Justin Bieber Paid $500 For Sex To Prostitute in Panama

Justin Bieber Paid $500 For Sex To Prostitute in Panama

According to an exclusive from Lainey Gossip, Justin Bieber paid $500 to have sex with a prostitute in Panama. Well, it didn’t go down exactly like that. Apparently, Justin first went clubbing in Panama and then brought ten women home with him. Apparently, one of those women was a prostitute and she’s [surprise surprise] giving away all the details to a local paper, no doubt for a tidy payday. She should have just held out for TMZ.

Anyway, she explained what happened after they all smoked some week, saying, “He asked me in English if I wanted all of his semen, but I don’t understand English. My friend was translating.” They then apparently had sex for more than an hour, and then he came all over her chest. At the end, he gave her $500.

Now, it’s not clear whether he paid for the sex and knew that going in, or if the $500 was just a tip. Justin is nothing if not generous with his money, especially towards hookers, strippers, and prostitutes. It’s one of his only positive traits, if you count throwing money around being a positive trait. So if he did give her that $500 as a tip for good service, well… at least she got a good pay day? But if he had to pay for sex, I’m not sure Justin would have been willing to go for it. Like Lainey says, Justin has hundreds of girls, even very attractive ones, throwing themselves at him constantly. Why would he pay for something that he could have gotten for free? I can believe that he gave her the money because he felt like it, but I doubt he would have if it was obligated.

Anyway, so there you go – Justin hasn’t changed even a little bit. I’m not knocking on him, necessarily, considering a lot of celebrities indulge in prostitutes, especially in foreign countries where they don’t have their regular booty calls around. But in Justin’s case, it just makes it laughable whenever his team is trying to suggest that he’s a different person now and has stopped partying so much.

  • EmilyTrainham

    Ugh, he is so gross.

  • Emmet Willis

    Don’t be so gullible Emily.

    JB didn’t pay for prostitutes. If you want to know what he’s been doing in Latin America, he’s been building a school for poor kids.

    Try living your own life instead of reading pathetic gossip sites that misquote others – e.g Lainey actually said she didn’t believe the prostitute story – and grow up.

  • Recovry ?

    What’s the bloody proof of it, eh? She’s a prostitute with no dignity and she further proved it by saying all that stuff.Clearly in seek of attention.I mean who would go and tell all that stuff to a gossip magazine, only an attention seeking whore -_-

  • Recovry ?

    She’s a prostitute without dignity, proving that by going to the tabloid and saying all this stuff.And how on earth can u believe what a random prostitue has to say ? Lol

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