Jon Gosselin Working as Waiter in Pub as Ex-wife Kate Gosselin Basks in the Limelight!


It’s hard to feel pity for former reality television stars who usually bring it all on themselves, but it’s hard not to feel bad for Jon Gosselin – especially since his ex-wife Kate Gosselin is still thriving (in some ways). According to a new report from The National Enquirer, Jon is no longer enjoying the days of getting free gifts or rubbing shoulders with celebrities at swanky parties. Instead, he’s now busing tables at a pub in Pennsylvania.

A source explains, “Jon has really hit rock bottom. Just a few years ago, he was jetting off to France to hobnob in St. Tropez, sipping champagne on a yacht. Now he’s waiting tables at a pub! Working the weekday lunch shift, he can’t possibly be taking home more than $40 or $50.”

Although Jon claims that he was ‘volunteering‘ at the pub . . . who the heck volunteers at a pub? I can even maybe see volunteering at a restaurant, but not a pub. It was probably just his attempt at saving face, but it’s way too late for that now.

Sources have explained that Jon is desperate for money, and he is ‘struggling to pay rent’. You have to wonder how the one-time successful reality star managed to fall so hard and fast. Even after Jon’s divorce to Kate Gosselin, he was spotted hobnobbing with celebs and partying. But it’s likely that he just burned through all his income without thinking about the future, whereas Kate actually made an effort to save up – probably for her children.

In that way, I give her points for being less stupid than her ex-husband. She’s also constantly pimping herself out for a new job because she knows she’ll run out of money soon. Jon never had the foresight to do that, so it’s his own fault he’s ended up in such a miserable situation.

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  • Angel 2009

    Jon never did seem to have much common sense.

  • debbiehm

    Kate’s day is close at hand….they didn’t MAKE enough money to support her unless she keeps soliciting and receiving freebies(which she has done even when she didn’t NEED the money), her bank account is drying up…Also, I believe Jon had a lot of legal bills to pay and settlements with Kate…Perhaps he was paying way more child support than he could afford until Kate absolved him of it long enough to get what she wanted..(at that time it was for the kids to be on Wife Swap with Kendra)…If and I mean IF Kate were half smart,she would be working at the hospital again to bring in the cash…I realize she only became a nurse to meet and marry a doctor(which didn’t work out too well for HER) but it’s still a good income and hours are doable for a SINGLE mother…3 days a week for all your hours can be managed with help from their father and the older kids…

    • lukebandit

      I love your post! Please come to 15 Minutes Gosselin Style and blog with people who feel the same way!

      • debbiehm

        Thanks so much! I will go over to your site and check it out:)…I didn’t realize anyone was left that she and her crowd hadn’t bullied out of town with threats of lawsuits for daring to speak “ill” of kate…..LOL

        • lukebandit

          It is not my site. It is ran by a great admin, and she is a lawyer in CA! There are a bunch of intelligent thought provoking women on therrr that write with passion about the kids being exploited and on tv and their mental and physical abuse from their mother. here is the link: When you sign in to post, you have to come up with a name, some of them are funny. No anonymous allowed. lol when you post shout out to me lukebandit! Welcome aboard!

          • debbiehm

            Don’t mean to sound dumb though I may be…LOL..went to the site but don’t see how to post…don’t see much of Kate at all, really..I must be doing something wrong??

          • lukebandit

            just sent a reply with copy and pasted where you click. yes, we talk about kate.

  • debbiehm

    He was made to file for a divorce he didn’t want by Kate…who, by the way, had been cheating on Jon with Steve for a long time while making Jon live above the garage pretending to be “together” only for the sake of the show and Kate’s pocketbook…If you were finally free of that old bag, wouldn’t you be doing some heavy duty partying too???LOL..maybe it wasn’t the smartest move by the brightest man ever, but I’m willing to cut torture victims some slack every now and then:)

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