Did Janet Jackson And Michael Jackson’s Siblings Know About His Sex Crimes And Help Cover Up?

Did Janet Jackson And Michael Jackson’s Siblings Know About His Sex Crimes And Help Cover Up?

It’s only been a couple of days since the FBI files on Michael Jackson’s history of child abuse and pornography came to light, but it has firmly divided a lot of people. Certain people continue to claim that MJ was innocent and just ‘different’ whereas others are convinced that he was a child sex offender and deserved to be put behind bars.

Obviously, Michael has passed on, but Wade Robson’s case has managed to bring a lot of unseen information to the forefront lately. We know now that Michael paid millions of dollars in silencing the families of kids he allegedly molested, and I have to say – the evidence is pretty damning.

Now, the reports and all the details it contains are all over the Internet, but our question is – did Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson’s other siblings know about what Michael was doing with these children? If Michael was watching porn films with young children at his Neverland ranch time and time again, how blind would his family have to be to not notice this kind of behavior? I mean, he had a freaking child sex alarm that warned him whenever people approached the room. When your brother has an alarm installed in a house to warn him whenever other people are approaching his ‘alone time’ with little boys, you should know what’s going on and that it is illegal and awful.

There is a rationality where even when family members know, they refuse to believe what’s right in front of their eyes. Of course, that’s a lot of what MJ’s fans are going through right now as well. But with what Michael was doing and with the sheer number of boys that seemed to be involved, you’d have to think that his siblings knew about it, right?

Of course, all anyone will say is that Michael was ‘different’ and ‘unique’, and his behavior with all those boys was justified because he was a ‘kid at heart’. That kind of excuse doesn’t work with any other paedophiles or child sex offenders, so I don’t see how it can work with MJ. If Michael’s siblings knew – and that’s still an IF – they had to be involved in covering it up. He was their biggest income provider, and there’s probably no way they were going to jeopardize that.

What do you guys think? Do you think Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson’s other siblings knew about his sex crimes, or were they ignorant? And if they knew, why did they keep silent? $$$$

CDL reached out to Janet Jackson’s reps for a statement on this story but they have not responded.

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  • Robyn

    Oh please, shut up…. this is a ridiculous idea – he was not a child molester.. I don’t believe this at all!!!!!

  • Annemarie

    hmmmm well where there is smoke there is fire… they have to know…

    • Bigbigmjfan Michael

      Where there’s money to he made there’s arson.

  • HollywoodHiccups

    I find it hard to believe the accusations. However, I don’t find it normal to sleep with 10 year old children. I don’t want to believe this is true…

  • Bigbigmjfan Michael

    Ok. I have largely avoided this mess because I just don’t care anymore. As a long time Michael Jackson fan I know that these
    exact reports came out years ago. Keep watching you’ll see these
    same reports as a “bombshell” in the next few years and every few years after that because they make money.

    I will not debate these “stories”.

    All I ask is that instead of reading the headline I ask you
    to truly investigate with an open mind not for or against
    either side.

    Why don’t you discover what’s actually in the FBI report and see
    what they said and ask yourself is it the FBI files?
    Or are you being told of the famous National Enquirer files.
    Read both and decide.

    Also read the transcript of Pelicano’s conversation with the
    now deceased National Enquired employe whose tapes the
    bombshell FBI files have been passed off as.

    Go ahead read it all. Know for yourself instead of going by
    what it is you Think you know.

  • Bigbigmjfan Michael

    Michael didn’t abuse anyone.

    For once why don’t you dig deeper and actually read
    the FBI files AND the National Enquirer files that this
    story came from.

    You’ll see why the FBI who had no reason to take up
    MJ’s cause closed their investigation.

  • Emma

    “We know now that Michael paid millions of dollars in silencing the families of kids he allegedly molested, and I have to say – the evidence is pretty damning.”
    You don’t “know” anything because these documents are NOT real FBI documents, they are fake & quite frankly the media’s willingness to print any b.s. about this man & take it as gospel is quite disturbing & needs to stop. We’ll see how “damning” the evidence is when this gets to court. I suspect it will be as about as damning as it was in 2005 when MJ was found NOT GUILTY