’s about time.

  11. boho moth says:

    I hope this is true, Nicole seems lovely.

  12. Jennifer T. Wright says:

    You’re idiots. You trash, unprofessional online forums just like to make up stories just to get readership. If Isabella visits her mother, what’s the problem? That doesn’t mean she hates her father. Nicole is still her adoptive mother. You’re psychos. You’re just printing untruths. I hope Tom’s people read this and sue you for all your pennies.

    • Robert Pike says:

      Please don’t just parrot line. Calling people idiots is rude and does nothing to help Scientology.

  13. Robert Pike says:

    Perhaps Tom will eventually leave the Corporate Cult and embrace the expanding movement of Independent Scientology where the evil practice of disconnection is not practised.

  14. […] recent reports state that when Isabella’s musician boyfriend Eddie Frencher stepped away from that cult, […]

  15. Mavis Vermicast says:

    He’s a Twat

  16. EmaLee says:

    Tom has a funny way about him. He can act like a narcissistic nut, but he’ll charm you till you forget about it. Honestly? He’s so deep in Scientology, it’s scary. He’s really intense. But expressing any opinion about his family would just give him media attention and they don’t want that. I bet he’s trying to be really supportive but actually like really hates it.

  17. MRG says:

    Is Connor Cruise Tom.s biological son? They look so much alike, I,ve notice it when he was younger the striking resemblence,