Jodi Arias Offered Travis Alexander A “Well-Deserved Spanking” Before She Murdered Him

Jodi Arias Offered Travis Alexander A “Well-Deserved Spanking” Before She Murdered Him

Unless you live under a really big rock, by now you’ve at least heard the name Jodi Arias in passing. The 32-year old is accused of murdering Travis Alexander in 2008 with 27 stab wounds, a slit throat and a bullet in the head. She could face the death penalty if convicted in her marathon murder trial which has now spanned 4 months.

Before hooking up with Jodi, Travis was supposedly a devout Mormon that was saving himself for marriage. Those close to him say that Travis knew that he would never marry Jodi in spite of their long term love affair. She wasn’t marriage material and recent text messages and diary entries that were released to the press show that sex seemed to be one of the main ways that she kept Travis under her control.

She referred to herself as a sex slave, who liked to “rejoice in being a wh*re who’s sole purpose in life is to be mine to have animalistic sex with.” She also referred to Travis as a “lucky boy” who needed a “well-deserved spanking” and “pounding”.

If you’ve followed this case then you already know that Jodi truly seems to be a special brand of crazy that somehow manages to think on her feet. Her story shifts as the evidence is mounted against her. She has in her diary proclaimed almost an obsessive love for Travis saying,

It’s that same type of obsessiveness that can cause someone who is already unstable to completely crack and commit violent acts when things don’t go their way. Of course Jodi swears she’s not responsible for Travis’ death but whomever was clearly acted in a moment of rage. It certainly wasn’t a random act with the extreme measures that were taken to kill and mutilate Travis.

As of now, Jodi’s trial has cost Arizona taxpayers 1.4 million dollars to provide four months of defense for her. Do you think there’s any chance that Jodi will be acquitted or is her team just dragging out the inevitable conviction? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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