John Travolta’s Gay Bromance With Pilot Doug Gotterba Now On Video

John Travolta’s Gay Bromance With Pilot Doug Gotterba Now On Video

Watching the new video from Doug Gotterba, John Travolta’s pilot from the 80’s, their relationship sounds a little like a modern day bromance. Plus a little bit more.

Traveling around the world, hanging with the family. If it happened today it could totally be a bromance. Doug seems like such a friendly guy, totally mellow. Until he slips in the bit (excuse my expression), that John was “oversexed.”

Something tells me that has to be breaking some kind of bro code. Something along the lines of not kissing and telling.

Oh well. Over the years Doug has had some really nice things to say about John from being very passionate to being gentle.  Those words are a lot kinder than other people chose to use.

Doug also admitted that John wanted to film them together and that he “wanted it too much.” Being a child of the 90’s, I can only speculate on the times. But from what I can imagine, it was the 80’s, commercial video cameras were the hot technology and people were finding out they could make more than just home movies to show at family dinner.

So maybe John was just really into this new trend of technology. Not of sexuality. That part of the story doesn’t seem to be just a passing trend that John was trying out. The last time Doug ran into John, he asked Travolta if he preferred men or women now that he was married. John replied he still preferred men.

So who is the lone juror still undecided on this long awaited ruling of Travolta’s sexuality

2 responses to “John Travolta’s Gay Bromance With Pilot Doug Gotterba Now On Video”

  1. rawr says:

    there is nothing wrong with being gay, if he is. people need to let him live his life.

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