Jaden and Willow Smith’s Emancipation Nears As Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Adopt Scientology

Jaden and Willow Smith Emancipation Nears As Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Adopt Scientology

Will Smith’s children’s brains will be fried on his own stupidity if left to Unconventional Parenting! Jada Pinkett Smith, at 41, may have lost a screw in her head to think Jaden, 14 and Willow, 12 can make solid and sound decisions at their ages. Of course Scientology isn’t based on sound thinking, is it?

Will, if your father, Willard, raised you in a very strict fashion it apparently got your hyper tail on the right track. Whoever heard of children making their own decision to drive down the highway at 100 miles per hour, or drink alcohol because they like it, and like to hang out in sleazy clubs. Don’t you know Will and Jada that teenage children imaginations can go way out of bounds?

Furthermore, punishment can come in many shapes, forms and fashions. I agree with sitting down Jaden and Willow for a good old fashion talk. Meanwhile, who is wearing the pants in your house? I would not want to hear that Jaden got too big for his own pants and start wearing your size 42 pants and size 12 shoes. You know this is what happens when children begin to sense their hormones.

Also, independence is really fine for Jaden and Willow with guidelines and policies in place. And what do their successful careers have to do with unconventional parenting? I would imagine Jada is too busy putting on makeup and trying to find the fountain of youth to really monitor these two cats. But once, the “genie is out of the bottle,” Will and Jada you can bet your unconventional parenting will not put out the fire in the furnace. Case in point, Will and Jada may have it like that to give Jaden his own house – but how many time will you embrace all his future vices.

Hey, what do you think about this uncanny, unfounded parenting style? Is this Scientology working its way into the Smiths’ lives?? Give your comments below and tweet us.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet