John Travolta Gets Flirty With A Male Bartender Before Getting Rejected!

John Travolta Gets Flirty With A Male Bartender Before Getting Rejected!

John Travolta‘s charm with men clearly isn’t working. After numerous reports claimed the actor was a homosexual, the saga continues as John was said to have gotten very flirty with a male bartender at the Wilshire Boulevard’s store, where he just couldn’t resist staring into the deep-blue eyes of the male who served him his drinks.

The unhappily-married 58-year old was head-over-heels for the guy (who is yet to be revealed) who was in his mid-20s according to the National Enquirer. John couldn’t keep his eyes of him for one moment – as if his eyes were tracking the bartender’s every move – when it was clear that Travolta wasn’t really there to just get a drink… he just wanted to see if he had a chance with the fella he had just met.

“John was shopping in a swanky Wilshire Boulevard store and stopped for a drink at their bar. Instantly, the star locked his gaze on a very handsome, blue-eyed, mid-20-ish bartender,” The National Enquirer reports. “Wherever the bartender moved, John’s eyes followed. It was very blatant. And every time the bartender glanced at John, his eyes were transfixed. It was obvious John was infatuated, and he kept trying to make small talk with the younger man.”

The Hairspray actor eventually made the decision to approach the guy who he had fallen for and tried to start a conversation with him. The hunky bartender quickly responded to Travolta by saying he wasn’t interested. WHAT?!?! He should have said yes! Is he not aware that Mr. John Travolta is worth $200 million. That bartender job of his could have been gone within a second if he had agreed to do whatever John wanted him to do. How stupid of him.

Hey John. Just stick to dating women. You have better chances with them than you do with men anyway. Ha! But first of all, sort out your legal mess with all the lawsuits that have been filed against you.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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