Angelina Jolie Fears and Loathes Jennifer Aniston – Hides Her Cheating With Brad Pitt From Son Maddox (VIDEO)

Angelina Jolie Fears and Loathes Jennifer Aniston - Hides Her Cheating With Brad Pitt From Son Maddox (VIDEO)

It is the Hollywood love triangle that just won’t die – no not that whole LeAnn/Eddie/Brandi train wreck – the one that involves actual A-list stars; one a voluptuous vixen – Angelina Jolie, the other the beautiful girl next door – Jennifer Aniston, and the man in the middle a sexy and successful actor – Brad Pitt. From the beginning Jennifer was portrayed as the insecure woman who lost her man to the box office bombshell Angelina – but could it be that Angelina is insecure about Jennifer?

It has been reported that recently Maddox – the oldest of the Jolie-Pitt brood – asked his parents the one question no parent is ready for … “Who is Jennifer Aniston?” Apparently a friend had showed Maddox an article about Brad’s ex-wife, and it piqued his curiosity. When he approached his mom Angelina about Jennifer instead of just saying, “Daddy’s ex-wife,” she freaked out- like run out of the room freak out – went and fetched Brad and made him explain who this Jennifer Aniston person is.

Angelina Jolie Fears and Loathes Jennifer Aniston - Hides Her Cheating With Brad Pitt From Son Maddox (VIDEO)

First thing you are probably wondering is why he didn’t just look Jennifer up on his computer. Well he probably tried, but while most parents have parental blocks on their home computers to keep their children from seeing inappropriate adult content, the Jolie-Pitt home has a parental block on all things Jennifer Aniston.
I first saw cracks in Angelina’s perceived confidence in 2012 with that whole Oscar leg debacle; because it was the first time we saw her trying so hard to be sexy. Now to hear that she went out of her way to block her children (and possibly Brad) from looking up Jennifer Aniston it makes me wonder if there isn’t lingering insecurities about Brad’s first wife.

Or maybe Angelina and Brad don’t want their kids to find out the way mommy met daddy… you know when daddy was still married to another woman. Parental blocks only work at home and for so long, so eventually they will learn about the scandalous way their parents got together, and I suspect they won’t even care that much so I am not quite sure why the big freak out. I think their kids would be more disturbed by some of Angelina’s other past behaviors – like the time she French kissed her brother. In fact making anything Jennifer such a big deal may just prove the validity of my original theory – that Angie is jealous of Jennifer. Yup that’s my theory and I am sticking to it.

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  • OH my gosh, those jeans Jennifer was wearing. Wow.

  • tahoegeminii

    some “friend”-and if Anustain didn’t make such a big deal about it for 8 years now then it wouldn’t be a problem-I’m surprised Anustain isn’t sending Handler to troll around maddox’s school and try to screw him just to get back at Angie-no one is more obsessed with the whole thing then Anustain

  • amirah

    Man [expletive] brad pitt double dicking and angelina a hoe u know they were married and u took her man give me ya face SLAAAAP!