Justin Bieber Horrified after Singing Legend Paul McCartney Refuses to Work with Him!

Justin Bieber Horrified after Singing Legend Paul McCartney Refuses to Work with Him!

Justin Bieber thinks he’s the classiest of all acts, and he can’t understand why anyone would refuse to work with him; after all, he is one of the most popular celebs in the world. Just imagine the horror sweeping across Justin Bieber’s face when he was turned down by The Beatle’s singer Paul McCartney, who nixed the duet offer almost as fast as they presented it to him.

While Justin felt a duet with McCartney would boost his artistic edge in the singing world, the Beatle’s great didn’t agree and wasn’t eager to risk tarnishing “his stellar reputation” by singing with a lil’ dude who wears really weird drop-crotch pants. Stop wearing the  drop-crotch pants, Beebz. Please, I insist. Stop wearing them! In case you don’t know which pants I’m referring to, I’ve included a picture of the signature Bieber drop-crotch pants below.

According to the Globe, “Paul feared it would tarnish his stellar reputation.  He turned Justin down flat!” Allegedly, Paul didn’t hesitate one bit before making the decision. While a performance with The Beebz can make virtually any star popular and relevant, Paul McCartney — to put it lightly — isn’t really in the need to gain popularity and/or relevance. He’s one of singing’s greats, so I think he’s fine in the credibility department.

I don’t know the true nature of the conversation, or even if the conversation was real, but if Paul (we are on a first name basis) really did turn Justin down in such a harsh fashion . . . well, I think that’s kind of rude! Don’t you? Justin Bieber is like a delicate flower that must be treated with great care so as not to get his feelings hurt or allow that Beiber hair to wilt.

So, McCartney thinks Bieber is simply a flash in the pan and doesn’t want anything to do with the little diva. So how did Justin respond? What is he going to do now to try and prove his worth to the legend? Simple. He’s going to get down with artists who write deeper and darker songs, ones that really tug at the heartstrings *ugh* to prove his worth. He intends to “hook up with people who write darker, edgier songs hoping one of the tunes will capture Paul’s attention.”

Are you sad Sir Paul McCartney said “HELLZ TO THE NO” to Justin Bieber? Would you have wanted to see a Justin Bieber/Paul McCartney duet?

Justin Bieber Horrified after Singing Legend Paul McCartney Refuses to Work with Him!

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49 responses to “Justin Bieber Horrified after Singing Legend Paul McCartney Refuses to Work with Him!”

  1. sara says:

    aw i feel bad for justin, i think the both of them dueting could create a big platform for the both of them

    • Jamie says:

      sorry, but no. Paul McCartney is an iconic music LEGEND. Justin Bieber is not. Paul doesn’t need Justin to create a “big platform” for him, because Paul is already one of the world’s biggest stars. Sorry if I’m being mean, but it’s 100% true.

    • it would alienate a lot of Paul McCartney’s fans if he id that. In fact I’m pretty sure Paul McCartney would take a lot of flak if he did do it and i would only hurt him. The only one who would gain anything from it is the newbie who would be able to attach his name to someone who has been in the business forever.

    • A big platform? I don’t think it’s possible for there to be more people that adore Paul McCartney than there already is….plus why would Paul McCartney ever work with a boy band?! Paul’s no dummy

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  3. Tinka says:

    I co-sign your petition for JB to STOP WEARING THOSE HIDEOUS PANTS!!!1!! Apologies for the use of caps lock and a 1 instead of !, but I really, REALLY, hate his pants.

    Also, I don’t wonder for a second why Paul said no. He has brains, and anyone with even half a brain would do the same.

  4. Molly says:

    tooooo funnny if you ask me. I don’t even see why someone like Justin Bieber would think a legend like Sir Paul McCartney would make music with him.

  5. I was reding music news and suddenly.. oh god. Macca in a duet with bieber. No. Don’t. Please. *shivers*

  6. asdfghjkl says:

    thank god, don’t need more ruined music

  7. disqus_IiyGSx6shL says:

    Whoever writes these articles is an absolute moron.

  8. Alice Wilde says:

    Beatles is plural. Not Beatle’s.

    • Kelsey Newman says:

      It’s referring to McCartney as one single Beatle out of the group. As in, Paul McCartney is a Beatle. The sentence treats the term like a title.

  9. Julesy ? says:

    Ha. Haha. Hahahaha :D

  10. Anthon says:

    Sir Paul McCartney, orgulho de se fã

  11. Sarah Derris says:

    HAHAHAhAHA Macca is a legend, [expletive] justin Gayber

  12. macca done what every legend has to do, say no to the commercial and lack of talent music

  13. Shaddo says:

    The pants are truly stupid looking. Want someone to take you seriously? Lose the gansta my diaper is full look.

  14. those girls from One Direction completely disrespected the Beatles by copying The Abbey Road album cover, acting like they were just as good/better.
    Bieber is known for being screw buddies with 1D and he sucks anyway….so thats probably why McCartney turned him down.

