Jon Hamm Adresses Throat Cancer and Coughing Up Blood and Laughs At It! (VIDEO)

Jon Hamm Adresses Throat Cancer and Coughing Up Blood (VIDEO)

Jon Hamm was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and admitted to Jimmy that the story about his serious throat problem was exaggerated by National Enquirer and his condition it isn’t as bad as they made it out to seem.

Jon went on to explain what he’s got “I’ve got a polyp on my vocal cord, which sounds worse than it is. Although, it doesn’t sound as bad as how the National Enquirer reported it, which was that I was coughing up blood and probably have cancer.” I don’t think someone who’d be coughing up blood and might have cancer would appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live – unless it’s Kris Jenner looking to plug something.

During the interview, Jimmy asked if Jon knew how Mad Men is going to end in the future. Jon said that he doesn’t know how Mad Men is going to end; but he does know that the show is planned to end sometime in 2015 which is still a couple of seasons away .

Later on the show Jon Hamm left on a positive note and told everyone “We don’t know how our lives are going to end. I, apparently, will die of cancer, according to The National Enquirer… soon.” No need to worry Jon looks like he’s in good health and doesn’t look like he’s going to be dying from cancer anytime soon.