Jennifer Lopez Angry She Looked Old And Haggard While Trying To Upstage Mariah Carey

Jennifer Lopez Angry She Looked Old And Haggard While Trying To Upstage Mariah Carey  0118

Can you upstage Mariah Carey? Is that even possible? Bless her sweet overindulged heart Nicki Minaj tries but fails every time. I don’t watch American Idol ordinarily but I tuned in for a little while a couple nights ago and was astonished at how amazing Mariah is at being Mariah. She’s brilliant entertainment and worth every penny they’re paying her. That’s what makes this whole Jennifer Lopez story so pathetic to me this morning. Jennifer thought she could direct attention away from Mimi with a People cover. Bitch please. A Hustler cover designed by Larry Flynt himself wouldn’t have done the trick.

But Jennifer’s disappointed in the outcome so she’s going to blame the lighting. Yes, always blame the lighting. The fact that you look like shit has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you are indeed 43 years old and converse with Casper Smart on a daily basis. That got to be draining as hell because how many monosyllabic words can you possibly use in one day? Contrary to popular belief, screwing younger guys does not keep the wrinkles or self-loathing away (see also: Madonna and Demi Moore).

But naturally Jennifer Lopez is denying the diva moment. Although a source told Page Six that her camp was pissed at People because she looked “old and haggard” on the cover, her publicist came out saying she was delighted with the whole thing. Interesting that she didn’t say anything about the rumors going around about the timing of the cover. This is Mimi’s American Idol debut week and the woman she replaced plans a big life-baring cover for People? Could be considered shady… but Jennifer has nothing to say about that. Why bother denying that? No just deny the fact that you’re pissed you actually look like a normal mother of two on the cover. Yes, that’s more important.

And what is Mimi doing right now? Laughing over the whole Mariah Carey/Jennifer Lopez feud? Again, bitch please. She wouldn’t give anyone the satisfaction of knowing about this little tiff. It’s too below her. She’s probably bathing in diamonds and watching her old music videos because Mariah doesn’t have time to play these nonsensical games. If she has to give other people any attention it’s just way too much effort.

What do you think of the timing of Jennifer Lopez’s People magazine cover? Was it in bad taste? Should she be upset about the pic?


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