  15. demoncat_4 says:

    no not surprised justin got turned. down for time for the guy to learn even famous people can be told no . and a legend like paul just showed him that. justin needs to move on and learn not every one is going to say yes to him. including a legend like sir paul

  16. I wouldn’t mind if Paul mccartney did a duet with Drake Bell. Drake is talented and it would make his day since he’s a big fan of Paul and his music has been influenced by the Beatles.

  17. Coaldust Earthpony says:

    So Justin Bieber is shocked that somebody in this world has functioning ears and has actually heard his music? Poor diddums. One day Bieber’s balls will drop and we can be rid of the little turd, we hope.

  18. xfooyoux says:

    “Justin Bieber is a delicate flower that must be treated with great care so as not to get his feelings hurt or allow that Bieber hair to wilt”? Umm…. Are you [expletive] kidding me? The douchebag is 18 years old. He needs to grow the [expletive] up and realize that he’s not the gift from God he thinks he his. This is bullshit.

  19. Henry Cole says:

    Who the hell writes these articles? I’ve never seen such bloody awful journalistic skill. Yes, it was an interesting read, but the ownership of the site clearly employ monkeys. There is no apostrophe in The Beatles, as it’s not showing possession. Speech marks are also to indicate a quote, and I somehow doubt you’re able to provide a source of Paul McCartney saying “Hellz to the no”. I’d imagine he’s far more refined than that, unlike Justin Bieber, or the article’s author.

    • Kelsey Newman says:

      The sentence is referring only to Paul, using the term Beatle as a title for who he is. The author used “The Beatle’s…” in place of “Paul’s” for the sake of variety.

  20. El Gr says:

    imagine Paul singing some of Bieber’s songs…just…NO!

  21. Hahaha [expletive] awesome Paul, I just love it when a little bitch gets owned :D

  22. Har says:

    I guess nobody told bieber that Paul isn’t a 13 year old girl with low self-esteem.

  23. InspectorGadget80 says:

    Sir McCartney is a smart man. FIRST BIEBER IS a lil ass boy that doesn’t have any real talent. all he says is BABY BABY BABY and bunch of lil teen girls gets wet or have a orgasm w hen he says baby. And why would a LEGEND LIKE SIR PAUL would work with a rookie like this lil bitch with no fucking talent?

  24. No! You don’t do that! You don’t pay people to write deeper music so you can make more money!! That’s not how music works (or should work)! Back in Paul’s day everyone wrote music (they wrote their own music! *GASP* It’s madness!) because they wanted to express ideas or feelings or opinions and because they were passionate about music, not because they wanted money and an adoring teenage audience.

  25. And by the way, it’s Beatles’ because it’s plural and possessive

    • Kelsey Newman says:

      No, it’s Beatle’s because it’s referring only to Paul, who is one singular Beatle.

  26. Rachael says:

    I don’t want them to duet only cuz I think the combination is awkward and not in the neat way either…although, I do think it was kinda rude of Paul(we, also, are on a first name basis). I know he’s amazing but come on, he could’ve turned him down in a less “diva-like” way. Also, Justin Bieber should not try to intentionally get Paul’s attention, especially since Paul knows he’s trying to get his attention. He should just play it cool ;)

  27. Animal lover's voice says:

    Paul McCartney is much too talented to work with Justin Bieber!!!!! Justin can’t sing,his music is for tweener’s,” he will be gone soon”. I can’t believe little tweens still listen to him, but when they get older Justin will be history!!! Justin better realize singer’s talented as Paul McCartney will not sing with him!! Paul mcCartney is a legend something Justin Bieber will never be!!!

  28. Patrikios P says:

    Boy, why am I not surprised….

  29. Emily says:

    I very much enjoyed reading this lol

  30. Maccaheartney says:

    I love this. Genious. Even though Macca is [obviously] a dirty 16-year old girl, he would never agree to do music with such an… He’s not even an artist, because it isn’t art like Paul’s music is.

  31. DarkMagic says:

    Only makes me wonder what would John Lennons comment would be on a Justin Beiber duet, if he was still alive

  32. I swear… Paul McCartney has made the absolute RIGHT choice! Screw Bieber!

  33. and then I ate some more fried chicken and cried myself to sleep…. hahahahaha

  34. James says:

    This article is overthought. Paul was most likely very nice about it. Just a Bieber fan that took it another way. It was not to RUIN Bieber’s career you idiot. I’m not sure why McCartney would think that but he’s been in the business a long time and knows much so I’m sure it was not for bad intention. For those people who are aware of Bieber’s ego, McCartney is notorious for his.

  35. Jason says:

    The man deserves a medal.

  36. Adam Knapp says:

    The Beatles also got quite famous early on by playing music written in the 50’s. Artists who sang their own have been the exception to the rule for most of music history up until the 60’s.

    Come to think of it, this is probably why the 60’s and 70’s were so damn good.

  37. kotamaestall says:

    absolutely not. I would cry if they had a duet. you’d know that Paul was far from his legendary roots. faith in humanity restored. in addition, today in English class my teacher started playing the Beatles in the whole class sang along. my day has been made at this point.

  38. Theman says:

    Paul probably didn’t have the time, as he’s on tour again and selling out stadiums to the over 11 year old crowd. Justin will soon be forgotten once his young girl fans age a few years and move on to real musical idols.